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Tuesday 9 April 2013

Personal attacks are bad for healthy and scientific debate

Personal attacks are bad for healthy and scientific debate

अभिनव सिन्हा के आनन्द तेलतुम्बड़े के लेख के प्रत्युत्तर में आलेख पर जाने-माने समाजशास्त्री शम्सुल इस्लाम का एक कमेन्ट मिला है।
Shamsul Islam
"Sorry to write that it is in bad taste. Personal attacks are bad for healthy and scientific debate. A person is invited and then he is being denigrated as cheat and dishonest. We are trying to find fault with his birth, childhood and what not. Anand Teltumbde is obsessed with himself, did anybody bring to his notice this fact during seminar? You may not like AT as person but his writings raise issues which left has failed to raise. His writings look into future. He has done fundamental work on Dalits being used as foot-soldiers of Hindutva. If one does not like his views let counter point of view be presented, instead of finding fault with his stars. The current response should be credited with one quality. That is that AT was not declared to be another Modi!
Talking of Ambedkar, I feel he was one of the greatest researchers India ever produced. His writings on Caste, two-nation theory, Gandhi, Congress are worth reading. He was the first person in Constituent Assembly who in 1946 demanded nationalization of property in order to achieve socio-political-economic justice. He organized first all India railway workers strike which was ruthlessly suppressed by Sardar Patel. He was not a communist though.  If Ambedkar and writers like AT are of no consequence, why do you bother about them. Do some other creative work but do not reduce debate to the level of gapshap.
Shamsul Islam"
बहस में सन्दर्भ के लिये इन्हें भी पढ़ें –

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