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Tuesday 9 April 2013

M C Raj 3% for education, 20% for defense: Can you foresee India's future? 09 April, 2013

M C Raj 

3% for education, 20% for defense: Can you foresee

India's future? 

09 April, 2013

65 years of mediocre governance! 'Leave alone the fact that India is badly governed. It is a miracle that India is governed', I remember having read this somewhere years ago. But can this be a legitimization of bad governance ever since India got the 'power to govern' transferred to a queer combination of dominant caste-class? It was a natural transfer. Nothing else could have happened.

The British had set their model of governance firmly. They were entrenched in a brand of governance that was common to the entire Europe and the US. They would go and occupy country after country, establish their brand of governance and begin to loot and steal with thunder and lightning. It would rain, no doubt. It would rain riches in their country.
The havoc of colonial governance left its indelible mark, nay scars on poor countries of the world. The wound is kept alive by the Indian ruling oligarchy. Live in the present. Do not worry about past and future. Paradigms well be gulped by the young all over the world. Forget the colonial past. If you study the past you will realize that the present is no different. Consume for your present. If you care about the future you will begin to question the systems and structures.

Modern and postmodern governance itself was designed to loot and to colonize. No country is allowed to go and occupy any other country. We have entered an era of absolute freedom. The American would croak standing on the rooftops while drones would hover over his head. Missiles would fly past the people of Iraq. Cluster bombs would have collective taste of innocent blood in Afghanistan. Freedom of a New World Order, the New Economic Order that Manmohan Singh and Chidambaram Chettiar are trying hard to ape to please their American bosses. Now the Americans would propose Chidambaram as the next PM and would threaten them with Modi if they do not budge.

They govern according to an order that was handed over to Indians by the British. They govern according to an indisputable order of 'economic prosperity' set in motion by the unquestionable authority of American democracy. The order of individual liberty and absolute freedom has set in motion a rain of economic blessings on those who can enter level playing fields and set their rules of the game and win. Do not blame the rulers for the scams that individuals have indulged in. The duty of the government is to protect the investors. The level playing field is a new arena altogether. Gandhi might have thought of a future India. But live in the present. Do not follow the model of the half naked fakir. He outlived his utility in his own time. Just shoo him off. No, just shoot him down.

Ambedkar might have given a new Constitution according to which India has to be governed. But who cares. The New World Order is sacrosanct and the Constitution made by an untouchable Dalit should be brushed aside in an India aspiring for a bright future. Huh, you care for the future? Yes when it suits our caste and class. The precepts of our religious scriptures are much more important than the constitution of India. Huh, but you do not bother about the past. This is the mantra of making money. No, no, no! How can we forget our caste given to us from time immemorial? How can we leave our religion behind in India when we are making money and merry in the US and in Europe?

Governance handed over to Indian caste-class oligarchy now has easily slipped into the hands of the Ambanis and their ilk. Are they playing a game in the level playing field or are they looting the wealth of the nations? One man building a residence worth 4400 crores rupees! The newspapers must have fabricated their story. The government will not only allow this but also will protect them with necessary laws so that the homeless of Mumbai will not even go anywhere near such monuments of national shame. They determine who should govern India and how it should be governed.
Whoever said that India is badly governed! What a myth! India is governed well! The Ambanis, the Tatas, the Jindals, the Mittals etc. would vouch for it. The mechanisms of governance are not any more in the Constitution of India. Yes, we need a Constitution so that we may proclaim loud to the rest of the world that everything nice and beautiful about governance is imprinted in it. We need a Constitution so that when the United Nations begins to question our pathetic situation of human rights and Dalit rights we can show necessary clauses in it to escape from the responsibility of good governance.

The rules of governance in the New World Order are written in Harvard. It is a prestige to trumpet that Harvard graduates are in governance in the country. It brings dignity to the nation to go to the US and tell the President of the US that the people in India love him. Do not remember the past that he is a butcher of innocent people all over the world. It belongs to the past. Live in the present.

One full hour of intermittent talk by this Harvard graduate in a 'discussion' about electoral systems in India. He is sitting on the think tank of Rahul Gandhi. Leave alone the fact that the tank is almost empty. He had the audacity to say without any comma or full stop that the American electoral system is the best for India. In his non-stop monologue he did not hesitate to add immediately the corollary "though the Blacks and the Native Americans do not have adequate representation there". What a shame! Intellectuals of the third order! And now the empty tank is being filled with public opinion on electoral reforms through an official website of Rahul Gandhi.
What sort of public opinion can there be? I went through the website. Fellows are suggesting to change some buttons in the electronic voting machines. This is electoral reform? Is Rahul a mechanic or an architect will be the million dollar question.
Be it Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi, except the name Gandhi that they have inherited what more can they do in terms of governance against the dictates of the Corporates not only in India but also in the rest of the world? They are human beings. Let us be sympathetic. They belong to a class and probably also to a caste. More than that, they belong to a party. This is the crux of the problem. The party has become more important than the nation. All parties drink from the same cup. Their party coming to power is much more important than providing quality governance to the nation.

It is a universal phenomenon that ruling parties do not want to change electoral systems. The exception in our country is that even the principal opposition party does not want to change electoral systems. Let me be fair. Madam Sushma Swaraj has promised the Campaign for Electoral Reforms in India (CERI) that BJP will place the question of Proportional Electoral system in its manifesto. Let us wait and see if she will succeed.

It is only natural that these parties will not opt for Proportional Electoral System, as it would ring the death knell of caste-class power. No wonder then that the Communists are supporting it. It is designed to give representation to all sections of a nation and transfer power into the hands of marginalized people. People? Oh, that is a myth. Only the Communists can be stupid enough to believe in people.

But they are right. They know well that there are no people in India. Indians are a stupid lot. Otherwise why would they tolerate such levels of bad governance for more than six decades? It is written on their forehead that is what they believe in it. Good for the ruling parties. Therefore, do not educate them. Educate only those who subscribe to the theories of bad governance. 3% for education and 20% for defense! That settles the matter.

What is the nation left with then? The other political formations in the country have to wake up to bring in some semblance of Constitutional governance in India. New coalitions of Dalits, Adivasis/Tribals, Minorities, MBCs and women can still provide tangible alternatives to India. This is the hope. The hope also lies in throwing out the British legacy of FPTP lock, stock and barrel and ushering in a new era of Proportional Electoral System in India. 89 countries in the world have done it. We need an enormous resource of stupidity to believe that these 89 countries are stupid. Let there be a new awakening in India, a political awakening among the hitherto unrepresented sections of India.

Remember, access is not inclusion, voting is not democracy, dabbling with existing parties is not alternative. New coalitions have to be formed immediately in order to usher in PR system and getting elected through this system. That is the biggest hope India has within the parameters of postmodern nation-state politics.

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