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Wednesday 10 April 2013

North Korean leaders are not going to wage war against the United States and that Washington is using this false flag to further encircle Russia and China in the region.

An analyst says that the North Korean leaders are not going to wage war against the United States and that Washington is using this false flag to further encircle Russia and China in the region.

The comments come as according to reports, South Korea and the United States have increased their coordinated military surveillance of North Korea amid the rising tension in the Korean peninsula. On Tuesday, Admiral Samuel J. Locklear, the commander of US Pacific Command said that the US defenses could intercept any ballistic missile launched by North Korea in the coming days. On April 4, the North Korean Army said it had received final approval for a nuclear attack on the US in response to Washington’s threats. The army said a preemptive nuclear war with the United States “could break out today or tomorrow,” warning Washington to “ponder over the prevailing grave situation.”

Press TV has talked with Mike Billington, with the Asia desk of Executive Intelligence Review from Washington D.C. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Mr. Billington how much do you expect the current escalations to turn into a war?

Billington: Well, it is unfortunately very possible. Not the way it is generally thought of, however.

The Chinese response to this, has been very precise, very accurate. They warned repeatedly that there are provocations coming from North Korea, which, they have encouraged them to stop, but that there are also very sever provocations coming from the United States and the Chinese have good reasons to understand that this is an encirclement of China that the massive hardware that the US has put into the area, is beyond anything needed to deal with the North Korea threat and therefore the idea that some sort of spark in North Korea could be used for a broader confrontation has to be taken seriously especially since, as you know, the US has refused to make any kind of agreement with Russia to stop the deployment of their anti-ballistic missile systems around the Russian border in Europe.

And we are doing now the same thing in Asia claiming that it is about North Korea, just as they claim in Europe that it is in response to Iran, which has no threat, no weapon.

So this is perceived correctly by Russia and China as a thereat to them, whose purpose is to get them to back down to the regime change policy, the new colonial policy being driven by London and by London’s puppet in the White House, Obama.

What you said is accurate but Locklear made the point that of course we could take down a Korean missile but he was being pushed by John McCain, a manic war hawk, who wants to go to war, and he said explicitly, we would not shoot at a Korean Missile which was simply a test or going into space. We would only do so if it appeared to be actually, aimed at Japan or Guam or Korea.

What I think is important is that military is standing in the way of the war plans coming out of London and out of the White House.

Press TV: Indeed but how much do you think that North Korea’s recent anti-American rhetoric would change the region’s, I mean the Korean peninsula’s, political and economic dynamics?

Billington: Well, they want talks. They want talks with the United States. You probably saw the pictures today. North Korea was celebrating arbor day, people were out planting trees and dancing in the streets.

General Dempsey, the head of the US joint chief of staffs, has repeated over and over again that there is no sign that North Korea is preparing a war, mobilizing their forces, it appears that they are about to carryout a missile test and that will be declared to be against UN regulations and so forth.

And I think that North Korea is saying that we are going to do something like a missile test and if in fact we are fired on as a result of this, there is likely to be a war, which is why they put out that rather strange warning telling foreigners to leave South Korea not because they are going to attack South Korea, they are not crazy, they act irrationally, they act in a bellicose way often for reasons that we could discuss if we had more time and Russia and China are encouraging them to cool off but they are not crazy and are not going to start a war in which they will be destroyed, their regime would abolished and so forth.

So this is..., you have to look at this in the broader context. The greatest global financial breakdown crisis in the history of the Western civilization, an open confrontation being forced on Russia and china over the regime change policy being advanced by Obama working openly with al-Qaeda, the Saudi-backed al-Qaeda forces throughout the Middle East and potentially now moving into the Asia with the same belligerence.


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