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Wednesday 9 May 2012

police in West Bengal can arrest, torture & release without framing any charge - Impunity

8th May 2012
The Chairman
National human Rights Commission
Faridkot House
Copernicus Marg
New Delhi-110001
Respected Sir,
We have received information of an incident of police brutality and violation of law in the District-Murshidbad, West Bengal, where we have made fact findings. The incident reveals that on 4.5.2012 at about 1.30 am at midnight Mr. Manas Maity, the Officer-in-Charge of Jalangi Police Station and the Sub-Divisional Police Officer, Domkal, Murshidabad with huge police force came to the house of Mr. Samsul Huda at village-Natial, Police Station-Jalangi, Murshidabad in three police vehicles. There was no female police person with the said police force. Mr. Samsul Huda is a retired school teacher. The police personnel encircled the house and started to strike on the front door repeatedly to open. Then the police personnel made forcible entry into the house and they captured and started assaulting the victim Mr. Golam Kibria (aged about-30 years) being son of Mr. Samsul Huda. The perpetrator police personnel tied his hinds with a rope keeping the hands upward and brutally assaulted him. Then the victim was taken to Jalangi Police Station by the perpetrator police personnel and the reports came to fore that in the police station the perpetrator police personnel completely removed his clothes and brutally assaulted him in naked condition. Thereafter the victim was released from Jalangi Police Station on 5.5.2012 in severe injured condition. The perpetrator police personnel so far did not disclose any reason for such barbarism upon the victim. The family members of the victim and some local people are eye-witnesses of the incident.
The victim is still under medical treatment and the medical injury reports show the gravity of the assault and torture committed upon him by the perpetrator police personnel. We have attached herewith this complaint the photographs of the victim showing the severe injuries sustained by him. The victim is still under shock and mental trauma.
We condemn this heinous incident and this incident again hit our conscience with the fact that the custodial violence and violation of law and legal mandates are still a well cherished practice among a section of men in uniform.  
We immediately demand stern punitive action against the perpetrator police personnel including the Officer-in-Charge of Jalangi Police Station and the Sub-Divisional Police Officer, Domkal, Murshidabad under whose captaincy the victim was subjected to such brutal incident of custodial violence and torture. We further demand that the whole matter must immediately be probed into by one independent investigating agency appointed by the Commission. Considering the fact the perpetrators are police personnel, so the victim and the witnesses in this case must be provided with adequate protection so that they do not come under any threats, inducement and harassment.
We immediately seek your urgent intervention in this matter so that the perpetrators can be booked under the law immediately.
Thanking you,
Yours truly,
Kirity Roy
Secretary, MASUM
National Convener, PACTI
   Golam Kibria

Kirity Roy
Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha
National Convenor (PACTI)
Programme Against Custodial Torture & Impunity
40A, Barabagan Lane (4th Floor)
Balaji Place
PIN- 712203
Tele-Fax - +91-33-26220843
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