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Thursday 23 February 2012

Syria's Right to Self-Defense against Terrorist Groups Underscored

Syria's Right to Self-Defense against Terrorist Groups Underscored
Feb 23, 2012

CAPITALS, (SANA)_ The states and sides to meet in Tunisia for the so-called 'friends of Syria' meeting are NOT friends for Syria but they are the friends of the United States, underscored Viacheslav Matuzov, the well-known Russian writer and political analyst.
Interviewed by Syrian Satellite TV yester night, Matuzov pointed out that Russia rejected to participate in this meeting because its program is not in the interest of the Syrian People, but it aims to protect the US interests in the region.
Matuzov added that the projects of military and political intervention in Syria's domestic affairs continue under different names and ideas, including the idea of 'humanitarian corridors', blasting the US calls for arming the opposition through smuggling of weapons across the borders with Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey.
The Russian outspoken analyst reiterated Russia's solidarity with Syria, where the majority of the Syrians support the government and reforms against the terrorist attacks by terrorist groups which kill army personnel and civilians.
In Tunisia, the National Board for Resistance Support, Anti-normalization with Zionism, and the Tunisian Association for Tolerance organized a symposium in rejection to the so-called 'friends of Syria' meeting.
More than 100 political, syndicate and law figures participated in the symposium, blasting the meeting as another move to internationalize the crisis in Syria aiming at supporting armed groups in implementation for a foreign agenda.
The speakers asserted the meeting and its members are but the enemies of the Syrian People, lashing out at the anti-Syria stances taken by the League of Arab States and at the continued media war of lies and provocations against the Syrian Arab people and their Government.
The speakers criticized the role played by the current temporary president of Tunisia, al-Marzouqi, and his government in calling for and hosting the meeting, calling for its cancellation and for an apology by al-Marzouqi to the Syrian People.
In another development, 25 Jordanian MPs asked the government of their country to deport members of the Syrian opposition present on the Syrian-Jordanian borders.
The Jordanian MP', in a parliamentary memo to Jordanian Premier, underscored their rejection to any form of foreign interference in Syria's domestic affairs, calling on the Government of Jordan as not to turn blind eyes to the practices of those who work to inflame conditions on the Jordanian-Syrian borders through the so-called human aids.

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