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Friday 24 February 2012

Santosh Hedge – Why I Rate You Top Scoundrel? – Exclusive (C)

Santosh Hedge – Why I Rate You Top Scoundrel? – Exclusive (C)

[Executive Summary:- Rampant loot of National Resources began when Santosh Hedge was Solicitor General of India in 1998-99 and Companies indulged in Offshore Operations and Transactions to bypass Indian Tax Laws – NEPL Offshore Licenses were awarded at Rs.50 per square kilometer area in 1999 to Professional Thugs when India could have realized $100b from Offshore NEPL licenses, Similarly Telecom Licenses for 20 years were awarded at Rs.1651 or Rs.82 per year and introduced outdated 2G technology that in itself is $100b loss i.e. Rs.4 per subscriber for Airtel in 2011-12 when India could have realized $100b from 3G auction. In stead of owning any responsibility he is only interested in malicious attack on UPA government. During his tenure as Supreme Court Judge, NHAI loot in SK Dubey and as Chair of TDSAT Call Rerouting cases came up and he didn’t perform his duty. As Chair of TDSAT he failed curb Overseas Transaction of Telecom Shares of Indian Companies bypassing our Jurisdiction. For five years as Lokayukta he failed to check Illegal Mining and Damage to Environment. Most appalling though Indiahas dossiers of crime records of pickpockets but not Corporate Thugs like Ambani that he favored into Oil & Gas, Power, Refineries, Telecom etc. You even let them enhance Promoter Holdings from say 10% to 50%+ so many of the Corporate after availing of Bank Credits, Concessions have now located their headquarters in foreign countries offering tax rebates.]

Sir it was during your Tenure as Solicitor General around 1998 when Gujarat allowed 125% Tax Concessions to Corporate – since Corporate substantially enhance Capitalization (200% to 800% in KG Basin) it meant Tax Concessions were actually Twice The Real Project Cost illegally Enriching Few Families. [For example India adopted 2G because it was substandard and cheap.]

It was niether realizing Market Value nor selling Free but Taxes Paid by people of Gujarat collected at low realization efficiency to Select Businessmen for projects largely meant for non Gujarati people – often the Farmers were thrown out to Favor and Enrich Ambani or Ruia or Tata when people of Gujarat are Hungry and Starving at 13 rank in Health Indicators in India.  

Before commenting on you further let me give you my introduction – in 1976 at age 21, I was made Security in charge of the Biggest Electrical Stores serving half of India and was Virtually Exercising the Authority of BIS, DGSD, CBI, Supreme Court, within minutes of taking over the Charge. (I used to Tell other staff that I am Appointed By President of India and to serve GOI --.) Any Indenter complaining of Bad Quality – in less than a second I would direct Stores to ‘Please Issue Good Quality Stores.’ Any time I had doubt – I would go on inspection of Stores for both Quality and Quantity. Sir you as Lokayukta or Supreme Court judge let 20,000 big trucks to Plunder Iron Ore & Minerals every day for 10 years, - What is Credibility and Integrity?

2-3 times there were minor thefts and Store Keepers would ask for my permission to make good the loss and I let them make good the loss. My intention was not to shame any one or convict any yet didn’t let any loss to the Department. 2-3 times I did report about bungling when some contractor was not obeying my instructions like for example delivering the stores within 60 minutes from release from Railway Siding. 

[When in 1984 I raised corruption and loot in my department in Parliament – my salary was frozen and I was transferred every two months. I approached Legal Aid Cell of PN Bhagwati but was asked to give an affidavit that I have no money to fight my service case. Sir I didn’t trust Judiciary to give me early relief--.]

Sir you were Supreme Court Judge for five years – so powerful that you could even set aside Election of President on successful petition though, as Supreme Court did by canceling 122 2G Licenses but you did nothing even on the last day at age 71 – your Report merely set in motion the Trials that may last decades with low success rate.

I have explored your conduct from Three Angles, First your conduct and integrity, Second your contribution as Advocate General, Additional Solicitor General Of India, Solicitor General of India, Supreme Court of India, Chairman TDSAT, and Lokayukta, and Third your Political Bias and Mischief. Some overlap is obvious.

First Your Conduct and Integrity

1. A person of your stature ought to be Totally Honest and Totally Clean but you preferred to be Stupid and dishonest like any C grade politician – reading from your prepared text at Le Meridien without correction that UPA government caused Rs.1,76,000 crores loss that even Supreme Court of India didn’t consider it valid and 122 licenses were cancelled because of Unfair Selection process in spite of your aid Prashant Bhushan alleged Rs.1,76,000 crores loss in the PIL but strangely PIL didn’t wanted any loss of NDA period to considered. (Link to Supreme Court judgment provided for your convenience.)

2. You persisted with your Mudslinging even three weeks after Supreme Court judgment was made public when we Indians expected you to at least tell us about the Finer Points of judgment.

3. Sir I ashamed of the fact that I had to tell you that –

‘As per Supreme Court Judgment – 1. Government of India is Trustee of Natural Resources and 2. that Natural Resources of India should be sold out or leased in Fair and Transparent Manner.’

4. I then urged you to file a PIL in the Supreme Court to re-auction all the Natural Resources sold out cheaply to be Re-Auctioned. I don’t think you are serious.

5. I felt you were Most Stupid in telling that on last day of demitting Office of Lokayukta at age 71, you submitted Illegal Mining report that wrongly computed losses to be around Rs.18,000 crores and named some 800 culprits.

Firstly you were most foolish in computing losses that were in excess of Rs.1,50,000 crores @ Rs.6000/- per tone when illegal mining continued for over a decade at 10 million tones to 50 million tones annual loot.

Secondly you had failed to order ‘Global Auctioning of Mines & Minerals in Karnataka.’

Thirdly Illegal Unscientific Mining that went on when you were Supreme Court judge and Lokayukta (1999-2011) meant huge Mineral Loss, Environmental Degradation – there shall be much lower recovery and cost to legal miners shall be much higher and for both extraction of mines and restoring mines zone.

Fourthly you are most STUPID in telling us your report on Illegal Mining is great achievement when we all know ‘Nothing Much Shall Be Recovered and Not Many Would Be Convicted in Their Lifetime.’

Second Your Role as AG, ASGI, SGI, Judge SC, Chairman TDSAT, and President Lokayukta,

6. You were Solicitor General of India when NEPL policy to award Offshore Blocks to Reliance and other companies almost Free to virtually Commission Agents was Unfolded – 13 years since then on -

Firstly there is not even 0.1% Development of Exploration Area and put to Commercialization in spite of 10 times Higher Capitalization, actually against 120 MSCMPD design capacity production, presently even 22 MSCMPD is realized with difficulty. KG basin declared to be 40 times larger than All of ONGC Operations is practically dead.

There is atleast $500b Production Loss due to your policy to award Licenses to Ambanis by 2011.

7. UK auctioned 3G in March-April 2000 and realized $35b for 60 million nation and all companies who got the licenses were Telecom Companies not Commission agents. India could have realized $100b in 2001.

Third your Political Bias and Mischief

8. You can not deny you were Agents of BJP Half Pants but it is Gross Misconduct on your part to pin down Manmohan Singh when it was your Policy to let Sale of Mines and Minerals and Spectrums free to Ambanis and Mitals. Rs.50 per Offshore License and Rs.4 per subscriber annual Spectrum License fee is almost free.

9. But Sir you are A Grade Scoundrel when you didn’t object to NHAI loot or Narendra Modi allowing Tax Concessions of Rs.9100 crores to just ESSAR Refinery or Rs.10,000 crores to Ratan Tata for NANO project.

But most shocking is ESSAR firstly let Vodafone takeover majority share ESSAR HUTCH at $12b and thereafter relocated Holding Companies all projects in Gujarat to London or Cayman Island.

10. These two projects of ESSAR Refinery and Tata Nano alone is Rs.20,000 per household Loss to people of Gujarat. (Supreme Court didn’t allow ESSAR tax concessions but mainly due to ESSAR delayed commissioning of project in time of the proposed scheme.)

On Your Shameless Remarks

11. You were Most Stupid to tell us that a Scandinavian introduced Ombudsman around 250 years ago. But Sir it was small very sparsely populated cold country so people required fast resolution of their problems – India has Huge Supreme Court, High Courts, Tribunals and Multilayer Judiciary, police force alone is many times more than the country’s population 250 years ago.

12. Sir you were unkind to Prime Minister who had advised his Minister from Alliance Party to consider ‘Auctioning Option’

- Can you show even one letter you have written to CBI or Chief Secretary of Karnataka or Gujarat governments to Plug The Loot and Illegal Tax Concessions?

Look in the mirror and you will find for thousands of people like Santosh Hedge had sold out India Cheaply.

Please allow me conclude.

Ravinder Singh
February22, 2012

Biodata of Santosh Hedge


1) Born on 16/6/1940 at Nitte Village of Karkala Taluk, Dakshina Kannada
District, (Now Udupi District) 

2) Did most of the school education at St. Aloysius School, Mangalore and
Madras Christian College, Madras. 

3) Did Intermediate from St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore and B.Sc degree from
Central College, Bangalore. 

4) Did Law degree from Government Law College, Bangalore (Presently
University Law College, Bangalore)

5) Joined the Bar in January 1966

6) Appointed as Advocate General in February 1984

7) Designated as Senior Advocate in May 1984 and continued as Advocate
General from 1984 to 1988

8) Appointed as Additional Solicitor General of India in November 1989 and held
the office for 11 months.  Thereafter continued practice in the Supreme Court. 

9) Appointed as Solicitor General of India in 1998. 

10) Appointed directly from the Bar as Judge of the Supreme Court ofIndia in

11) Conferred the Honorary Doctorate of Law by the University ofMangalore in
February 2005. 

12) Retired as Judge of Supreme Court in June 2005. 

13) Appointed on 6.7.2005, as Chairperson, Telecom Disputes Settlement
Appellate Tribunal, New Delhi and functioned till 2nd August 2006. 

14) Appointed as Lokayukta of Karnataka State from 3rd August 2006 for a term of 5 years under the provisions of the Karnataka Lokayukta Act, 1984. 

15) Represented the State of Mysore University in Hockey.

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