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Tuesday 21 February 2012

Sachin should have retired after World Cup: Kapil Dev

Sachin should have retired after World Cup: Kapil Dev

Indian cricket legend SachinTendulkar should have retired from cricket after the 2011 World Cup, former Indian skipper Kapil Dev has said in a television interview.
Kapil, who led India to their first World Cup victory in 1983, during the interview with ‘Headlines Today’, said:"Had he retired after the World Cup, or even better, if he had announced retirement before that, it would have been good. He is a very good cricketer and has done a lot for the country. Probably he is a cricketer who loves the game more than us. There are some people who cannot leave cricket."
Tendulkar, who is still in search of the elusive 100th international century, has scored only 68 runs in four games in ongoing tri-series in Australia, with 48 being his highest score.
Tendulkar, who was hit on the helmet by a Brett Lee bouncer on Sunday and is doubtful for Tuesday's crucial game against Sri Lanka, also took a blow on his shin while fielding and was in the dressing room for 25 overs during Australia's innings on Sunday.
Kapil said: "He should have made the announcement. He has served the nation for 22-23 years. There is no better cricketer than him. He should have told in advance that he would not play one-day cricket anymore and would play only Tests till he can. But every player has a different thinking. If you ask me, then he should have announced (his retirement) earlier."
Kapil also said that whenever Tendulkar plays he is under pressure and it is not that he is feeling pressure now as he is on the verge of his 100thinternational century.
"When was Sachin not under pressure? I am not talking in his support... He has played for so many years and has overcome all kinds of pressure to reach at this level. Every player has certain age. He is approaching 39-40. Probably, there is no age left for him to play anymore... but some people say he will play the next World Cup also. Then what could be said?"
Recently, former Pakistan captain Imran Khan too had said that the World Cup win was the right time for Tendulkar to quit ODIs.

'MS Dhoni's rotation policy defies logic, nonsense'

Former Indian cricketers on Monday slammed Mahendra Singh Dhoni'scontroversial rotation policy with one of them saying that it defies logic and another going to the extent of calling it "utter nonsense".
Dhoni had stated that senior players such Sachin Tendulkar and VirenderSehwag have to be rotated to ensure that the fielding standards of the side are maintained.
But the policy has drawn sharp reactions from former players.
Spin legend Bishan Singh Bedi said rotation makes sense only if players are in form.
"I don't know what is the logic behind this rotation policy and what exactly isDhoni thinking. But for me, the rotation policy makes sense when your players are in good form. But here none of the players are in good form. So where does the question of rotating them comes when they are not scoring?" asked Bedi.
Former captain and chairman of selectors Dilip Vengsarkar said it was fine to rotate players as long as team's winning prospects were not jeopardised.
"Rotation policy is good but should not be a hard and fast rule. One should always strive to field the best eleven players.
"It's upto the (tour) selectors to rest some player if they feel he is jaded and needs rest. As I have said if you feel someone needs rest or is looking jaded and tired playing against the same team, give him rest but at the same time it's important to win. It's a fine balancing act," he opined.
Former spinner Maninder Singh, meanwhile, called the idea "utter nonsense".
"Basically they are okay fielders.. if they are scoring runs then you are fine with it, if they are not scoring runs then they become a liability."
"He (Dhoni) was forced to have a rotation policy because it is not easy to drop a Sachin Tendulkar or a Virender Sehwag. This is a forced rotation policy, I don't agree with it. Rotation policy is okay when there is a winning streak. This is utter nonsense," Maninder said.
Another former player Chetan Chauhan, on the other hand, was completely dismissive of the policy, saying Dhoni erred in questioning the sebiorplayers' fitness at a time when the team is going through a tough phase.
"I completely disagree with what Dhoni has said. These three guys were an important part of the team during your World Cup campaign only nine months back. And in nine months they suddenly cannot become worse as fielders.
"I believe that Dhoni is trying to divert attention from his failures of the last two Test tours. This is a time when everyone should stick to each other rather than casting aspersions," he said.
"I have never believed in rotation and if you feel that these three guys are not good fielders, why have them in the team at the first place? The only players in the team who need to be rotated are the fast bowlers because they carry extra workload."
Former chairman of selectors Chandu Borde said rotation policy should not be applied to just the seniors.
"What I don't understand is why this rotational policy is applicable to only three players. When you say it is a policy it should apply to others also. Having this policy for three players defies logic.
Dhoni's comments about the fielding of some seniors raises a question whether this rotational policy is put in place because of lack of physical fitness of some players. So the question is are players selected on performance or physical fitness?' he asked.

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