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Fraudulent Sales of Lands in India

Fraudulent Sales of Lands in India
    The situation is much worse than what you have mentioned in your email of June 3. In the cases involving the misappropriation of property, there are some lawyers who cheat their own NRI clients and sell off their properties after getting Power of Attorney, which may be real or bogus.
    There are some lawyers who know how to get the bogus Power of Attorney for the properties of NRIs registered in their own names or in the names of their criminal associates and collaborators in the frauds. Such lawyers know how to sell the properties of the non-Resident Indians even without their permission. Many NRIs remain unaware about the sale and possession status of their properties, unless they get the information from their trusted friends or till they return to India. 
    I know about a case of a plot of land in Pune, which was sold to a builder, without the permission of the NRI owner, by his lawyer who had used a bogus Power of Attorney. After some years, when the NRI returned to Pune, he was not able to locate his plot, as he thought it was still vacant. When he went to inquire from the Pune Municipal Corporation, he was shocked to know that a new multi-storied building had been constructed on his plot during the time he was abroad. The PMC had passed the plan of the building on the NRI's plot, and even the flats of the new building were all sold to a number of persons.
    In such cases it is impossible for an NRI to get back the vacant possession of his plot.
    There are many cases in which even the lands belonging to the Central and State Governments have been illegally sold by crooks who have used false documents, which are prepared with the help of lawyers, corrupt officials and property dealers. Many Indian politicians are also involved in such fraudulent sales of Government lands.


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Hare Krishna
To everyone out there
And Indian media
I have heard that unfavorable relative and community people who don't like their friends and relative who had gone abroad and has made it good overseas and built good home in India are using squatting law in collusion with police and Gam Sirpancha to put squatters in empty NRI and NRE's property, to exhort money or usurp expensive NRI or NRE's property.
What I have been told is, that if you are NRI or NRE you have to register your property as NRI or NRE property, if you don't do that you cant do nothing against squatters and have to go through long processes of getting your property back.
I don't know this rumors but if it is true, you need to get to your Indian lawyer to do that for you ............