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Saturday 19 January 2013

ONE MORE no word can describe the magnitude of inhumanity..

recieved these as a fwd from a friend..not sure of their authenticity...
Dated 15th August, 94
Dear friends,
A district-level meeting of Brahmin Samaj was held at Balaghat on 15th
August. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Trivedi, an ideal saint of
Jabalpur. The following resolutions were passed in the meeting.
Shudra communities means Backward Class like Pawar, Marar, Lodhi, Kasar etc.
should be kept involved in the religious affairs so that their attention be
kept away from political rights and they always remain slaves and supporters
of Brahminism.
The political consciousness that has developed among the Scheduled Castes,
Scheduled Tribes, Backward Class and Religious Minorities has threatened the
leadership of Brahminism. Hence, such a confusion and conflict be created in
them, that they keep on fighting among themselves.
We must go to the people of fourth Varna, Shudras and tell them that the
constitution is against Hindus and it must be changed. This awakening must
be created and spread in the masses.
Everybody in Brahmin Caste, of any political party like Congress, BJP,
Communist and any organisation, social-religious, must gather under one
banner to save Brahminism, because the leadership of Brahminism is in
Wrong confusion must be spread among Pawars, Marars, Lodhis (backward
classes), Scheduled Castes/tribes and religious minorities
(Muslims/Christians/Buddhists) due to which they must fight and kill each
Because of the politics of Bahujan Samaj Party (Kanshi Ram) and
consciousness of Dalits, the leadership of Brahminism is threatened. To
oppose this, we must tell the people that this is the party of Mahars and
Chamars only, so that other smaller castes do not join.
The employees of Scheduled Castes/Tribes, backward class and muslims have
developed fat in their bodies. Hence they should be physically and mentally
tortured and they must be humiliated by paper actions and their work must be
carried out by the Brahmin Officers who are occupying high posts, in a
secret manner.
The Officers of Brahmin community, who are holding higher posts should
spread confusion among the unemployed youths of low castes that only
Scheduled Castes and Tribes people are taking advantage of reservation, and
posts meant for you are being given to them only, so that they keep on
fighting among themselves.
If Brahmin community does not come on one platform to protect themselves and
protect brahminism, this will be the matter of great shame and death for
them and they will become the slaves of untouchable castes. Therefore to
keep them slaves, we must adopt every tactics to protect Brahmins and to
retain leadership of the country.
The backward classes should be kept in forefront, by giving the slogan of
Jai-Shriram to use them as shield (source) to protect Brahmins and they
should be kept confused by religious acts like Gayatri Yagya, Brahmakumari
Institution, Satya Sai of Shirdi and the Buddhists should be confused by
If Ambedkarism grows in the country, Gandhism means Brahminism will be
finished. Nobody will be there to take the name of Dr. Hegdewar, Golwalkar
Guruji, the great men of R.S.S. Hence we must infiltrate in their every
organisation and get information secretly, to defeat their every plan.
If the Brahminism is to be kept alive, then we must raise religious emotions
and sentiments among the youths of backward classes, to keep them confused
and create communal conflicts/riots with the youths of Scheduled
Castes/Scheduled Tribes, so that the children of Brahmins retain their
domination, in the Government administration and politics.
To save Brahminism, the ladies of Brahmins should come forward and it is
necessary that Brahmin ladies should sacrifice, to protect Brahminism. If
one lady comes forward to protect Brahmin, they will get 'Punya' on the
basis of Manusmriti.
Friends, the whole thing must be implemented secretly. This letter should
not reach in the hands of lower castes. It is a secret letter.
District Level Brahmin Samaj
(As published in the newspapers and magazines)
Secret Circular of R.S.S.
Original Source
Mass Indian News Paper of the Masses
Instruction to the RSS - officials to harass the origins among the
suppressed - Adivasis, OBC, Muslims, Christians.
Original English Letter
Local Leaders,
In addition to the old ones, some additional duties are being entrusted.
Some are to be modified. Instruct the Patriots and volunteers. Reactions to
be reported to Head Quarters. This paper is to be burnt/destroyed after
passing the instructions.
Procurement of fire arms and explosive to be intensified.
Winning back Awarnas and backwards to fight against Muslims and
Promotion of Hindutwa among officials to be intensified.
Promotion of Hindutwa among doctors and Chemists, disposal of expired and
specious drugs to Awarnas, tribals and Muslims. Injection for handicapping
new born Awarnas, Shudra's children. Blood donation camps.
Pronunciation of "OM" and "Jai Shree Ram" in the areas of new born children
of Awarnas and Backward.
Boycott of Anti Hindu (Anti Brahmins) Pseudo Secular Programs.
Personal help of offenders to increase income from liquor, health narcotics,
drugs, gambling, lottery in backward and Awarna's areas population. In
government offices organizing more religious functions Jagran. Chanda for
new Mandir construction/old Mandir, propaganda. Hindu businessmen and banias
during riots. Bania to be looted in non Hindu, Muslim areas.
Induction of Awarnas/Muslim girls in flesh trades. Dhandewala Haullah to
Retardation of physical and mental development of school going children
specially Awarnas and Ambedkarites by harmful eatables, through volunteers,
vendors and teachers.
More and more SC/ST Awarnas students to be admitted to our schools. History
teaching as per direction.
Provocation of communal riots against Muslims/Ambedkarites/Budhists to be
instilled. During riots deployment of men of the volunteers far away from
their own localities with new local goondas. Provocation of Police/Arm
Forces against anti Hindus.
Mass rapes of Muslims/Awarnas women during riots. No mercy to
friends/aquaintances. Surat model to be followed.
Placing Images/idols under the ground, near the non Hindu religious
structures to be continued. Head quarters to be contacted for help needed.
New literature to be fabricated to prove all old churches, masjids, stupas,
as old Hindu structures.
Publication of Anti-Muslim/Anti Buddhist literature to be intensified. More
materials to be fabricated to prove Samrat Ashoka a Non Buddhist.
Destruction of Anti Brahmin literature, Dalit literature, Ambedkar
literature and communist literature to be accounted. Checking of entry of
such literature in public/Government/Libraries to continue. Propagation of
our literature on Ambedkar amongst Awarnas and backwards.
Keeping backlog (SC/ST) as per directions.
Production of more stickers, calendars, pamphlets of Lord Rama. Acceleration
of Ramkathas and Jagrans.
Propagation of superstition in Awarnas and backwards has to be intensified.
Use of Sadhus and Babas to continue.
Hinduisation of Jains, Budhists and Sikhs to continue. Worship of Rama in
more and more Jain temples. Patna Path to be followed. Development to be
reported to the Head Quarters.
Attack against communism/Comminist/Awarnas/Shudras to be used.
Antimandal agitation to be held up.
Provocation of conflicts between different castes among Awarnas/backwards.
Kootniti to be followed.
Damaging of Ambedkar's statue to be continued.
Chanakyaniti to continue.
Practice of Gandharvism against Awarnas and Ambedkarites without condition.
Exposing the genitals of girls, kisses, photographs. Use light intoxicants.
Malnutrition of Adivasis/Awarnas to continue. Liquor poisoning as per
direction. Food poisoning and slow poisoning to continue.
Control over news paper to be increased. More materials to be written
(Anti-Muslim/Anti Mandal/Pro Hindu/Pro Ram). More local news paper editors
to be influenced under Hindutwa.
Winning more leaders from backward communities (SC,ST/OBC) for our political
party, under the spirit of Hindutwa. Usual methods to be followed.
Winning anti-Muslim writers, leaders from Muslim community and anti-mandal
writers from backwards to continue. Use of Pseudo secularism coin.
Persuasion of traders and jeweller-cum banqers to practice policies of
economic drain of non-Hindus.
Observation of activities on non-Hindus and Anti-Hindus/Anti Brahmins to be
reported to Head Quarters.
Killing of Anti-Hindus and Anti-Brahmins to continue. Disposal of bodies as
per direction.
Poornima Meetings of Volunteers to continue.
Whistles to continue.
"Jai Shri Ram"
411 / RO 303
11 / RSS C03
(As published in newspapers and magazines)
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