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Thursday 17 January 2013

Extremism Hindutva nature of India Against Corruption Campaign

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From: Ashok Chowgule (ChGoa) <>
Date: Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 10:25 PM
Subject: RE: Sri Sri on Owaisi - excellent perspective
To: Satya D <>
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Dear Satyaji,

You have posted our correspondence on to lists where I am not a member.  I have no objection.  However, since I am not a member, I am not sure that my response will get posted on them.  For the sake of an informed discussion, it would be appropriate if you could forward this message to those lists as well.

It seems that it is the VHP should bend backwards every time.  Merely because a Swami has a Muslim following, does it give him a right to criticise the VHP on false grounds, as in this case?  How is this even a start towards winning, let along an excellent start?

Yes, we do not need to agree on every point.  I am sure that every ACTIVE member of any Hindu organisation has a full agreement with everything that the organisation does or says.  And that is the greatness why the Hindu dharma has survived.

But when there is a disagreement, the first step is that the event or statement on which there is a disagreement is correctly stated.  The next step is that the disagreement should be stated in a logical manner.

In this particular case, I would like to know what was the event that Sri Sri has based his criticism about the VHP being stubborn.  The VHP’s position on the Shri Ramjanmabjhoomi is as follows:

  1. The issue is not one of bricks and mortar, i.e. it is not merely an issue of a temple. One more or one less temple does not give Ram bhakts any more or less opportunity to offer their prayers. The issue is related to our nationalism and our culture.

  1. The Hindus believe that the place where the Babri structure stood is the birthplace of Shri Ram. This belief has a continuous tradition of more than 3000 years, as has been established by the archaeological investigation at the site. Such a long belief has to make it into a fact.

  1. If the birthplace was somewhere else, there was no need for people to hold this place as sacred. After all, no one could imagine that some 2500 years later the holy site would be vandalised.

  1. In 1528 AD, the temple that stood at the site was deliberately destroyed with an objective of constructing the Babri structure in its place.  The purpose of the construction was not religious but political, and the purpose had also been intentionally offensive. The intention was to give the Hindus a continuous ocular demonstration that Islam was reigning supreme, even over Hinduism's holy places.

  1. As a second best option, within 50 years the Hindus constructed a Ram Chabootar within the compound of the Babri structure.  This was with an intention of keeping their claim to the site alive.  Continuous pooja were being undertaken at the Chabootar.  Now it is happening where the Shri Ram deity exists.

  1. Hindus have been making continuous effort for the recovery of the site. In 1885, a judge of the British colonial regime accepted that the site was holy for the Hindus.  In the post-independence period, too, legal cases have been continuing for the recovery of the site.

  1. During the time of the Chandrashekar government, in December 1991, a major effort at a solution through dialogue was started.  Hindus have given historical, literary, archaeological and revenue records to establish the antiquity of the belief of their tradition, and the destruction of the temple in 1528.

  1. All these efforts were frustrated not so much by an obscurantist Muslim leadership, but by the political and intellectual community who wear the label of secularism on their sleeves.

  1. The issue has become politicised not because of the demand for the return of the site, but because of the denial of the holy significance of the site for the Hindus, and of the deliberate destruction of the temple in 1528.


Let us understand that the Babri structure was erected only as a matter of humiliating the Hindus.  To give it a religious significance is to reinforce the humiliation of the Hindus.  Today, there are some busy-bodies who are saying that there should be an Islamic pillar (whatever it means) along with the Shri Ramjanmabhoomi mandir.  Clearly these busy-bodies want to perpetuate the insult that the Hindus have borne all these years.

Ashok Chowgule

From: Satya D []
Sent: 15 January 2013 23:16
To: Ashok Chowgule (ChGoa)
Cc: ghhf;;; HindiUSA;;

Subject: Re: Sri Sri on Owaisi - excellent perspective

Ashok ji,

We need to make effort to bring country together and use this as an opportunity to end religion based schools and marginalize fanatics.   VHP can be behind and  various Swamiji, who themselves have Muslim followers should come forward and have a Sathbhavana meeting right at the middle of Hyderabad.  That is an excellent start.  We will come out winning.    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar article below is an excellent start.

Let us not harp on negative but we are never going to agree on all points but we need to come to a common ground and work for a change.    

On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 12:41 PM, Ashok Chowgule (ChGoa) <> wrote:
The discussions took place in 1990, and was organised by the Chandrashekar government.  I have no knowledge of Sri Sri making any effort.  In any case, he was not so well known in 1990.

Ashok Chowgule

From: Satya D []
Sent: 15 January 2013 23:06
To: Ashok Chowgule (ChGoa)
Subject: Re: Sri Sri on Owaisi - excellent perspective

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 12:28 PM, Ashok Chowgule (ChGoa) <> wrote:
The note is excellent, except for the following: “When I made efforts in the Ayodhya negotiations meeting VHP, the Muslim Personal Law Board and Babri Masjid Action Committee, what I saw there was more a vested interest than a genuine care for each other’s communities. It was more stubbornness than a willingness to come to a solution.”

I, as a senior leader in the VHP, know what has happened in the negotiations, and I can categorically state that the VHP went about it in a genuine manner.

I would like to know who the author of the perspective is.  I feel he has spoilt his essential message by the above statement.
Ashok Chowgule

From: Satya D []
Sent: 15 January 2013 22:54
To: Satya D

Subject: Fwd: Sri Sri on Owaisi - excellent perspective

A tune of harmony

January 13, 2013
There has been a huge uproar about the speech by Akbaruddin Owaisi. The hatred-filled content by itself is shocking enough but what is alarming is the applause that he got from his audience. This shows the danger of isolation of a community in our ever-expanding society. These misinformed and misguided mindsets are there because they remain in their own community. When they live in isolation, they promote only one mindset and there is no open mindedness. They may not have friends from other communities or participate in other festivals. Such thoughts that have been expressed by Owaisi are poisonous to the idea of India even in a drawing room, let alone a public platform.
Therefore, religion based universities must be shut down. Universities are the only place where people work and grow up with people from other communities. But the government starts promoting religion based institutions for their vote banks. Such institutions will only create more Owaisis who remain in their own island. They will never get integrated with the rest of society and this is not good for the country.
Now who can change this mindset? It’s certainly not the law. If he is put in jail, he becomes a hero for his own people. Hindus cannot say anything to him because it will further polarize the two communities. So who can correct the mindset that he stands for? Such elements can only be changed or addressed by liberal and successful people of their own community. And it is time for those liberals who spend their time in their drawing rooms to reach out to people, address the youth, change their mindset and make an impact.
When I made efforts in the Ayodhya negotiations meeting VHP, the Muslim Personal Law Board and Babri Masjid Action Committee, what I saw there was more a vested interest than a genuine care for each other’s communities. It was more stubbornness than a willingness to come to a solution. Therefore, people who are mature and have the interest of a larger good at heart must step forward and educate others for sense to prevail. Otherwise, people like Owaisi end up becoming people’s representatives by evoking anger and hatred.
In stark contrast to the walled city of Hyderabad, Kadapa, also in Andhra Pradesh, is a pole apart. Every year thousands of Muslim devotees celebrate the new year by offering prayers to Lord Venkateshwara on Ugadi. This has been a 300 year old tradition at this temple. Similarly, many Hindus visit the Ameen Peer Dargah on Thursdays and Fridays.
Over the centuries, India has absorbed many different faiths in her culture. It is some people blinded by political ambition, greed or just plain ignorance who claim to be the voice of the people and seek to make gains out of creating chaos. They need to be drowned out by voices that make sense and personalities that display character. We owe it to both our glorious past and promising future to maintain our harmony as a nation.

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