Illegal FIR u/s 66A By Yashwant Sinha Ex. FM
December28, 2012
The ACP (Cyber Crime)
Delhi Police,
Mandir Marg,
New Delhi 110001
ILLEGAL FIR No.244 Dated 15-12-2011 u/s 66A IT Act
Confiscated My Hard Drive – Robbed My INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY
$200 Trillion High-Tech Manufacture By 2050
Ghotalon Ka Sardar Yashwant Sinha
Dear Sir,
Above totally illegal FIR had been registered by your department.

I have already petitioned under above Subject on December24, 2012 to Hon. Prime Minister, Hon. Chief Justice of India, Hon. Home Minister, The Cabinet Secretary, CP Delhi Police and Emailed to over 100 MPs. (Copy Attached with Speed Post Receipts, and a latest sample message.)  

1.] All the Email messages to Yashwant Sinha were sent to his Public ID or Official ID as Ex. Finance Minister, Current Committee on Finance as Member of Public Accounts Committee – hence the FIR is illegal.

2.] And they were all Important Well Researched Evidence Based ‘Petitions’ and 3.]were copies of messages only, 4.] all messages were acknowledged by PMO and 5.]mailed to Six his own BJP Party Leaders including Leaders in both Houses of Parliament.

6.] The accused in the FIR is a WIPO awarded Inventor & Technical Expert. 7.] All the messages were based on accurate Information in Latest RBI or other GOI official documents, 8.] there is no misrepresentation of any kind mailed from Correct ID from my ISP and 9.] there is no Financial Loss or Cheating involved and 10.] FIR in fact is an attempt to cripple my functioning.

Please dismiss the FIR on [10 Counts] and return my Hard Disk also illegally taken away and Robbed my Intellectual Property.

Thank you,

Ravinder Singh
Inventor & Consultant
Y-77, Hauz Khas,
New Delhi -110016