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Thursday 5 April 2012

Savage act upon slum dwellers by a Kolkata Police personal

Mr. Ramji Singh is a police Constable, being no. 2083 attached with North Division of Kolkata Police. He owned a godown at the vicinity of Armenian Ghat to run his own business, illegally. On 02.04.2012 at about 7.00 pm, Mr. Mani Seikh, a resident of that area, by profession a Van Rickshaw Puller, garaged his van near the said go-down of Mr. Ramji Singh. At that time the staffs of the said go-down, who were in 40-50 in numbers, grabbed Mr. Mani Seikh and pinned down him to ground and started indiscriminate bashing. The errant persons involved with beating of Mani are known miscreants of the area who regularly involved them with brawls after getting intoxicated and terrifying poor by their highhandedness under protection of local police. While the neighbors of Mani heard about his woes, they rushed to the spot. Armenian Ghat is a bathing Ghat along with facility of ferrying over river Ganges. There is a big unregistered slum in front of the ghat. All the residents of that slum are daily wage earners. The said goons along with Ramji Singh intimidated and bullied Mani’s neighbors with dire consequences. At earliest the neighbors rescued him and brought him to hospital.

All of them returned from the hospital after Mani received medical attention at the hospital. In the mean time Ramji Singh called Ms. Rashida Bibi to his go-down. Rashida is a neighbor of Mani and upright and upfront by her nature. She used to help her neighbors in their crisis. Ramji made a false gesture of welcoming approach and asked about the injuries of Mani and asked her to handover the medical documents to him, Rashida with all justification refused to oblige Ramji’s demand and told him that by this report they will file an FIR (criminal case) at police station. It infuriated Ramji and his associates, they lunged upon her. They attacked another woman; Ms. Fazila Bibi, who was following Rashida. While Rashida’s son; Seikh Rashid came to rescue his mother, he was brutally beaten by Ramji and his associates. The entire neighborhood of Rashida came to the place after hearing about their plight. The miscreants hold sway of the scene and created havoc upon the protesting persons, locales were attacked by the goons. During the attack the miscreants used iron rods, wooden logs, and hot iron rods, boiling water and hot milk from nearby tea shop. Mariam, a member of the neighborhood faced savage attack, while the miscreants tore apart her clothing on her waist, they even roared that ‘come, we will rape you’. Ramji also joined them and told his goons that ‘beat and kill them, I will spend as much required, I can spend 5 lac rupees (1000USD)’.

The wounded persons any how reached at the North Port Police Station. Mr. Kishor Kumar Sharma; the Officer in Charge of the police station was present at that time. The grievously wounded were sent to Medical College and Hospital along with a police personal named Ghosh Babu. Two of them were admitted to the hospital and rest were discharged after primary medical care. Ms. Rashida Bibi and her son Rashid Seikh were admitted. On 3rd April a CT scan and stitches on Rashida’s head has been done. The injured who were treated at Emergency Ward of Calcutta Medical College & Hospital for treatment were; 1) Ms. Maina Gazi; daughter of Nizam Gazi; aged about 22 years 2) Mr. Sadik Seikh; son of Kader Seikh; aged about 30 years 3) Mr. Raju Patel; son of Sovanath Patel, aged about 25 years 4) Mr. Rabiul Seikh; aged about 32 years 5) Mr. Kader Seikh; son of Late Rustam Seikh; aged about 65 years 6) Ms. Marjina Bibi; wife of Rajinder Singh; aged about 40 years 7) Ms. Fazila Bibi; wife of Shakil Seikh; aged about 37 years 8) Ms.Rekha Bibi; wife of Ruhul Seikh; aged about 30 years 9) Mr. Rashid Seikh; son of Raju Seikh; aged about 30 years and 10) Ms. Rashida Bibi; wife of Raju Seikh; aged about 45 years. Apart from this list there were others who were injured but not went to hospital are 1) Ms. Mariam Bibi; wife of Shyam Ray; aged about 25 years 2) Master Suman Sardar; son of Manik Sardar; aged about 3 years and 3) Ms. Ruksana Bibi; daughter of Bacchhu Seikh; aged about 14 years.

It took long to get medical attention at hospital and for that reason the complaint has been lodged on 3rd of April at 2.00 am. Mariam Bibi lodged the complaint and Mr. Sandip Ganguly; Sub Inspector of North Port Police Station wrote the complaint on behalf of the complainant. The case has been registered as case number 35 of North Port Police Station under sections 147 (Rioting)/148 (Rioting, armed with deadly weapon)/307 (Attempt to murder)/326 (voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means)/324 (Voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means) of Indian Penal Code. While the complainant requested for the copy of the complaint, the police personnel of the said police station refused to impart the copy of the FIR, though in section 154 of Criminal Procedure Code, it was mandatory. Later, while we contacted the Officer in Charge; Mr. Kishor Kumar Sharma of the said police station on the issue, he made a lame excuse by saying as the persons were agitated; he thought they might damage the document, so he refused to handover the copy of FIR.

Police arrested Ramji Singh and 20 others but in the course of arrest they also apprehended four locales; who were not present during the incident but mere onlookers at the time of arrest of Ramji and his associate. The persons are 1) Mr. Nannu Seikh 2) Mr. Anis Seikh, both sons of Momin Seikh aged around 22- 25 years and 3) Mr. Mofiz Seikh 4) Mr. Hafizul Seikh; both sons of Kader Seikh and aged around 23-25 years.

On 3rd April the accused were produced before the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s court and remanded to police custody and thereafter on 5th of April they were produced before the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate and sent to Judicial Custody and next date has been fixed for 19th April for further hearing.

In this context I am making following request before your good office:-

1.    As the main accused is attached with regular police force, there is strong apprehension that investigation would be wrongly influenced; hence the incident must be inquired by your Commission’s investigating wing.
2.    The main accused being a police personal, running one illegal business for long with patronage from higher ups of his department, to be inquired into
3.    Mr. Ramji Singh must be suspended from his service till the end of the trial
4.    The accused must be booked under appropriate penal provisions, specifically with challenging modesty of a woman and offences with sexual connotation and in accordance to the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention) of Atrocities Act.
5.    The victims and witnesses must be provided adequate safety and security.
6.    The victims must duly compensated for their material and financial loss.
7.    The Officer-in-Charge of North Port Police Station who refused to impart the copy of FIR to complainant at the time of registration, must be prosecuted.

Sincerely Yours

(Kirity Roy)
Secretary, MASUM
National Convenor, PACTI  

Kirity Roy
Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha
National Convenor (PACTI)
Programme Against Custodial Torture & Impunity
40A, Barabagan Lane (4th Floor)
Balaji Place
PIN- 712203
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