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Tuesday 3 April 2012

Caste Free India- A Cherished Dream – Run for Caste free India on 14th April 2012

Caste Free India- A Cherished Dream – Run for Caste free India on 14th April 2012

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We dream of a society without the existence of caste. Such an achievement would help equal rights and
opportunities to all the people of our Country. The ‘second freedom struggle’ for a , caste-free India is a historic
task entrusted to us by our ancestors and this is our legacy. A society that our constitutional charter desires can
only be achieved through a conscious demand for change by the public. The reform has to start with oneself
Every Indian experiences the pernicious impact of Caste and its Mechanism on one occasion or the other.
Though the vicious impact of Caste and the dangers ensuing it are quite obvious in the modern world, majority
Indians believe in this Institution without questioning its Scientific or Moral basis.
Indians are not in a position to declare themselves proudly that they are “Indians first and Indians last”.
Unfortunately before being an Indian everyone is compelled to be a member of immoral Institution called the
Caste. The Caste System has no place or relevance in the modern society. It is the responsibility of every Indian
to oppose and fight it.
A New Wave of Progressive Thoughts
The achievements of man are scientifically tremendous. But India pales off despite, its glorious past before the
Scientific Progress of many Nations. The single most important cause which killed the power of reason and
thereby Science in India is the Institution of Caste. Although the achievements of the Indian Diaspora across the
globe in the making of Modern World are laudably acclaimed by all. Thus the Institution of Caste surprises many
and depraves India from within.
Though the Indians use the latest of the Technical Gadgets, they cannot claim a single indigenous innovation to
their account. Where as the same Indians are contributing there worth in abroad. The Digital Age Indian is
unable to cross the barriers of Caste. We are nowhere within the top 200 World Class Educational Institutions.
But we shamefully top the Corrupt Nations.
Many reformers from hoary past like the Charvakas, Gauthama Buddha, and the modern Social thinkers like
Mahatma Jyothirao Phule, till Babasaheb Dr. BR Ambedkar fought against this mother of all evils and the false
notions of superiority and inferiority in the Social Status based on birth, and the Philosophy of inequality built
around the Caste system.
It was Dr. BR Ambedkar, the greatest and the most progressive thinkers of the modern world, who advocated
“Annihilation of Caste” as profounded in his great research paper published 75 years ago and wanted India to
free itself from the shackles of Caste –Bigotry, Caste-Foolishness and Caste-Slavery to be really FREE and
become enlightened. The enlightened India he wanted to built on Noble Ideals of LIBERTY, EQUALITY and
FRATERNITY. It is to commemorate his 121st Birth Day we are conducting the event “RUN FOR CASTE FREE
INDIA”, on Saturday the 14th of April 2012 at 6:30 AM at People’s Plaza, Necklace Road, Hyderabad.
A Wake up Call For the People of India
We must not miss this opportunity to work for a caste-free society and hence, fulfill the dreams of our great
thinkers and reformers. The truth is that, like all other problems that are uniquely Indian, the solution to the caste
system too has to come from within India.. So, gear up, for this is our time to make the future of our country, by
taking forward the best from our past and leaving behind the worst things of our past forever.
The Progressive Indian youth consider the ‘CASTE’ as
Then you can’t ignore “RUN FOR CASTE FREE INDIA”.
Run not for Physical Health but for Mental Health.
Organised by
4th Floor, Samrat Complex, Office Block, Saifabad, Hyderabad-500004. A.P.
Ph : 040-66772323 / 9393998814, E-mail :,

B.Karthik Navayan,

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