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Saturday 10 March 2012

Railways Budget 2012-13 - Innovative Railways Projects March10, 2012

Railways Budget 2012-13 - Innovative Railways Projects
March10, 2012
Honorable Sh. Dinesh Trivedi,
Minister of Railways
Rail Bhawan
New Delhi 110001
CAUSES & CURE for Indian Railways
Respected Sir,
Executive Summary: - I was shocked to learn Delhi Metro's Noida (Haryana) and Gurgaon (Haryana) lines, take 75% of Commuters are Inter State. NCT is planning to extend them further and extend other lines to neighboring cities. Many have existing Double Tracks with enough land along side to add more tracks but strangely Delhi Metro plans to serve Inter State traffic than conventional services like Mumbal Locals that are High Capacity and High Speed but low cost, can be executed fast without disruption of Road Traffic.
Even if some of Lakhs of crores for Metros Lines are partly funded by foreign aid but India could have secured this aid for More Suitable Railway System. This has starved Indian Railways of Funds for regular development.
The idea of BULLET TRAIN and Freight Corridor are Long Term programs.
I am WIPO awarded inventor and my inventions include Transportation and Railways Technologies and Projects; we have met few times in Delhi at important Industry Events. I was introduced to Railways technologies by friend who was IR training engineer in 1984. Before that on educational tour to Kolkatta in 1973 when WB contributed to 27% of India's industrial production, I spent 30 of 80 hours return journey in Steam, Diesel and Electric Locomotives, local trains in Kolkutta and Mumbai, Delhi, in 1977 Ring Railways was inaugurated, Traveled in Electric Tram buses and London Underground and Washington DC Metro, traveled Rajdhanis and Shatabdis and other passenger trains for 50 years, visited Railways w/s and Exhibitions etc.
Since Independence most Indian Railways Ministers have come from Bihar and West Bengal poorest states but are some how promoting Most Expensive Transport – costlier than even Airlines like Delhi Metro Railways Project though highly subsidized by cheap foreign aid and sale of real estate.
1. Ugly Delhi Metro (See attachment also): - DMRC16.12882 lakh passengers Out of 20.6 lakh or 75% of Ridership is on Interstate Noida and Gurgaon Lines.
1.1) Noida and Gurgaon routes contribute to over 75% of Ridership inDelhi – may be over 80% considering Inter State Commuters may be switching trains or breaking journey.
1.2) But most shocking discovery is that Running Kilometers of trains is around 70,000km for 21,00,000 Ridership. Assuming average distance between stations is 1.2 kilometers – just 72 (2x36) Riders board and de-board trains at each station on average and for that Delhi Metro has dug up huge holes in the most valuable real estate for most expensive Metro Service in real cost.
1.3)  Indian Railways to Economize of Metro Design similar to London Underground and for Inter State sections introduce surface Railways or Electric Tram Buses.
2. Railways Three Way R&D Program : -
Indian Railways had neglected Research & Development except for Quality Control that is not really R&D. Indian Railways to undertake Three Way R&D.
2.1) Introduce latest Railways & Transport technologies.
2.2) Create own Railways & Transport technologies for Global Market.
2.3)  and Transfer Railway Technologies for non railway applications.
3. Innovative Railway Projects : -
3.1) India may introduce Third High Speed Track on Double Trunk Routes – 10,000 km. This shall improve average Speed of Rajdhani and Shatabdi Expresses to over 100 kmph or over 25%.
This will ensure Rolling Stock productivity improvement by 25% to 50% on most sections. Goods Trains or Rajdhanis-Shatabdis and Super Fast trains would not back down other passenger trains.
Execution - Indian Railways can award works to Private Indian and Foreign companies. Since IR already has land and existing tracks it can operationalize third track on all Trunk Routes in 3 years or earlier.
4. Introduce 300-800 Km Inter City Trains: - Indian Railwayshas mainly preferred Long and Very long train services. This meant over loading at middle segments and under loadings at terminal ends. Ludhiana- Delhi – KanpurChandigarh – Delhi – Agra such trains offer high Commercial Potential.
5. Fare Incentives: - IR may introduce 20% Peak Hour Surcharge fortrains departing between 7AM and 9AM and 5PM and 8PM. These trains shall carry fare only paying passengers.
Ø      This shall substantially boost Revenue and improve passenger load on other trains.
6.  Introduce Railways Prepaid Travel Card: - This Card shall make it convenient for Passengers to book tickets effortlessly.
7. General Administration: -
a.] IR should broadcast 'Section Wise Seat Availability & Running Status' on hourly basis in pdf format that can be downloaded in seconds from IR and Private (Free) Servers.
b.] IR to introduce GPS and GSM enabled hand held billing device for TTs that shall record every booking with time and location and communicate it to the booking office. This shall account for every seat available.
c.] LCD display of seats available in every coach. Initially this shall be operated manually and later automatically.
8. Customer Communication: - Indian Railways information system is outdated. IR can introduce faster and better Communication services.
For example – Google (search) IR 04041 and instantly get Seats vacant and unreserved and location of Ajmer Shatabdi train.
9. New Lines and Service Improvement of Branch Lines: -
IR to SPEEDILY implement short Link Lines like Mohali – Rajpura link this shall directly connect most parts of Punjab to Chandigarh improve Rail Traffic in Punjab branch lines any times as well as improve earnings on main lines.
IR to promote most viable projects immediately.
10. Import 10,000 Double Decker Coaches: - There is surplus capacity in many countries who many offer credit lines. Every Double Decker coach is Commercially Profitable from day one. All Chair Cars have space for second level and capacity to add 60% more seats hence more revenue.
All Chair cars and Intercity Trains like Shane-Punjab to introduce Double Decker coaches.
Thank you,
Ravinder Singh*
Y-77, Hauz Khas, NewDelhi-110016, India.
Ph; 091-9910693464, 9873243897, 9213262767
*Ravinder Singh is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects.

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