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Friday 9 March 2012


Connecting girls, inspiring futures! What a beatific and powerful theme to explore in the course of raising a standard for peace, tolerance, gender equality and respect for women's rights at all levels of society. This year's theme supports the notion of integrating together fresh minds to constructively strategize on being role figures in the community and having greater impacts therewith.
Good training and modeling starts from young. This is the time to curve the next generation of brilliant, strong and virtuous young women figures with an unshakable sense of integrity in the society by networking them to work together to inspire their futures. Inspiration should range from encouraging and motivating them to be self-disciplined, visionary, responsible to self as the architects of their own futures and working together in harmony with others. In this new era, individualism has to be abolished. Young girls need a paradigm shift from individualism to interdependence on one another, humbly appreciating the input ideas of others. No man is an island; we all need each other in some ways.
There is a saying that 'history is written by the old but made by the young'. Young girls are capable, creative, energetic and prolific. Through consistent guidance and wisdom these qualities can be channeled to build strong nations. Young girls also have a unique contribution to make to national development due to their zeal, and an ability to inject fresh verve.
Today the world presents a better platform for young girls and women to network and raise their voice unlike decades ago where women were treated as objects of derision. Dating back to hundreds of years ago, women had to struggle for their oppression in areas such as political, economic, working class and even in their homes. A lot of gender disparity existed. It was only in 1909 that the first national woman's day was observed in the United States. Then in 1975, during International Women's Year, the United Nations began celebrating International Women's Day on 8 March. Nonetheless the saga for gender equality and women's freedom continues.
With the massive advancement of technology, we raise a voice for all to seize every opportunity presented to reach all young girls, women, and mother figures of communities to appreciate them on this day. The World Assembly of Youth (WAY) calls on all to empower young girls, inspire their futures even those in rural areas where technology seems to be lacking the most.  Leaders should invest in building up responsible young women who will make informed decisions freely, and take responsibility for their lives. In order to attain the Millennium Development Goal of promoting gender equality and women empowerment, all national stakeholders will have to work towards respecting and observing women rights, inclusion of women in decision making processes, and be neutral in order to represent the interests of everyone equally. Young girls should stand up to their roles, set achievable goals, be visionary and persevering.
In WAY's third Millennium Plan of Action, the organization has assumed a critical role as a way of achieving the development goal by 2014. The organization has pledged to globally reduce gender disparity in the work place by 10%, achieve gender equality in education, work force and community and empower women to participate actively at all levels within the community. In all of our events, WAY gives equal treatment and equal access to resources to both men and women and ascertains that no one's right is trampled upon. This shall continue to be our heart as we are driven to observe the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
In celebrating women and their achievements, it would be good for everyone to bear in mind that a sustainable society is one that includes gender equality. On that note, though the chief focus is to connect girls let us not forget to connect the boys equally. Connect everyone with parity in order to have one mighty sustained global community.
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