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Saturday 10 March 2012

India a superpower? Unlikely, says London School of Economics study

India a superpower? Unlikely, saysLondon School of Economics study

LONDON: Despite "impressive" achievements in various sectors in recent years, India is unlikely to be a superpower and in fact, should not aspire to become one, a study by the London School of Economics (LSE) has concluded. 

The study, titled '
India: The Next Superpower?', recalls and dismisses US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's statement made during her visit to India in 2009 that "I consider India not just a regional power, but a global power". 

The LSE study comprising essays by nine experts in the areas of
India's economy, defence, government, culture, environment and society advises "caution in assessing India's claim to superpower status".

Ramachandra Guha, currently the Philippe Roman Chair in History and International Affairs at the LSE, argues that it is doubtful whether
India should seek to become a superpower.

He cites seven reasons why 
India will not become a superpower. 

These are: "The challenge of the Naxalites; the insidious presence of the Hindutvawadis; the degradation of the once liberal and upright Centre; the increasing gap between the rich and the poor; the trivialisation of the media; the unsustainability, in an environmental sense, of present patterns of resource consumption; the instability and policy incoherence caused by multi-party coalition governments", he writes.

India's several achievements that prompted predictions and ambitions in some quarters about India being the next superpower, the study goes on to discuss several challenges that are likely to preventIndia from realising such ambitions. 

It says: "Still, for all 
India's success, its undoubted importance and despite its undisputed potential, there is cause for caution in assessingIndia's claim to superpower status.

India still faces major developmental challenges. The still-entrenched divisions of caste structure are being compounded by the emergence of new inequalities of wealth stemming from India's economic success". 

The study adds: "
India's democracy may have thrived in a manner that few ever expected, but its institutions face profound challenges from embedded nepotism and corruption.

India's economic success continues to come with an environmental cost that is unsustainable". 

Moreover, the study says that 
India has pressing security preoccupations, but sees the country continuing to play a constructive international role in, among other things, the financial diplomacy of the G20.

"(It) certainly has a soft-power story to tell as a model of liberal political and economic development.

"Perhaps even more significantly, the cultural impact of Indian cuisine, literature, films, music and sporting events will increasingly be felt globally through and beyond India's vast diaspora", the study says.

It adds: "Yet the hopes of those in the West who would build up
India as a democratic counterweight to Chinese superpower are unlikely to be realised anytime soon".

Besides Guha, other contributors to the study are Rajeev Sibal, Iskander Rehman, Nicolas Blarel, Oliver Stuenkel, Harish Wankhede, Mukulika Banerjee, Andrew Sanchez and Sandeep Sengupta.
Forwarded by
Dave Makkar
Unionized Gangsters posing as Political Leaders, Bureaucrats, Judiciary, Religious, Media and Business Leaders are ruling India. They are ignoring the basic facts today India has world's largest population of more than 850 million poor that includes 350 mil filthy poor who are living a life worse than animals. 667 million defecate in the open which is more than 50% of 1.2 billion Indian population. These gangsters rather than coming up plans to tackle hunger, poverty and unemployment in India are stealing trillions from the less fortunate in the society. None of them are loyal to Indiaor Indians they all are traitors who should be hanged to death.
Manmohan Singh who is the center of controversies in the present trillion dollars scams has a checkered history since 1973 of presiding over practically every major scam in India due to his philosophy of loyalty to Gandhi family and keep your eyes close when you see some one stealing public money. His believes in his own religious philosophy "terey Karam Terey naal, merey karam mere naal" meaning why I should interfere in God's working when I will be judged by my deeds and the other person will be judged for their deeds in the court of God; stops him from taking any actions against those committing financial crimes under him. On top of that his own ambitions to rise in the life makes him to ignore blunders by people around him.
There is not even a shred of decency, honesty, morality or Constitutional rights in the courts and corridors of powers of India for majority of Indians. Indians now live in a police state under Unionized Gangsters who are unfortunately controlled by Foreign Powers. Politicians, Bureaucrats, Judges, Religious, Media and Business Leaders are free to do absolutely anything they want as long as they are loyal to Foreign Powers. Indian laws are meaningless. In India power is in the hands of rascals, rogues, freebooter's, persons of low caliber & men of straw and Manmohan Singh is the ring leader appointed by Sonia Gandhi. Surprisingly all of them have sweet tongues & silly hearts.
Recently the Gangsters controlled Government of India under Zionist Economic Policy adopted from Israeli colony America; declared that any one making Rs. 27.00 in a village and Rs. 32 in a city is above poverty line to reduce the number of poor from 850 million to 445 million in India!
India does not care what the Zionist Economic Policy has done to entire Europe and one time super Power America. They are morally, ethically, financially and militarily bankrupt countries to day. Still Indian Politicians especially Zionist slave Congress, BJP & Samajwadi Party is whole heartedly employing Zionist Economic Policy to make 1% already rich more rich and 99% more poor. This is same what Zionist slaves Democrats & Republicans have done to America. Today America has 50 million poor which is 17% of their population, 20 million unemployed and 50 million on food stamps, 30 mil under employed, 16 million children experiencing hunger and 1.6 million homeless youth Today the American worker is earning 14.4% less than what they were earning in 1945 and during the same period American CEO's salary has gone up by 1400%. The 1% Elite Club Members of US population today owns 34% of the nation's assets, right behind them 9% super rich owns 37.5% and 40% middle class owns 26% and bottom 50% owns princely 2.5% of the Nations assets. Today the Nations net worth is negative 90 trillion against $61 trillion total net worth of all Americans, $16 trillion external debt and $135 trillion in unfunded liabilities.
Dave Makkar
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