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Friday 6 January 2012

Libyan Resistance News December 2011

Libyan Resistance News December 2011

30th December 2011
1 - Continuation of demonstrations in Benghazi (the field of trees)
2 - Prime Minister "Keeb" states that the Council of Ministers operates under extreme and very difficult conditions
3 - financial situation is very difficult and harsh for the Libyan citizen these days and congestions and queues in the banks are becoming symptomatic and obvious .
4 - almost everybody commenting on the FB pages say that protesters in the "field of the trees" launched a campaign against Mr. Chancellor, "Mustafa Abdul Jalil," there are persons in the crowds who are shouting abusive remarks about him, and chanting pro-Gaddafi slogans.
5 - Protesters outside the headquarters of the Transitional Council andGamal Abdel Nasser Street emphasize the need for the resignation of the Interim Council.
6 - Libyans are very worried about the release of unfrozen funds, because they dont see the government as a consistent one, and they do not trust them at all.
- Sit-in protests in front of a hospital were dispersed. . People were threatend with weapons and rape at the hospital (the protestors are saying)
8 - There are many complaints against bankers, people are saying that the currency dealers are destroying them. That's why more and more people are trying to get their money out of the banks and save it at their homes.
9 - In Tripoli,many armed persons belonging to resistance could be seen, as well as escapees from the political Quatanamo-like prisons, many of the green resistance fighters were undercover, dressed in Feb 17 'uniforms'
10 --- There is overflowing number of shopping- stalls ( selling tobacco) which are now selling alcohol, drugs and ecstasy in the country.
11- In Algeria Square (Tripoli St) , NTC security forces tried to provoke protesters who had a peaceful sit-in protest.
12- Private sources confirmed that on Friday, a group of leaders of the tribes of Cyrenaica will head to the Iranian capital Tehran for a conference. There has not yet been possible to know its agenda and its aims. [unconfirmed]
13 - Tarhounah was successful in resisting the assault from Misurata criminals last night. There are unconfirmed informations that there are 25.000 volunteers fighters in Tarhouna, and they are all Pro-Gaddafi
‎14- Black market in Libya became a main market. Guns, cigarettes, drugs are sold even in front of schools .. Egypt Border guards managed to seize a fishing boat bearing a large shipment of cigarettes , smuggled fromLibya by sea yesterday.

29th December 2011
(1) NATO has been bombing green controlled areas of Tripoli chemical, biological, and depleted uranium bombs.

(2) Leaders of Libyan tribes met Saif Al Islam, the tribes of Zintan and Bani Walid had a meeting on the sidelines, Saif Al Islam is fine and well kept. Libyan Resistance have received very good assurances from Zintan concerning the safety and welfare of Saif.
(3) Libyan Green Resistance has captured new videos of the rebels attrocities in Libya, and the brutality, torture and criminal acts of the rebels continue to shock ordinary eyes.

(4) Violent clashes are taking place at the Sorman seaside between the tribes of Ghakbh and etay.

(5) Fighting continued all night around Tripoli in the areas of Andalusia and Gurgen.

(6) Column of NTC gangs battalions have been heading towards Tarhouna and Bani Walid in an attempt to suppress the resistance of Libyan people against imperialism, imposition of Western agression, and resource exploitation.

(7) NTC NATO prime minister, minister of economy and the local NTC in Derna all resigned after many attacks by green resistance and the automatic elimination of many of it's members.

(8) Libya has become hotbed of mercenary training camps, mercenary export, 22 members of terrorist governor of Tripoli's brigade members have been captured by Syrian Arab Army.

(9) Youth of Andalusia attacked rebel check points leaving scores of rebel bodies on the streets.

(10) Dr Mousa Ibrahim has informed the resistance about his steadfastness and commitment to September 1st Alfateh Revolution.

(11) Libyan Liberation youth of Zliten attacked the local NTC propaganda and brainwashing and white washing radio station during interview with bandit commander, the youth captured all the propaganda spreading staff, they replaced the stations airwaves with resistance and patriotic music.

(12) Green Resistance will Launch it's behemoth of truth resistance satelite that will span the globe 24/7 on January 15 2012.

Be happy, open minded, when truth is suppressed, resistance, war and death becomes an option. Always and Forever Green.

Visit our sister station at

29th December 2011

Heavy Clashes outside of Gharyan continued today. Green resistance held its positions and Kept Belhdaj fighters at a distance.
* Green resistance of Tarhuna Fought against North misrata brigade in some areas of city and outskirts.
* Green resistance of Sirte clashed with Newly arrived Militia's from North misrata.
NATO struck the City of Sabha parts of Airport of Sabha were hit.
Protests across Libya continued especially in Benghazi. Opposition and Lack of Services water/electricity or food.
*  Conditions get Worse in Libya... shortages money and food ... Water is poisoned due to NATO strikes on Great ManMade River.
Report - Saif: Tribal leaders met with Saif and Tribe of Baniwalid Met with the tribe of Zintan. Saif al islam is in Good care and at home. Developments are very Good at Zintan but NATO is trying to take Saif to ICC to kill him Politically and physically.

Report Libya (Saif): According to Sources Tribe of Qaddafa has met with Zintan Tribe countless times and Were warmly accepted at Zintan. Baniwalid Tribe has said that Although Saif has Blood of Qaddafa Tribe, his Skin would be Baniwalid, he is our tribe as well. Baniwalid Largest Tribe of Libya called Saif al islam a Son of their People..Baniwalid has deep links to Zintan trough history. Two of biggest tribes of Zintan are actually Related to Baniwalid Tribe. Their Great grand fathers came from Baniwalid. Zintan Tribe depends on all its economy from Wershafana tribe another Sub-tribe or Cousin tribe and Member of Baniwalid Tribe.

Zintan Tribe is currently fighting Belhadj brigades and also against North Misrata brigades and also fought NTC hefter brigade.
Wershafana Tribe Live in Tripoli and also Zawiyah and Many areas around Zawiyah... all tribes of Zawiyah are pro-Gaddafi.
* 2 days ago The City of Zawiyah Placed Green flags across the City. The Militia's Did not Remove them as many hate NTC now.
The city of Tarhuna is fully Green and Tribe of Tarhuna is protecting its entire city from any attacks.
 *Tarhuna Tribe Pro-Gaddafi Tribe has Defeated Convoy heading towards its city. it has also Pushed North Misrata brigade out.
Green resistance in Sirte Still fighting in many Areas. but only less then 30% of the city remains after NATO holocaust.
Areas Near Ubari in South Libya have just been Struck by Multiple NATO airstrikes, also Roads along Niger border were hit.
* Large Explosion in Baidah in the East of Libya. Militia's are fighting each other over neighborhood control.

Story of spectacular mass escape from Benghazi prison

Story of spectacular mass escape of green detainees from Benghazi, Hawari prison, yesterday, during an armed siege by green fighters.
An official source from the city of Benghazi, eastern Libya, said that ALL the prisoners escaped from the Hawari prison. The same source noted that "an unidentified armed group broke into the prison with weapons and military vehicles fitted with medium weapons machine gun type 14.5 ".
The source of "the Arabs today," who asked for anonymity, said that "the prisoners, were all pro-Gaddafi, and they were detained during the fights.â€
He said that "security guards could not guard them, due to the huge number of people who attacked them, and quickness of the operation". The source speculated that "the speed and proffesionality of such operation means that the operation was well studied and prepared. ",and pointed out that "no one of the two sides was killed or even injured. "
He said that they had not "yet been able to arrest any person, nor prisoners nor intruders."
  feb17 h
In Benghazi, there is now a state of emergency after an outbreak of the story.
He Mentioned that he heard the sound of heavy shooting in the air during the raid and some of the "Algelatina" grenades, ambulances and firefighters were also rushed to the place of imprisonment.
It is noteworthy that in the same time, center of Benghazi was filled with demonstrators demanding correction of the path of the revolution, despite the cold weather and rain.
NATO puppets are now trying to cover up the scandal, or downsize it.
Today they invented and fabricated hundreds of different storiesincluding the ones that there was no prisoners in that jail at all (LOL ), another of their story says that there were only ten detainees imprisoned in an area equivalent to square hectare!!!

26th December 2011
Demonstrations are gathering pace all over Libyan cities, people are demanding the exit of all NATO rebels out of their cities.
Protests against the Libyans CNT now extend to many cities in Libya, where he lacks everything. No blankets, no water, no electricity, no food. There are riots here and there that the media "mainstream" does not want to cover. And for good reason. In cities of the Jebel Nafusa as Nalut, Zintan, Jadu, Kabau, Yefren, Kalaa, Rojban, Kikla or Riayna, there are continuous demonstrations. Yesterday, it was Misrata, Benghazi,Tripoli, Derna and Tobruk.

Libyan Green Resistance took the border crossing post in Nalut nearTunisia -Libyan border yesterday, green flags, and green paint adorn the place.

Green Resistance cells in Tarhouna took over the city from NATO gangs and rebels, Abdul Jalil the master CRIMINAL threatened to level the city with fighter planes, bombers and totally erase it, the people remained firm and in control. The truth remains Libyan people despise and hate TNC.

Green Libyan resistance made extra ordinary achievementsyesterday in Sabha, Tarhouna, Zilten and the war of liberation still continues to take place.

NATO Crusader still has a fighting department in the country, and is flying their planes, with a secrecy wh.ich is unprecedented in the Arab media, and the world is blind for these events.

-Observers believe that Qaddafi's troops represented in the Green resistance have gained popular momentum. More and more people are turning their backs to NTC. Many people who thought that they will gain something or be represented in NTC,or get payed for fighting, are now discovering what a scam it is, they are getting more and more shocked by the bitter truth every day.

Events that occur daily tell us that green victory is near, NTC has lost even the moral support of the minority of the citizents, which they had. But many people still fly Idris flags for the fear of NTC/NATO militas which are terrorizing and sending ordinary people to illegal jails, where they get tortured even for one small word. Now, under NTC people have no water to drink, there are massive electricity shortages, and even communication shortages (some say they are deliberate).

NTC has lost war in moral. They looted the (rich) country and threw it at the bottom in the world. Now those revolutionary naive youth are talking more and more about the mistake they made and about correcting the path - better late than never.

22nd December 2011
1) Green Resistance has expelled NTC fighters from Bani Walid, fought against Souq Jomaa rat brigades and the war has been taken to Souq Jomaa for the first time. Green army is quietly and consistently closing on Souq Jomaa rebels and other NTC terror cells, Misrata and Eastern gangs within them. Hail of irestorm has been raging on the rebels base in Bani Walid since Tueday, they left their bases and abandoned loads of weapons. Werfalla Bani Walid took the fight to Souq Joma Tripoli.
(2) Protests by Libyan people against NTC are spreading now to many Libyan cities, there are protests now in Misrata, Benghazi, Tripoli, Derna, Tobruk, NTC is highly corrupt. Libyan people have no access to electricity, no clean water, the source of main drinking water poisoned by NATO & NTC, green army is in a process of transporting and buying more emergency water for the people affected. It's winter time in Tripoli, situation not good.

(3) Green Intelligence ground team has transmitted information about the large movement and presence of NATO soldiers in Bab Aziziyah and the portof Tripoli. Re-enforcement army has been sent to Tripoli in order to support Zentan brigades, Mshashia and Bani Walid green brigades. Libyan people are protesting about food shortages, rape, looting, robbery, no electricity, water and no money.

(4) NATO & NTC oil transport tankers have been set on fire and destroyed by green resistance army of Ajdabiyah, fighting went on for 2 hours, all rebels and NTC brigades guarding the convoy were killed.

(5) Mousa Ibrahim was granted permission to speak with news outlet for few minutes, he spoke about the resistance determination to oust NTC, and to inform the media about the silent increasing strength of the resistance, and also explain Libyan people understanding of treason, satanic nature of NTC, it's gangs and mercenaries.

(6) Zentan has refused to hand over Saif Al Islam Gadhaffi to NTC, NATO & Qatar for additional charges, claim from Zentan judges and lawyers was insufficient evidence, lack of governement and accountability in Tripoli. Saif will remain guarded in Zentan, allowed to perform his national duties as Libyan citizen, he remains a guest of Zentan people and a holly warrior. Saif will continue to take part in un-announced battles against rebels as a patriotic duty to the nation.

(7) Qatar army and military units have vowed military agression against Saif Al Islam and his followers, Qatar said it will hand over Saif to ICC, details in frontline complecate matters to hand over Saif Al Islam to Qatar, 7215 Qatar soldiers and mercenaries have been killed and hanged on electric poles by the green army around Libya, emir of Qatar, all the armed forces of Qatar and Sheikh Qaradawi are enermies of the green army, inshallah silently and in top secrecy many of the Qatar armed forces and mercenaries that took part in the Libyan battle will all be exterminated. There is no compromise, and there will be no compromise with Qatar. The state of Qatar has taken the path of destruction towards Libyan people and citizens, those agents of Qatar involved in unprovoked destruction of Libya must die, and no Libby will be extradited to Qatar for killing members of the Qatar armed forces, the people of Qatar involved in hostilities against Libya must be dealt with very swiftly, immediate capital punishment applies to all members of NATO armed forces, Qatar and Israel. Death penalties must be carried by Libyan citizens, green army or the red army without notification to tribal authority. Their case is clear, precise and without warning, must be done with accuracy and no reservations, they took part in killing Libyan citizens and capital punishment is automatic.

DEC 22 2011

17th December 2011
(1) Returning Libyan people from the South of Libya to Sirte found their homes demolished, have no food, no schools, no hospitals, no money and no basic services in the city, people complained of no government assistance having reached Sirte, the peopledemonstrated for lack of help, prompting an old disturbed and stressed resident of Sirte to burst into tears due to the deception and destruction brought on the city, green army engineers battalion has commissioned to send in assestment and field team to start immediate repairs in Sirte for housing and resident units that can be salvaged, variety of methods and plans of assistance have been worked by the green army to provide adequate relief to affected people of Sirte.
(2) Another son of Haftar has been shot four times on the leg while attempting to rob Aman bank in Tripoli, he was attempting to steal $5 billion transfered to the bank by green army via Zintan brigades, Saddam Haftar tried to force his way into the bank guarded by members of the Zintan Brigades and his comrades were heavily armed, demanded $2 billion on military orders at gun point, Belgacem's brother Saddam was also wounded in his attempts to rob banks stocked by green army to support the displaced people of Sirte, Bani Walid, Sabha and other suburbs of Tripoli.The $3 billion came from African Prestige for the displaced people, vacuum of law and order has made Haftar sons belligerent as if they ownLibya.

(3) Rebels are demonstrating again against NTC for the unpaid $100 000 each promised to them if they depose Gadhaffi and the Jamahiriyah system of government, they are shouting about bring our money, bring us our money, bring our money, perhaps treacherous tendencies don't always pay that well, they betrayed their own country for personal ambitions, and they have not been paid for their destructive efforts and the hundreds of thousands of people they have killed.

(4) More than 7000 people in Benghazi have been diagnosed with tuberculosis, effects of germ warfare.

(5) Sheikh Mohamed Abdel Azim was beaten, tortured and head injured by NTC animals at Haram Street, he was in a meeting for a group of Islamic scholars, the meeting turned out to be filled with hateful radical Islamists. It's the equivalent of the sham Libya dialogue group, where political opponents are often hanged and strangled in these meetings.

(6) Aljazeera Television office in Tripoli has been thrown in a hand grenade.

(7) Green Resistance from the South has supplied units of Zintan brigades that are friendly with ammunintion after Zintan made clear they were having shortages of ammunition, militias are attacking each other in attempts to regain more ammunition and territory. Green army also continues to supply Tarhouna green resistance to fight North Misratabrigades.

(8) Huge protests were contacted in Zawiyah for the liberation of Saif Al Islam, there are no specific demands by Zentan from Saif Al Islam, not to mistake issues of security, Saif has been treated very well by the Zentan brigades, he had surgery on his hand, he is recovering, Saif is not on handcuffs, he is allowed to go in and out with guards wherever, whenever he wants to within Zentan, he cannot leave and get out of the Zentan territory, there are no symbols of abuse and torture with Saif, he seems remarkable well and improved, Qatar TV Aljazeera has been insulting Zintan brigades, naming them Gadhaffi goons, this is major shift from Qatar against Zintan.

(9) Meeting of militia groups in Tripoli was cancelled, many green resistance related militias refused to take part in the meeting.

(10) Black pro green tribes from Chad sent in tribal forces to the Libya border, they arrested many fighters and gangs paid by France, Israel and CIA that cause trouble in the border, convoys from the South passed safely to Sabha and Bani Walid. NATO contacted many strikes and air raids in the South, tribes in Chad brought in security for the people of Libya in the border.

(11) Abdel Jalil's message of resignation are still being recieved with pessimistic feelings by the green army, all evidence leads to suggest, he is been asked by the Americans to stay.

16th December 2011
(1) The city of Bani Walid was returned to the Werfalla people after a three day intense battle between Werfalla and the rebels, green army supported Bani Walid with artillery, airforce and reconnainsance to take back their city, signs of jubilation, gun shots in the air and normalcy were starting to return back due to the city, due to Islamic laws against shopwing horrific scenes and dead bodies of the enermy, bodies of 403 enermy soldiers will not be paraded, broadcast or shown on digital electronic camera's for global view, but videos will remain open for private viewership after completeion of hostilities. 
Though rebels fall and are being killed in large numbers in combat, we do not follow satanic rituals of displaying enermy bodies days and days in the open for the whole world to see, for us every human life lost is precious, we would prefer this not happening in Libya. Family members of the killed rebels will be notified by the tribes of Bani Walid about their burial places and identity of the killed rebels. Unlike what American forces did with Saddam Hussein, and the utterly disregard of the deceased by rebels with Libyan citizens in Sirte, Tawhorgha and Bani Walid.
(2) The son of Khalifa Heftar who was appointed by his father as Chief of NTC NATO rebels ground forces has been shot on the foot by Zentan brigades, he was rushed to hospital.

(3) Green Army Libya is prosecuting a war against US Army and military government officials for direct involvement in many of the deaths in Sirte, brutal murders in Sirte with horrific deaths, usage ofchemical, biological warfare, the unleashing of untold tones of depleted uranium on the city of Sirte which renders many parts of the city forver uninhabitable, quantities of depleted uranium found in Sirte by returning people, scientists, and forces of the green army found large quantinties of uranium bombs, piles of bombs that exceed the normal practices allowed for civilian usage, the display of martyrs body in Sirte for days, US has a macabre culture of death originating to the temple of Zion, which was used by Pharises as a tool, a weapon of choice to humiliate, taunt and denigrate the enermy, we have seen these happening in all Israeli operated diamond mines, where guerrilas are mercilessly slaughtered after raising the white flag of peace and surrender, many of the American in CIA and Pentagon often bath in human deaths. Though legal laws existing in moderb books state clearly nations must refrain from aiding internal conflicts, knowing these were not peaceful rebels, rebels had been uncrating brand new FN NATO grade Belgian manufactured rifles. Justice was not served in this case, green forces will pursue fierce justice to the very end with the force of arms.

(4) Guest workers invited by Moammar Gadhaffi to work in Libya from nearest poor African countries, Niger, Burkina Faso, Guinea, TChad, Sudan and Mali were brutal murdered by the rebels, their wives and daughters raped by NATO sponsored rebels, US has often engage in blood sports. Libyan governement forces did not have mercenary amongst national Jamahiriyah army, the legacy of these NATO sponsored rebels is horribly bloody all over Libya, US forments these rebels in foreign nations, external extremist Islamic forces that you can find and gather around the earth.

(5) 32 Khamis brigade attacked rebels outpost at area 50 in Sabha,scores of rebels have been presumed dead and hundreds heavily injured, rebels were scattered all over the place at the outskirts of Sabha.

(6) Demonstrations are continuing in the rebel hotbed of Benghazi in Al-Sharara Benghazi, demonstrations are being staged by thousands of young Libyans gathered in the Al-Sharara neighborhood.

(7) Libya was an ally of the United States, Italy and many European nations when they attacked, green army feels as US has never been interested in allies, they are always on the look out for vassals rather than allies, UNited States has enough peaceful civilians blood on it's hands around the world, US and it's allies cannot live without disgusting, bloodied scenes found all over it's path around the world. Is that the type of democracy Libyans want?.

(8) NTC rebels and militias are using heavy weapons and firing into a crowd of protesters in Benghazi, and also many demonstrators are supporters of Gadhaffi.

(9) Green army engaged in fierce battles around Tripoli, dressed as rebels as mode of operation to confuse the rebels and spread them with bullets. Green Resistance also attacked convoys of trucks smuggling stolen Libyan oil, leaving many Pickups and trucks destroyed.

We will keep you updated with Green Libyan Resistance when news becomes available, always green and always real with events in Libya

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