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Tuesday 3 January 2012

Israel brutally beats Jewish protesters

a video interview

Interview with Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, US Haredi Rabbi

With banners saying, “Zionists are not Jews. They are racists,” hundreds of angry protesters have demonstrated against the Israeli regime in al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Press TV interviewed Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, a US Haredi rabbi in New York about the Jewish protests in Israel. What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: First of all, tell us the significance of this protest that has been held within Tel Aviv?

Weiss: With the help of the almighty... The demonstration's happening since the inception of Zionism, the Jewish community that was (before) living there was a God-fearing community - Jewish not Zionist.

In other words, they were doing their duty to serve God, subservient to God. Zionism is a transformation to nationalism and these Jews stood for hundreds of years in peace together with the Arab and Muslim communities without any problem and they opposed, when Zionism came in around 100 years ago, this irreligious rebellion against God that is nationalism and not subservience to God.

They oppose this tooth and nail and they were sadly murdered and beaten brutally, arrested and oppressed for well over 60 years since the establishment of the state of Israel, but quite well before that for over 100 years now.

The Zionists continually tried to wipe out the masses - the tremendously large Jewish community that does not recognize their existence and that states that this land should be returned to the rightful ownership of the Palestinian people and that God forbids us to have a Zionist state and we are forbidden to have a Jewish state.

This is the view shared universally from Jews around the world who are truth of the Torah. We have demonstrations continually opposing the state and you can see the Zionists in the occupied land of Palestine are brutally beating us when we protest.

In Jerusalem last night, there was a very large demonstration. It happened because of the constant demonstrations against the state of Israel and their constant ploys to abolish the religious people and the communities. They try to put in irreligious communities in among the religious communities; they put in schools of irreligious youth to bring in immorality and they beat the Jews who are peacefully demonstrating... in any part of occupied Palestine.

Now, this happened in Jerusalem where there was a tremendously large demonstration and the Jews were wearing yellow stars to show that Zionism is worse to the Jewish people than Nazism. Nazism killed six million Jews, it wiped out our bodies. Zionism is trying to uproot both the bodies of the religious Jews and their souls. They are murdering, oppressing, and trying to uproot and really just take God out of the equation by insidious manners. So, the Jewish people have stood there and demonstrated for years.

There was a Jewish fellow who demonstrated peacefully and he demonstrated against this immorality that they're bringing in to the Jewish neighborhood and the Zionist leadership decided that they were going to finally squelch all of this opposition by brutally beating and arresting these Jews. So they arrested him last night and sentenced him to two years without any evidence at all that he did anything wrong except peacefully standing up and voicing the voice of Judaism, of God; and the opposition to this immorality and the kidnapping of Judaism.

Press TV: The Russell Tribunal on Palestine has declared Israel as an apartheid - Based on what you have outlined, would you agree with that assessment?

Weiss: Not only is it apartheid, but what they're doing is... the Palestinian people, who are our good neighbors and the Muslim people, were protecting the Jews and we want to show our gratitude for hundreds of years of safe haven and home provided for the Jews and we don't have any religious conflict.

But in the Jewish places that they don't allow the Palestinian people to come, they take the religious Jews and they keep it out of the media... intimidation... and Jews are afraid to stand up because they make the laws against them, they beat them and arrest them without any charges. Sadly, it's an ongoing phenomenon that they are brutally beating these Jews.

We have these demonstrations going on throughout the world, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of Jews; it never gets shown on the media because of the fear of reprisal of the brutal beating from the Zionists. Now somehow or other it's leaked out. They have guns, they beat, they shoot, there's nobody to stand up and show this because of their intimidation and to accuse people of being anti-Semitic - and around the world this is not shown.

Press TV shows this. We want the world to know we are being oppressed. Yesterday it leaked out somehow that we have these Jews standing there and being brutally beaten... When President Netanyahu came to President Obama in Washington, we had tens of thousands of Jews on the street protesting - nobody showed this.

We constantly have had demonstrations in Jerusalem - nobody shows this.... Not only do they get brutally beaten they are arrested without any charges. They are trying to wipe out our Judaism. Therefore, the Jewish youth are standing there... thousands of people with Stars of David to show that this is worse than Nazism. Not only are they killing the Jews and with what they are doing to the Palestinian people, but they are trying to uproot our souls.

Our Jewish belief is that our sole purpose is to serve God and if make somebody a sin, it is worse than if you had killed them - that's the Jewish belief. Our ancestors for hundreds and thousands of years gave their lives from the time of Abraham who threw himself into the oven not to serve idol worshipping until today, Jews have been giving their lives to uphold the Torah and not to forsake God and his teaching.

Zionism is willfully conniving and actually uprooting the soul from the Jewish people so that the generations that are following do not serve God, constantly sitting and desecrating the Sabbath; doing every criminal act against God. Therefore, they are worse than the Nazis because it's not only six million, it's now tens and tens of millions of Jews who are falling prey to Zionism.

Our Jewish community is standing up around the world and saying we will not fold; we will not give up to you; we will stand in our position and say that the existence of the state of Israel is contrary to God and the Torah; it is forbidden totally; we pray for the speedy peaceful and total dismantlement of the Zionist state of Israel today - as soon as possible - we pray to god it should be without anymore suffering; not to the Palestinian people and not to our people.

This will usher in a new time of peace and harmonic coexistence to serve God as we have been doing for hundreds of years; a time that we can show our gratitude to the Iranian people and to people of all Muslim and Arab countries for being our hosts and giving us this gracious hospitality. In times through the inquisition to the Second World War and in the Crusades when Jews had to run away to find a safe haven, they were the homes for us. We want the world to see this.

This has nothing to do with religion or a religious conflict, this is the Zionist anti-God, anti-religion that they're oppressing anybody who wants to serve God according to our teaching; we oppose it entirely and they cannot squelch this voice.

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