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Sunday 1 January 2012

Israel Killed 180 Palestinians, Including 21 Children, in 2011

Israel Killed 180 Palestinians, Including 21 Children, in 2011
By Middle East Monitor

30 December, 2011
The State of Israel killed 180 Palestinians in 2011, including 21 children. These shocking figures were given in a report issued by the Palestinian Liberation Organisation entitled, "A People under Occupation". The year also saw 3,300 Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem detained by the Israeli occupation authorities.
The PLO report noted that in 2011 alone the government of the Zionist state approved the construction of another 26,837 settlement units across the Occupied Palestinian Territories, including 1,664 housing units in and around Occupied Jerusalem; almost 4,000 acres of land belonging to Palestinians have been confiscated by Israel; 495 houses have been demolished; and 18,764 olive and fruit trees have been uprooted.
With regards to Jerusalem, the report records that the establishment of the Shu'fat military checkpoint by the Israelis, which separates Jerusalem from the Shu'fat refugee camp, has resulted in the isolation of more than 60,000 Palestinians living in the camp and the areas around it. This is part of what the compilers of the report confirm is Israel's Judaisation policy, as was the closure of the Magharba Gate Bridge which leads to Al Aqsa Mosque.
Illegal Jewish settlers, claims the PLO report, have committed a series of "terrorist" attacks on mosques throughout 2011, which escalated in December with arson attacks on the Okasha Mosque in West Jerusalem, the Nour Mosque in the village of Burqa in Ramallah, and the Ali Ibn Abi Talib Mosque in the village of Bruqin village in Salfit. Settlers also, the report notes, wrote racist slogans on the Sahaba Mosque in Bani Naim in Hebron and violated the sanctity of the St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church near the River Jordan.
Also in December, Jewish settlers set fire to at least 12 Palestinian vehicles across the occupied West Bank and confiscated around 500 acres of Palestinian land to expand their illegal settlements near Jenin and Bethlehem.

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