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Saturday 7 January 2012

Development Dominoes
How a handful moved for (or against) their pet projects

Economy Predictions
Inflation forecasts for 2012
“Inflation will be around 7-7.3% by March 31. Beyond that we tentatively expect inflation to ease to 6-6.5% by December-end.” —Abheek Barua, HDFC Bank
“Definitely inflation will head down for the first time in two years to below 7% by March-end. During 2012-13, inflation should average 7%.” —D.K. Joshi, CRISIL

“Generalised inflation could dip below 7% but March seems too early for it to happen due to factors like impact of crude oil and high interest rates.” —Sanjay Kaul, NCMS
“Inflation for the year-end is expected to be 7.2%, while the average for 2012-13 could be 6.7%, although the Rupee might pose some further risk.” —N.R. Bhanumurthy, D-School

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