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Saturday 7 January 2012

Is the Middle East brazing up for another tussle?

Is the Middle East brazing up for another tussle?

Posted by: "R.K kutty"

Is the Middle East brazing up for another tussle?
Iran is posing bellicose mood by warning the US Warship from entering the Gulf. Strait of Hormuz is the gateway to the Gulf and through that Strait flow the oil wealth out of the entire Gulf countries. Iran says it can stop anyone from entering through the Strait, if their interests are adversely affected.
Only recently, the US President Barak Obama and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu had chalked out strategies to hold Iran from going nuclear at any cost. Iran persistently repeats that their nuclear endeavor is for peaceful purpose but the US and Israel is trying to prove it otherwise. Russia is behind most of the Iranian nuclear ambitions and the latest news of test-firing of cruise missiles by Iranian warship in the Gulf too shows that Iran is adopting bellicose postures.
One of USS’s biggest warships, the USS John C Stennis recently entered through the Strait in to the Gulf of Oman as a routine round on which the Iranian Navy warned by test firing their latest missile. Iran’s posture that they will not repeat the warning again but will act shows that they are for something different this time. On the other side the US and its allies have issued strict sanctions against the Iranians that would cripple their economy further. Already there were stringent sanctions over their nuclear strides and the latest sanctions targeting Iran’s central bank which process most of the Iranian oil export sales will add more problems for Iran. 
Under the circumstances, it is anticipated that the Middle East may be brazing up for another dangerous confrontation this time. Whether Iran is already holding nuclear weapons, therefore, they have test fired such long range missiles and posing dangerous postures, is not known. But, their unilateral decision to block the Strait of Hormuz, thereby stopping the oil flow out of the Gulf,  would not only affect Iran but the entire OPEC countries of which many are supporters of the US and their allies. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Iraq and many others are directly or indirectly supporting the US for their mutual interests. The US, in return of the oil support, is ensuring the safety and security of those oil producing and exporting countries. Iran’s leadership are aware of what had happened to Saddam Hussein of Iraq and that country, after its liberation from dictator Hussein, is now pursuing democratic process, though not fully under firm
control as yet. 
However, the US had already withdrawn its forces fully as promised by Obama in his election campaign. Now, in the entire Gulf, Iran is the only one country shooting much trouble and their nuclear ambition solely for the purpose of taking revenge against their Sunni brotherhood and particularly the Israelis is well known. Israel’s concern for their security cannot be overlooked as in the 1991 Gulf War the world had already seen how dictator Saddam Hussein fired a volley of scud missiles against Israel. It was but for the US protective nuclear umbrella, Israel too would have jumped into that war for self defence. Even now, the joint strategy of the US and its strong ally Israel to desist Iran’s nuclear ambition is to safe-guard its own security, as they are surrounded by enemies from all sides. Under such circumstance, bellicose postures, as far as avoided would be better for the world at this time.

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