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Wednesday 21 December 2011

Why do Students commit Suicide?

Why do Students commit Suicide?
    There are different reasons which make the students commit suicide. Some of the main causes of suicides among students are the beatings and insults they get from their teachers in front of the other students, ragging by the bullies of their schools and colleges, caste-based discrimination, poverty, and failure in examinations, especially due to the difficult subjects like MATHEMATICS.
    Among the subjects taught for many courses in schools and colleges, Mathematics is the biggest curse for the majority of students.
    More than 95% of the Mathematics taught to students has no practical value, and so it must be removed from their courses. Why are the students forced to learn Impractical Mathematics, which has absolutely no relevance in real life? The majority of school and college students should not be taught Mathematics that will never be used in practice at any time in their lives.
    Instead of being made to waste their time in learning Impractical Mathematics, many of the students should be spending their time in some health-promoting sports and games, or in learning to sing and dance. The students should be made to feel the joy of learning useful subjects like the Science of Nutrition and Health. They should cherish their school days when they become adults.
    Some of our greatest industrialists, businessmen, philanthropists, writers, film makers, actors, singers, dancers, painters, orators, social and political leaders, saints, etc, had been very weak in Mathematics and had even failed in the subject. We should never belittle their contributions to society just because they were weak in Mathematics.
Education is a Big Farce in India
    For more than 50 years, I have known that corrupt officials of School Boards and Universities have been leaking question papers before the examinations to those students who are ready to pay high amounts of money for the question papers. Even some examiners are known for taking bribes to pass the students who had actually failed in Mathematics and other difficult subjects. By paying big bribes, the rich students can even get very high marks in Mathematics that are needed for admission to some courses of higher studies. Education has become a highly commercialized farce in India.
    Thousands of students have committed suicide because of failing in Mathematics. Even some bright students have killed themselves because they could not get high marks in Mathematics, which are required for getting admission to many higher courses. There is no need to torture the students by making them learn something that has no practical value in life. It is absolutely idiotic to waste massive amount of time of the millions of students in making them learn the Mathematics, which is not of any use in their lives. The lives and welfare of the students are much more important than the teaching of Impractical Mathematics.
Impractical Mathematics is Anti-Dalit
    Many adversely affected students, who fail in Mathematics, belong to the Dalit and other poor classes because they cannot afford to take additional private tuitions like the well-to-do students from the rich families. Many poor students do not even have enough time to study because they have to do part-time work to finance their studies. So how can they manage to get more time to learn Mathematics? The teaching of Impractical Mathematics is anti-Dalit and anti-poor. 
    Should Impractical Mathematics be taught compulsorily to all students in schools just to keep all the Mathematics teachers in employment? The Mathematics teachers, who insist that all the students must be forced to learn Impractical Mathematics, are just a pack of lunatics and criminals who deserve to be sent to Mental Hospitals and Prisons. The interests of millions of students are much more important than the interests of a few teachers who can teach Impractical Mathematics.
    There should be a worldwide campaign by the students, their parents and well-wishers against the compulsory teaching of Impractical Mathematics. Only those students who are really interested in learning such Mathematics should be given the option to do so. The other students, who form the vast majority, should be taught only some simple type of Mathematics, which can be proved to be of practical use in their real lives. There are many types of simple Mathematics that can be taught to the students of different courses. The type of Mathematics that is taught in any particular course should be based mainly on its suitability for the jobs that the students want to take up after completing their course. 
    The students should not be detained if they fail in one or two subjects. They should be allowed the option of promotion if they continue their studies in the subjects in which they have passed. They should also have the right to get any suitable employment on the basis of their marks in the subjects in which they have passed. Should the marks in any subject be considered when the knowledge in such a subject is not required for any particular job? The marks in such a subject should be ignored while selecting a candidate for a job for which he is really suitable.

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