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Monday 19 December 2011

BJP calls Rahul Gandhi 'agent' of foreign companies

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national vice-president Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has called Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi an 'agent' of foreign multi-national companies.
"Are Rahul Gandhi and the Indian government concerned with the problems of this country or foreign economies? Sometimes, Rahul Gandhi appears to be an agent of foreign companies. It seems as if Rahul Gandhi is working as a promotional agent of foreign companies," Naqvi told the media here.

"The Indian National Congress has become a multinational Congress, of which Sonia Gandhi (Congress president) is the chairman, Rahul Gandhi the CEO (chief executive officer) and Manmohan Singh the managing director. This is why, they are less concerned with the problems of the farmers, the poor masses and the common man and more focused towards the interests of foreign companies," Naqvi added.
Naqvi reiterated BJP's often-repeated stance by accusing the Prime Minister of being under direct control of Congress president Sonia Gandhi.
"It seems that Prime Minister has become a proponent of sophistry in addition to being an economist. For the Prime Minister, any document forwarded to him by Sonia Gandhi and her national advisory council becomes a priority," added Naqvi.
Meanwhile, reflecting on the simmering row over the Lokpal Bill, BJP spokesperson Rajiv Pratap Rudy urged the government to pass the ambitious legislation in the ongoing winter session of the parliament.
"There are speculations that it (the Ombudsman Bill) may not be passed in this session of the parliament. If so, this would be totally wrong. We want, and this has been the BJP's stand throughout the debate, that the government must pass the bill in the current session after making the required changes. If this bill is delayed, peoples' anger would increase. It would be really unfortunate if Anna Hazare is forced to go on a hunger strike again," said Rudy.
The proposed Ombudsman Bill drafted by Hazare's aides envisage the creation of a national anti-corruption watchdog to check financial mismanagement and corrupt practices that have deeply pervaded several democratic and civic institutions of India.

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