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Tuesday 20 December 2011

Fwd: About 300 female fetuses are aborted everyday in Rajasthan after the sex determination. The number of girls against 1,000 boys in Rajasthan is less than 900 resuling in sharp increase in the crimes against women, abduction and rapes

Many rightist Hindus and many belonging to VHP and BJP ideology lament increasing percentage of Muslim and Christian population in comparison with Hindus. They blame Muslims for practicing polygamy and having many children. I think they must blame themselves killing their girls creating imbalance resulting in less women and fewer babies. Government must take drastic steps and stop murdering these unborn babies.

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JAIPUR,December 19, 2011
Jaipur biggest mandi for sex determination tests: Experts
Special Correspondent
Widespread misuse of advancement in medical technology has been held responsible for the decline in sex ratio in Rajasthan. About 300 female fetuses are reportedly aborted everyday in the State in the wake of sex determination tests. More than half of the 1,800 sonography centres functioning in Rajasthan reportedly violate the PC-PNDT (Pre-Conception & Pre Natal Diagnostic Technologies) Act on a day to day basis, it is being pointed out.
These figures emerged during a state-level media workshop on adverse sex ratio and the role of sex determination tests here on Sunday organized by the Shikshit Rozgar Kendra Prabandhak Samiti (SRKPS), under the project “Let Girl Be Born” (LGBB), launched with the support of Plan India.
The capital city Jaipur holds the dubious distinction in the State of denying maximum number of girls the right to be born. More than 250 sonography centres here are reportedly engaged in sex determination tests.
SRKPS Secretary Rajan Choudhary said that Jaipur has the highest number of sonography and abortion centres and the laws against sex selection and female feticide are being flouted with impunity here. As per the 2011 census figures, the number of girls against 1,000 boys in Rajasthan is less than 900.
During April 2010 to March 2011, a total of 13, 36,505 children were born in Rajasthan and they included 7, 08,383 males and 6, 28,122 females—a sex ratio of 887. “About 300 female fetuses are aborted everyday in Rajasthan after the sex determination test and this abhorrent practice is making a serious impact on the sex ratio in 0-6 years' category,” Mr. Choudhary said. “Jaipur is the biggest mandi in Rajasthan for sex determination and elimination of female fetuses in the womb,” he charged.
The workshop was informed that 50 per cent of the 600 sonography centres in Jaipur had never been inspected by the authorities. Sting operations have revealed that these centres are always willing to conduct sex determination tests and the task is performed through agents, such as government health functionaries and medical store employees.
Plan India Country Project Officer Devyani Khan on the occasion announced an awareness drive on the subject shortly in Rajasthan with the support of the media “The purpose is to influence policy-makers and instil fear in the minds of those who flout the laws,” she said.LGBB State Coordinator Rambabu Bhatt said the impact of skewed sex ratio is now showing in villages, towns and other localities, where the number of unmarried youths is on the rise. As a result, there is a sharp increase in the crimes against women, abduction and rapes, he pointed out. The workshop underlined the twin needs of raising social awareness on the issue and strictly implementing the laws against sex determination and female feticide. Presentations were made on the initiatives launched LGBB in the areas of gender balance and elimination of female feticide and infanticide.

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