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Monday 23 April 2012

Walk for Respect- Against Eve teasing and Women Sexual Harassment By RayZnews

Walk for Respect- Against Eve teasing and Women Sexual Harassment
– April 22, 2012

Facebook has been an effective tool of Activism and protest for the 21st century, people are more seen participating virtually as well as in real ground with the medium  to reach millions crossing physical barriers. Like such with high voices raging fire against the injustice to the freedom of expression curbing rules, Facebook has seen it all and has witnessed billions of likes all over the world in addressing the people's voices and expectations. To be precise it has been an effective means of raising and disseminating information and awareness. In reality it has evolved as an effective means of network communication that has made the world smaller where you can exchange your thoughts and ideas within a click of a button.  Adapting the same trend in here in Nepal a new face book group "Slut Walk Nepal" has evolved with the message and awareness against, eve teasing and sexual harassment against women.  The group has initiated an awareness rally; Walk for Respect which is schedule for 28th of April, 2012 from Nepal Airlines Corporation building to Kathmandu Durbar Square.

Slut Walk Nepal says, "The latest in line of the cities to embrace this form of protest is Kathmandu, where an enterprising group of youth has had enough of lascivious men harassing women in public. Such harassment can take many forms: From subtle eve-teasing to blatant invasion of women's privacy. Walk for Respect, the organizers adopted name for the Slutwalk march to be held in Kathmandu on April 28 that aims to give the message that someone should never be excused shaming, harassment or sexual assault."

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