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Monday 23 April 2012

Cattle smuggling - our concern


Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha (MASUM) has observed a sharp decline in cattle smuggling to Bangladesh from bordering areas of Murshidabad district. Recently, the posted Border Security Force made a similar claim. We want to congratulate the BSF and district administration for partial achievement of this cherished goal. MASUM is demanding for an all-out effort to check this malice for a long with an observation that the posted BSF personnel and part of administration are involved with this illegal act along with their brethren from legislation and other duty bearers. Time and again we have pointed that the persons facing brutal assaults from bordering guards and police are from the fringes of the society. Majority of them belong to minority and schedule caste communities and lost their means of sustenance; their lands, in consecutive river erosions for last 35 years. River erosion being the primary cause of their plight has been unattended for years. The spate of erosions pauperizes them and forced a sizeable section to cross border smuggling; irrespective of their age and sex. The administration was being a mute spectator for all these years, not extended any rehabilitation for this perishing populace. The malice further aggravated by shrinking of local labour market. A huge section of the populace is migrating in search of job and livelihood. In this context, we want to share the information regarding the visit of Mr. R. R. Jha, IAS, the then Joint Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs (Human rights), Government of India. He visited the area and met the populace and duty bearers after receiving an instruction from the National Human Rights Commission. For better understanding of the position taken by the Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI, the report should be published.

To gauge the declination of cross border cattle smuggling in bordering areas of Murshidabad district, we made survey on the same and providing a detail on 2 police station areas with the names of specific points of smuggling and names of actual masterminds of these points and the numbers of cattle being smuggled out in an average every day to Bangladesh. Though, the numbers of cattle smugglings are in decreasing order but smuggling of other items; drugs, narcotics, cosmetics, edible oils, human hairs, clothes are still continuing without any check.

Jalangi Police Station Area, district - Murshidabad

Points (Ghat)
Masterminds of the point
Numbers of cattle smuggled each night, two months back
GopalPur Ghat
Khokon Biswas
Char Bhadra Ghat
Mina Mondal
Ajijul Mondal
Kuddus Mondal
Daud Mondal
Bulbul Mondal
Suja Mondal
Farazipara Ghat
Mina Mondal
Bulbul Mondal
Taltali Ghat
Firoz Seikh
Absar Mondal
Dayarampur Ghat
Hannan Mondal
Mrinal Biswas
Bipad haldar

Suryanagar and Thakurnagar Colony
Gopal Mondal
Tota Chowdhury
Singpara Ghat
Tapan Haldar
Pintu Mondal
Ramakantpur Ghat
Sania Farid
Sahad Ali

Char Kakmari
Yunus Seikh
Madhu Mondal
Dighal Kandi Ghat
Kader Mondal
Dabir Mondal
Anwar Mondal

Raninagar Police Station area, district – Murshidabad

Points (Ghat)
Masterminds of the point
Numbers of cattle smuggled each night, two months back
Mahtab Colony
Mohsin Molla

Bakkaser Ghat
Bakkas Mondal
Bhatupara (Rajanagar)
Sunil Pramanik
Krishna Mondal
Kalam Mondal
Shibu Mondal
Ghatu Mondal
Sudhangshu Mondal

Dadur Ghat
Shibu Mondal
Asto Mondal
Subodh Daktar
Dr. Sunil Mondal’s Ghat
Sasthi Mondal
Bhupen Mondal
Mithun Mondal
Baro Swapaner Ghat
Swapan Mondal (Baro)
Swapan Mondal

Palpara Ghat
Mohan Haldar
Nanu Seikh (husband of a Gram Panchayet Member)
Degree Ghoshpara
Kuran Mondal
Banu Seikh
Seikh Mohammad Seikh(Pradhan; Katlamari Gram Panchayet)
Mannan Molla
Haydar Ali
Ranjit Saha
Ramnagar Ghat
Rafik Mondal
Harudanga Ghat
Ranjit Mondal
Sattar seikh
Border Para Ghat
Sachin Mondal

Char Majhardiyar Ghat
Bhutta Seikh
Dulal Mondal
Banamalir Ghat
Chitu @ Chitta Mondal
Kargil Ghat (adjacent to Kaharpara BSF Camp)
Posted BSF

Though, the cross border cattle smuggling is decreasing from Murshidabad district but it is alarmingly high from bordering areas of North 24 Parganas district. From our preliminary survey we found that in recent time it has increased many folds; from Parali, Bithari, Gobindapur, Hakimpur, Dahar Kanda, Koijuri, Dobila, Arshikari, all are under Swarupnagar police station and Ghozadanga, Nakurdaha, Itinda under Basirhat police station. It is also reported a huge number of cattle being smuggled of from Purba Jaynagar of Baduria Police Station. The continuous movement of cattle from Indian sides of the border to Bangladesh; destroying standing crops and ruining agrarian lands. This resulting a social unrest among the rural gentry and many protests were held by the agitating farmers and agri- labourer.  

We particularly pointed out that the issue has deep connection with State deliverances and not an isolated subject of law and order. To minimize cross border smuggling a concerted effort from State party is required, comprising all of its components and societal realities but the apparatus of state deliverances has ignored its role and a reign of systemic violence perpetuated at the area. We vociferously opined on the involvement of BSF, local police, district administration, custom and excise department and local influential political personalities with cross border smuggling, this has been affirmed by a section of administration and substantially proved by the recent outcome, while the higher ups from posted BSF and district administration took a stringent approach to curb cross border cattle smuggling and communicated the same to their rank and file, the numbers automatically came down. Our survey also put light on the magnitude of cattle smuggling during a couple of month back and this extent of cattle smuggling was totally impossible without the active patronage from posted BSF, police, influential political leaders and district administration.

However, we are appreciating the role of district administration and posted BSF for their achievement on curbing the cross border smuggling, we want to indicate that without giving proper attention on the issues of river erosions, livelihood opportunity, rural employment guarantees, BPL cards, basic deliverances as Antyoday and Annapurna schemes, promotion and extension of human rights practices by bordering guards and police; the achievements would be mislaid very soon. The state is duty bound to rehabilitate, proffer livelihood supports and give justice to its citizen. It is required for building confidence among the populace for its administration and state. It is time now to prove the genuine intention of the state to curb the cross border smuggling. For that it has to initiate proper and adequate actions to prosecute the torturers belong to armed bands of the state and enjoying cushions of impunity.  
23rd April 2012

Kirity Roy
Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha
National Convenor (PACTI)
Programme Against Custodial Torture & Impunity
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Balaji Place
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