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Wednesday 10 October 2012

Why did Manmohan Singh Taunt People by saying, "Money does NOT Grow on Trees!"

Why did Manmohan Singh Taunt People by saying, "Money does NOT Grow on Trees!"
    It was terribly ridiculous for the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to grumble, "Money does not grow on trees!" After the extremely corrupt UPA Government raised the prices of diesel and cooking gas steeply, the extremely insensitive Manmohan Singh is the WRONG person to make such an absolutely crazy comment. What right did Manmohan Singh have to make such a ridiculous comment, when it was actually his Government that had started extracting higher prices for diesel and cooking gas from the poor people of India, who have been groaning under the heavy financial burdens they have been forced to bear due to the constantly rising prices of all essential commodities?
    It is appropriate ONLY for the common people of India to grumble and complain that "Money does not grow on trees," because they are being compelled to pay higher prices and taxes especially for the essential goods and services. How did the crazy Prime Minister Manmohan Singh dare to TAUNT the people by stating, "Money does not grow on trees!" Does he think that he can continue to fool the common people with his sweet talk based on the damned lies about his economic policies, which he wrongly claims to be for the good of the people?
    It is the common people from the poor and middle classes who have the right to scream, "Money does not grow on trees!" as the common people do not know from where they should get the extra money for the higher prices of diesel and cooking gas, which the extremely corrupt UPA Government wants them to pay. 
    The common people cannot go to the trees for plucking currency notes, as the currency notes do not grow on trees like the leaves.
    The UPA Government has increased the price of diesel by Rs.5 per liter and will be charging Rs.800 to Rs.900, or even more, for every gas cylinder over the 6 gas cylinders, which will be supplied at a concessional rate to a domestic gas consumer in one year. With the higher price of diesel, the prices of all goods are likely to rise steeply due to the increase in transportation costs. It has become extremely difficult for the common people to bear the extra burden of not only the higher prices of diesel and cooking gas, but also the heavy burden of the increase in the prices of all goods and services as a result of the higher costs of transportation.
    By steeply increasing the prices of diesel and cooking gas, the ANTI-PEOPLE Manmohan Singh and his colleagues in the UPA Government have become the worst enemies of the poor masses of India. The leaders of the ruling parties can themselves buy any amount of diesel and cooking gas at very high prices with the looted wealth of the people and with the currency notes they can pocket freely all the time from the public funds of the Government treasury. 
Money Grows in Printing Presses of Govt
    For the extremely corrupt UPA Government, Money grows in the damned printing presses, where the currency notes worth lakhs of crores of rupees are printed whole day and night throughout the year. Where was the reason for the crazy Manmohan Singh to taunt the people by stating, "Money does not grow on trees"?
    Does Manmohan Singh not know anything about how paper is manufactured, which is needed for printing Money? Millions of trees are cut down to produce the paper, which is also used for printing lakhs of crores of rupees in the printing presses of the Government.
    Money does not grow on trees, but many trees are being cut for manufacturing the paper, which is used for printing massive amounts of Money by the Government of India. Can the Smart Guy Manmohan Singh deny the fact that the pulp of trees is used for manufacturing Paper Money?
    Most of Printed Money is  being pocketed by the extremely corrupt UPA leaders and their business partners, who are using it for buying huge quantities of goods for hoarding, which causes massive inflation and generates huge profits for the dishonest fellows. The artificial wealth of printed currency notes can also be used for grabbing the properties of many poor people. 
    The extremely corrupt fellows of the UPA Government have only to give the currency notes, which are just many small pieces of printed paper, for forcing the people to part with large parts of their lands and other properties.
    For the extremely corrupt political leaders, Big Money must also be got from the big bribes of massive scams like the 2G spectrum allocation, Coalgate, Commonwealth Games contracts, etc.
Manmohan's Revenge against People
    It is clear that Manmohan Singh is seeking revenge against the common people because they really believe in the CAG report, which has mentioned a massive scam of Rs.186,000 crore in the allocation of coal blocks to private parties between 2006 and 2009, when the Prime Minister had the Coal Ministry directly under his charge. The people of India have accepted the fact that he is the most corrupt Prime Minister after the Independence of India.
    Can the common people be fooled any longer by this great hypocrite in spite of all the measures that have been taken to hide his true image? All the cronies of the Prime Minister can never succeed in brightening the tarnished image of Manmohan Singh, whose reputation has been permanently blackened by his direct involvement in the massive Coalgate scam and also by his Congress party's massive acts of corruption in many deals.
    So Manmohan Singh is seeking revenge against the people who have shown the great courage in blackening his dirty face with the coal powder of Coalgate scam. He has therefore hit the common people hard by increasing the diesel price by Rs.5 per liter, the limiting of lower priced LPG cylinders to 6 per family per year and allowing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the retail trade. 
    The people of India have started suffering from the high inflationary effects of an increase of Rs.5 per liter of diesel, the higher price of LPG gas cylinders to domestic consumers, and FDI in retail business. The unrestricted FDI in retail business will be a great blow to the retail traders of India, who along with their dependants and employees number more than 5 crore people.
    In collaboration with foreign companies, the corrupt political leaders want to invest in multi-brand retail supermarkets the massive amounts of their Black Money, which they are secretly holding in Swiss banks and other tax havens in foreign countries. The FDI in multi-brand retail supermarkets makes the UPA Government the worst enemy of the small traders, many of whom will soon get unemployed.
    Ashok  T. Jaisinghani.  
 Editor & Publisher:

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