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Friday 12 October 2012

Homeless Girl (citizen) abused on the eve of Girl Child Day

Homeless leader from Mahim (Mumbai) called us yesterday and told us that 7 homeless citizens got seriously injured after being hit by a taxi. We rushed to the area and found out the actual reason behind the accident. It really disturbed us.

Taxi driver was trying to molest and abuse a homeless girl (8 years) sleeping on the pavement with her families. Homeless youth saw it and chased the driver away. After few minutes the driver came back and hit them. One homeless youth suffered serious injuries and is on ventilator. Most homeless child sexual abuse cases often go unnoticed and unrecognized. We immediately got in touch with journalist friends and gave visibility to this issue. I am sharing few news web-links for your further reference:

The police registered the case of accident and conveniently brushed aside the case of child molestation. We ensured the proper treatment of the patients and gave visibility to the issue of molestation. 

Today is the International Girl Child Day and there are many homeless girl children living in open without any security. We need to encourage and support the homeless girl children to get access to their rights and live with dignity. 

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