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Wednesday 10 October 2012

Hindus are Wasting Crores of Rupees For giving Massive Publicity to Zakir Naik!

Spend your Surplus Money on Poor Children

    The Sikhs, Radhasoamis, Jains and Buddhists are the people you call Hindus who just don't agree to worship your Gods and Goddesses, and you cannot do anything about that fact, but you want to make the Indian Muslims accept your deities and worship them just because their ancestors were Hindus many centuries before.
    Don't you fellows have better things to do than waste massive amounts of money? Can you not spend your surplus funds to help the poor Hindus, especially those whom you consider as belonging to the lower castes?
    You fellows don't think of giving milk to the poor Hindus, but many of you make the Ganesh idols "drink" huge quantities of milk!  Even though the whole world laughs at you, you still boast that you can perform the great miracle of making Ganesh idols "drink" milk.
    The Hindus believe that all men and women are Gods and Goddesses. So, why don't you make the rich Hindus feed the poor children regularly with milk, as you should be treating them as little Gods and Goddesses on the basis of your own beliefs? Why should you try to feed milk to the Ganesh idols when you can give that milk to the little Gods and Goddesses who need it the most?
    Making the rich Hindus show such generosity to all the poor children of India will be one of the greatest miracles.
    Forget about providing milk to the poor children, massive amounts of food grains are allowed to rot in godowns of even the states ruled by the BJP, which follows the Hindutva ideology. The food grains are allowed to be eaten by rats, cockroaches, weevils and worms, but are not given to the poor people. Human beings are treated worse than animals by many rich Hindus who take pride in worshipping even pests like rats in some temples. Can you not respect the human rights of such poor people and treat them like human beings, if not like the Gods and Goddesses, by providing them with adequate food grains at lower prices?
    You have been claiming that you are bringing back hundreds of men and women to the Hindu religion, but why have you failed to prevent millions of Hindus from leaving Hinduism every year and converting to Islam, Christianity and Marxism?
    Ashok  T. Jaisinghani.  
 Editor & Publisher:

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Sent: 27 Sep 2012 3:01 PM
Subject: Re: Hindus are Wasting Crores of Rupees For giving Massive Publicity to Zakir Naik!

Zakir Naik already has enough publicity across the perverts who admire him. This campaign against this terrorist mind is to bring to highlight how fanatics use rleigion as a ploy to promote hatred against peaceful Hindus. If someone says anything against revered Prophet Muhammad, fools have officially declared  apunishment of death sentence in all islamic countries. Even in other countries, they raise huge hue and cry and even kill people like they killed US ambassador recently.

In that case, why should the insult on any Hindu God be ignored? If Zakir gets a good publicity through this, it is good for us. Because we are not concerend with how popular he becomes among fanatics. We are more concerned about more and more people knowing that such elements be addressed with iron hand.

FYI, this Zakir Naik has clearly stated that all non-Muslims will go to Hell regardless of how good they are. They are worst of creatures who worship idols. Further he says that if idol worshippers are offended when Muslims call them Kafir, then they should become Muslim! In an honestly secular country, he should be put in jail for his inflammatory speech. We all should work to make India truly secular and hence honor our great constitution.

Agniveer has launched a tirade against this person and his organization to ensure lesser perverts emerge from perverts in future. We fully support and stand hand in hand with those peaceful forces who believe in fight against fanaticism.

27 September 2012 11:39 AM
Hindus are Wasting Crores of Rupees
For giving Massive Publicity to Zakir Naik!
    Why are Hindus giving too much importance to Dr. Zakir Naik for any statements such as: "If your Bhagwaan cannot recognize his own son (Shri Ganesh), how will he recognize me if I fall into any difficulty?"
    Why can't the Hindus ignore such statements, instead of giving widespread publicity to Dr. Zakir Naik all over the world by publishing protests on websites, holding demonstrations in different places and lodging complaints against him at different Police Stations?
    Dr. Zakir Naik must be secretly having many good laughs for getting free publicity all over the world at the cost of the Hindus who must be spending many crores of rupees on protests, demonstrations and police complaints.
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