The Historically-Famous Katholic-Kristian Kolonial Siege of the Americas by Kristopher Kracker-face Kolumbus (KKK) no doubt made way for the Countless Brutal Massacres and Unfathomable Dehumanization done to so-called “Blacks” or Negro (in the Portuguese or Spanish Language) in America by the Portuguese and Spanish Pale-Face “White” Savages (Conquistadors or “Conquerors”) who were granted conquest of Africa and the Americas based on a 15th Century Roman-Catholic Religious Doctrine now known in history as the Doctrine of Discovery. After all, the Spanish Crown who funded Kristopher Roman-Katholic Kolumbus (Isabella and Ferdinand) under the un-Holy Roman Empire in the 15th and 16th Centuries declared “Blacks” to be Non-Human and that they furthermore required Spanish Masters in order for them to acquire civilization. This meant that absolutely any Grossly-Inhumane Act which was Brutally-Performed on the Native Indigenous Aboriginal-Americans in the name of forcefully converting them to KKKristianity was totally justifiable, supported and actually rewarded by Sick Perverted Roman-KKKatholic Ecclesiastical Church Doctrine.

The Jesuit-Trained Portuguese and Spanish KKKristian Missionaries indulged in a very effective War-Strategy on the Native Aboriginal-Americans known as the process of “Bastardization”. Bastardization consisted of the Savage Pale-Face “White” Portuguese and Spanish Oppressors immediately and brutally killing all of the Fully-Melaninated/Melanin-Rich HUE-Men, which would instantly leave the HUE-Children Offspring of the ORIGINAL HUE-Man rendered in the status of Bastards. Then, the Brutal “White” Savages would viciously rape the Fully-Melaninated/Melanin-Rich HUE-Women which would force her to procreate and produce a Mixed-Up Mixed-Breed Mulatto which would then be placed as agents of and overseer to and on the NEW KKKolonial Nazi-Labor Camps. This would no doubt leave the Aboriginal-American HUE-Woman Psychologically, Spiritually, and Physically Distraught beyond any Normal Magnitude and Imagination as she would now be brutally deprived of a Natural King (Soul Mate/Complimentary Sex) and Natural Father to her Natural Children. The Children no doubt would be just as much or even more distraught as they #1- must now deal with the Extraordinary Distraught of their Natural Mother, and #2- must now equally deal with their particular dilemna now having no Strong Father Male Connection Figure to constantly guide and support the entire Hue-man Family.

Special NoteThe Troubling Part of the Rape of the Aboriginal HUE-Woman is the fact that  her Natural Body and Blood-Type (Universal/Aboriginal/Haploid/Bombay/Type-O), in the beginning, could not successfully process the Chemically-Hazardous and Genetically-Poisonous FOREIGN “White” Semen (sperm) which carried the Highly-Toxic Incompatibly-Foreign Blood from the Unnatural KIND of Diseased Freak-European. This dreadfully-unfortunate scenario would instantly cause the HUE-Woman’s Natural Body and Reproductive Cycle to heavily be attacked and burdened with trying to process a Foreign “Unnatural” Offspring. Most of the time, either the HUE-Woman and/or the HUE-Child would physically die from the complications of actually trying to process the Toxic Blood from the Foreign Semen (sperm). The Miraculously-Natural Birth Process is already complicated enough without the additional burden of trying to compute, process, and deliver a Foreign-Alien KKKracker-ass Offspring. The Modern-Day HUE-Sisters in Present-Day AmeriKKKa and around the world have now become so brain-damaged and mentally-conditioned until they actually run to procreate with a Wicked “White” Diseased Wolf/Monkey Boy so that their Half-Breed/Mixed-Breed Offspring can be Melanin-Deficient and Genetically-Compromised with supposedly GOOD Hair and PRETTY Eyes. The situation is not so good when the Colonial “White” Man takes this same Mulatto Mut and coldly and boldly places them in control over the ORIGINAL Fully-Melaninated/Melanin-Rich Darker-Hued Races of the world. WHAT’S GOOD FOR GANDER (Tiger Woods) IS NOT GOOD FOR THE GOOSE (SERENA WILLIAMS)!!!
* * * End of Special Note * * *   

The Particularly-Brutal Above-Mentioned Roman-KKKatholic War-Strategy (known as “Bastardization”) used by the Spanish and Portugal Kristian Kolonizing Krusaders (KKK) would also be used by the Modern-Day KKKolonizers in AmeriKKKa appropriately known as the Ku Klux Klan. The Ku Klux Klan had a Similarly-Identical Roman-KKKatholic War-Strategy known as “Black-Busting” which is a Revised Modern Version of Bastardization. “Black-Busting” would involve a Gang of Wicked “White” Redneck Roman Katholic Kristian-Krusaders (KKK) who would randomly choose a home of a Fully-Melaninated/Melanin-Rich Family consisting of the HUE-Man, HUE-Woman, and HUE-Child and brutally knock on the door and demand that the Hue-man Male Father come out of the house. If the Hue-man Male Father did not voluntarily come out of the house, these Rabid Flea-Bitten Diseased Psychopathic “White” Devil-ass KKKrackers would forcefully go into the house and find the Hue-man Male Father and either brutally hang him or boldly burn him alive on a cross on the front lawn directly in front of the HUE-Woman and HUE-Children.

Remember, the Modern-Day KKK in America also acted on the Roman-KKKatholic Ecclesiastical Religious “Racist” Doctrine and Concept that “Blacks”, “Negroes, and “Coloreds”, “Niggers”, etc. are either not human or less than human which would justify absolutely any brutal punishment to them in order to civilize them with KKKristianity and bring them into the Religious Faith of a Blonde-Haired, Blue/Green-Eyed, Pointy-Nose, Thin-Lipped Serial-Killer Homosexual “White” KKKracker-Figure named Jesus Christ and his Pale-Face “White Mother-(F%cker) named Mary. The “White” Virgin-Mary is supposed to be a virgin but why is this Psychotic Pale-Face B%tch always Constantly Brutally-Bending over and Economically/Spiritually/Physically-Screwing (F%cking) the entire HUE-Man Family (meaning the HUE-Man, HUE-Woman, and HUE-Child)? 

The Climate, Need, and Purpose for the creation of the Ku Klux Klan in AmeriKKKa

These conquered lands (Americas) are, in truth, the heartland of the MOROCCAN EMPIRE. The Maghrib El Aqsa (Morocco farthest west); Native Lands of the Moors, now under European Siege (colonization). Moors are bound to the Continents of the Americas by Heritage and Birthright. The forced dissection and destruction of Moorish Families, and the relocation of peoples, had its desired effect; DISORIENTATION and INSTABILITY. This Katholic KristianKrusader’s Disorientation War Strategy is still in force in modern times. It effectively brought about the submission and subjugation of the progeny (descendants) of the Moors. These Military manipulations proved to be powerful and useful tools, which include the Stroke of the Pen.

The Dark Period of Modern History was inspired by the works of Phillip II of the Roman Katholic Kristian Khurch, through the Spanish Inquisition of the 1500’s A.D. Wars and continuing conflicts up to the war of 1812 on Lake Erie, Michigan, evolved into the acts of the Knights of Columbus – Magna Charta (Charter) KKlux Klan Oath of 1854, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, leading to the altered and misleading contemporary history of modern western civilization, by the Francs and the Dutch Masters of Europe. The “Dark Period” conspirators against Moorish History and Geography had massive book burnings, with the purpose of destroying and/or hiding the true history, culture and civilization of the Ancient Moabite/Moorish Asiatic Nation.

                                                        The Ku Klux Klan

The KKlux Klan (made in AmeriKKKa) are the Grand Protectors of the KKKristian Creed; having a Constitutional Oath. Their devoted mission is to protect the Albion (European) nation from all alien intrusion into the Union of States Society (U.S.) and to keep the defeated MOORS (who are now sadly known as 14th Amendment “Colored BLACK Negro” U.S. citizens) from marrying into the conquering Pale-Skinned/Pale-Faced Nations of Rome; whereby their weak genetic albinus strain would definitely be lost forever. For further reference, research the “Daughters of the American Revolution” (D.A.R.).

The secret political, genetic and economic motivating Key to the K.K.K.’s firmly held position is the unwavering truth that NATURE HOLDS WOMAN (Wombed-Man/Wo-Man) AS THE CENTRAL GENERATING POWER OF LIFE AND KEY TO CIVILIZATION. The natural and political truth prevails… that genetics and economics are one! If the Genetically-Recessive Albino-Mutant “European” Women are taken as mates by the Genetically-Dominant Natural Asiatic/Africoid MOORS, then it would be just a short time (within a few generations) before the Recessive-Dysfunctional Albinus Genes of the Unnatural European would be dominated by the Over-Powering SACRED “Melanin” of the Majestic MOORS. Hence, the genetic-dissolution of the Albions and their Mythical FALSE Teachings of Albino Superiority. This would ultimately lead to the final destruction and fall of the Occupational Colonial “White” Powers and the inevitable end to their False Image G.O.D. of their Mythical WHITE Supremacy.

The hardened position of the Grand Protectors of the Katholic Kristian Kreed (K.K.K.) is not necessarily personal, but National and for the social, economic and political maintenance and survival of the UN-HOLY Roman Empire seated in the West (currently known as the U.nited S.nakes Federal Corporation currently located in Washington, D.C.). The Grand Protectors are knighted to preserve the Albinus Strain and KKKristendom’s Iron-Handed Grip on the Conquered Moabite / Moorish Lands. This is why “KLANNERS” have always threatened to neutralize or kill some of their own, who [through any power or political manipulation] do anything which would or could cause or establish any true or permanent political or social improvement, relative to “Negroes/Blacks” (enslaved Moors).  A “SLAVE”, capable of true possession of wealth and sovereign knowledge, can bring about conditions that would change their legal “status”. A Tyrannical “Rogue And Hostile” U.S. Government’s most feared category of knowledge exposure to slaves and wards is that of Parentage And Birthright Sovereignty.

If the Esoteric Knowledge of Parentage and Birthrights were clearly taught to the U.S. SLAVES and Federal WARDS, it would follow that that many so-called “Blacks” who did not understand the cold-natured politics of the Europeans in AmeriKKKa, would undoubtedly see and know why they (European Colonists) have assassinated many of their own Elected Politicians, Industrial Leaders, and some of their “Black/Negro” Agents, who, having a secret oath and benefit – betrayed their allegiance to them. Their Oath-Bound Agents are, and were always aware that the Europeans stole the BIRTHRIGHTS of the Moabites/Moors, and had branded the Moors as “Blacks”.

This strange social conflict in North America (the North Gate) is “fruit” of the old and continued BATTLE of the Roman Empire against the Moorish (Ottoman) Empire. The reason most so-called “Blacks” are confused is that they have forgotten themselves [Moors] and have little knowledge of the true, but “Secret” History! The myth of “White Supremacy” is given artificial life in order for the Katholic Kristian-“Kolony” (KKK) to survive. Historically [by OATH], the KKKristians would quickly lynch a Moor for violating the TABOO Laws of the Black Codes – especially a Moor mating with or marrying a European “White” Woman. This is called a Mystery Code, Tubal Cain; the mix that kills the Dragon! In this instance – Tubal Cain means “TWO TESTICLES and a PENIS” – implying sexual relations between the “Moorish Males” and the Abinus European “Females”. The “Death of the Dragon” implies the inevitable “Genetic” Elimination of the Albinous European Males, by cause of nature taking her course, Albinism has never been supported by nature on a large scale – therefore – as a living and thriving specie, the “Albinous Gauls” (Europeans) can only maintain any large numbers by political force, genetic experimental manipulation and artificial social laws.



GAULS: the Moors were overthrown by the “FRANCS” – the Franciscans or… Franciscan Brotherhood of the Roman Catholic Order of Christendom. The Francs are the “Gauls” (gols) – the Albinous Gauls.

GHOULS: The European Grand Body Politic of the “KU KLAN KLAN” Order are called “Ghouls” (gools). This is not coincidental. Do you recognize the relationship?

                                           What About The Ku Klux Klan ?

The KKlux Klan (Kaukasoid Kracker-ass Kriminals/Made in AmeriKKKa) is one of the two largest secret organizations of KKKristendom that flourished in the Southern Territories of North America during the period of “RECONSTRUCTION”. The Ku Klux Klan was founded in Pulaski, Tennessee, and is noted for its sincere and unmoved dedication and honor to the Union of States Society (U.S.) in the moon (month) of June 1, 1796 A.D. = 1216 M.oorish C.alendar and takes the honors of the first home of the Klanners!

The K.K.K. order grew rapidly in 1867 and 1868 A.D. = 1287 and 1288 M.C. The general organization of the Klan was perfected in May of the year 1867, at which time a “CONSTITUTION” was adopted. The second, and modern society of the Ku Klux Klan was founded in 1915 A.D. = 1335 M.C., in Atlanta, Georgia. The major aim of the Ku Klux Klan Order is the arbitrary regulation of life by “WHITE KKKristian Protestants” Ku Klux Klan is also spelled with a hyphen, as Ku-Klux-Klan.

A few of the other KKKRISTIAN Secret Orders that merit study and review are:
1. The Knights of Columbus
2. The Knights of White Camilla.
3. The Society of the White Rose.
4. The White League.


Klanner is the designation used to identify a member of either one of the Secret Societies. Ku Klux Klan is derived from the Greek word, “Kyklos” which means a “Circle”. The founders of the Ku Klux Klan were clearly using High-Cultured Cosmological Science in its Structural Constitution. This Secret Order was not founded by ignorant men,therefore, should not be viewed or dismissed as merely an outlaw organization of unreasonable people gone wild with hate and unconstitutional violence. This would be a very inaccurate assessment! Klanners have traditionally honored their union of States Constitution with more orthodox respect than others who have criticized the Klan. Most critics have never read the U.S. Constitution!

                                         General Nathan Bedford Forrest

A Union of States Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest was the first GRAND WIZARD of the Ku Klux Klan. The K.K.K. Order was effective in frightening the NEGRO out of his Unnatural Alliance with the Union Leagues, but also used a cloak for lawlessness, land theft, and other forms of violence. The Ku Klux Klan often did the clandestine work in which the Union of States Government Officials would not openly declare or do in the public arena. In effect, the Ku Klux Klan was and is a willing scapegoat and partner of the Union Society (U.S.) for executing in secret or in open, some sort of the extremely violent or negative activities or ordinances derived from and/or supported by the States Christian Black Codes; the Negro Acts; and other laws and ordinances governing supposedly-Free “Blacks”.

The Black Codes and Negro Acts could and would be animated and enforced, whether in the public or the private sector of the Union. The K.K.K. originated within the Union States (U.S.) Government Circles, having the mission of preserving and protecting KKKristendom at large. If this fact is not known or understood, then one cannot objectively analyze the United States of America’s History, development and the reason of the non-ending so-called “Race-Problem”. The K.K.K. was and is part and partial and a non-official branch of their Union of States Government, using the power of that Government and pervading all levels of the Union Government Agencies to actualize their mission.

A lack of knowledge of the purpose and origin of the Ku Klux Klan, by Negroes and Blacks, has traditionally allowed the U.S. of A. Government to appear naïve and feign association to the Ku Klux Klan Order. The mutual relationship of the Union of States and the K.K.K. Orders is as sound, as mutual and as natural as water being wet. Non-objective and angry truths mixed with frustration and inaccurate rhetoric, from the subjugated Black/Negro (branded Moors) communities, blinds them to the fact that they are not and cannot ever be Dejure Citizens of the Union of States (U.S.) Society.

The “People who insist that they are Negro and Black” have yet to act or recognize the fact, the need and the necessity to form their own government; honoring their own Mothers and Fathers; and to cease and desist trying to force themselves into a sealed, “contracted” Constitutional Union of which they can never be apart. This is one of the true root causes of the hostilities directed towards Blacks from the “Secret Orders” of the Ku Klux Klan (Kyklos/Circle) and similar Secret Societies of KKKristendom. For the sake of truth, it must be said again that the position and purpose of the K.K.K. Orders is firm, dedicated and for the Empire. The Klan’s focus is for the preservation of the Albionic Minority and not as personal as it may sometimes appear to “Blacks’. The K.K.K. is the in-house, work-horse arm of the Union States (U.S.) Government and is serving well, as the Grand Protectors of the KKKristian Creed and the Un-Holy Roman Empire, established in the Western Hemisphere on Moorish Soils. Review the signatories of the Union of States (U.S.) Constitution.

                                The Union of States (U.S.) Congress and the Klan 

The Union of States (U.S.) Congress took cognizance of the public opinions, reactions and recognition that the K.K.K. was confident and blatant in their hostile activities against “Black” and or their “White” Sympathizers. An obvious policy of connection and protection was unsuspected. There was political need to feign separation between elected government officials, the Ku Klux Klan and other Similar “Order” and Secret Societies.

The bold and open activities of the K.K.K. Orders and others – such as the Knights of the White Camelia – was often exposing the Union States (U.S.) Government’s unlawful and ex post facto position with the issuance of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. This caused rebellion and confusion among the citizenry and also caused many of the States “chattel” Negros to catch on to the hoax. Their Congress passed the Force Act on May 31, 1870 A.D. = 1290 M.C. and the Ku Klux Klan Act on April 20, 1871 A.D. = 1291 M.C.

The Klan Acts were designed to discourage the open use of force and violence directed towards “Blacks” and “Negros” who were trying to assimilate into the contractually sealed political/economic KKKristian Union. The assimilation activities by Negros and Blacks was and is one of the great motivating factors of the Ku Klux Klan and similar KKKristian Organizations. The passage of the Klan Acts, by the Union of States (U.S.) Congress, however, caused some of the complaining and festering distrust among the illiterate slaves (“Blacks”) to wane. Public “Faith” in the system was tentative, but largely restored.

With hope and faith somewhat restored (not that there was any choice), the hopeful Blacks/Negroes would willingly and happily fight in Wars against their own people, falsely believing that they were KKKristian Citizens of the Union; free and able to own property. Though clearly false – by any measure of LAW – the promise of Black/Negro Citizenship into the Union Society (U.S.) – with KKKristian Status was to become a cherished dream and would remain just that – a dream. The False Citizenship Promise and Civil Rights Propaganda effectively buried the true solution-oriented issues implying sovereignty discussions among the feigned-as-free “Blacks” and “Negroes”.

Reacting to rising social unrest, a Union of States Congressional committee sat during the summer of 1871 A.D. = 1291 M.C., recording thirteen volumes of testimony on the social, economic and political conditions in the South. The Unions’ Congress was caught in a Political “Conflict-of-Interest Position”. They were having to pacify the displaced “Blacks” and at the same time avoid Constitutional Confrontation with their own Union of States Citizenry, to whom they were obligated. For further references, see the “Report of the Joint Select Committee”….United States of America, 42ndCongress, 2nd Session. Senate Report Number 41 on the Ku Klux Klan. The strategy conceived to calm the Negroes and continue to use them as an economic base and cannon fodder was highly successful and is still effective today (the year 2012’ plus).

Organization and Principles of the Ku Klux Klan  * Appellation *

This organization shall be styled and denominated, the Order of the Ku Klux Klan
(The Grand Protectors of the KKKristian Creed and Loyal Keepers of the Constitution of the Union of States Society – U.S.A.)

We, the Order of the Ku Klux Klan, reverentially acknowledge the majesty and supremacy of the Divine Being, and recognize the goodness and providence of the same. And we recognize our relation to the United States Government, the Supremacy of the Constitution, the Constitutional Laws thereof, and the Union of States thereunder.

Character and objects of the Order
This is an institution of Chivalry, Humanity, Mercy, and Patriotism; embodying in its genius and its principles all that is chivalric, and patriotic in purpose; its peculiar objects being:

First: To protest the weak, the innocent, and the defenseless, from the indignities, wrongs, and outrages of the lawless, the violent, and the brutal; to relieve the injured and oppressed; to succor the suffering and unfortunate, and especially the widows and orphans of Confederate Soldiers.

Second: To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and all laws passed in conformity thereto, and to protect the States and the people thereof from any invasion from any source whatever.

Third: To aid and assist in the execution of all Constitutional Laws, and to protect the people from unlawful seizure, and from trial except by their peers in conformity to the laws of the land.


Section 1: The officers of the Ku Klux Klan Order consists of Forty-One (41) Men. A Grand Wizard of the Empire, and his ten (10) Genii; a Grand Dragon of the Realm, and his eight (8) Hydras; a Grand Titan of the Dominion, and his six (6) Furies; a Grand Giant of the Province, and his four (4) Goblins; a Grand Cyclops of the Den, and his two (2) Night Hawks; a Grand Magi, a Grand Monk, a Grand Scribe, a Grand Exchequer, a Grand Turk, and a Grand Sentinel.

Section 2 The Body Politic of this Order shall be known as “Ghouls”

Territory and its Divisions

Section 1: The territory embraced within the jurisdiction of this order shall be coterminous with the States of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee; all combined constituting the Empire.

Section 2. The Empire shall be divided into four (4) Divisional Departments, the first department to be styled the Realm, and to be coterminous with the boundaries of the several States; the second department to be styled the Dominion and to be coterminous with such counties as the Grand Dragons of the several Realms may assign to the charge of the Grand Titan. The third department to be styled the Province, and to be coterminous with several countries; provided the Grand Titan may, when he deems it necessary, assign two Grand Giants to one Province, prescribing, at the same time, the jurisdiction of each. The fourth department to be styled as the Den, and shall embrace such part of a province as the Grand Giant shall assign to the charge of a Grand Cyclops…

These states (mentioned in section 1) are the original corporate Union of States with Ku Klux Klan jurisdiction in 1868. In modern day (year 2012 plus), the K.K.K. has operations in all the States of the Union Society. All Combined States collectively constituting “The EMPIRE”. The Ku Klux Klan and the Union of States feign separation in the same manner as the Union of States and the Church feign separation. The Union, the Church, and the Ku Klux Klan are all one in the same. All Public Disassociation is to maintain the blind faith of False Negro/Black Citizenship in the Union of States – by virtue of the UNCONSTITUTIONAL 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. This, in effect, dismisses an interest among the slaves to study and learn about their Nationality, Birthrights, and Sovereign Power.

                              The Founder of the Ku Klux Klan: Albert Pike

Not only did Albert Pike have a background of occultic practices, but he was also instrumental in the founding of Ku Klux Klan! Albert Pike was one of the original architects of the Ku Klux Klan. The White Robes, Cross Burnings, Conical Hats, and use of such titles as “Grand Dragon” and “Imperial Wizard” derived from the strange lore that was developed. Albert Pike was known to be a Confederate General and Grandmaster of the Scottish Rite for the Southern Jurisdiction of the Union of States Society (otherwise known as the U.S.A.).

Albert Pike himself was appointed the Grand Dragon of the Realm (one of the Divisional Departments which makes up the Ku Klux Klan Empire). The Ku Klux Klan and the Scottish Rite [Masonry] were one in the same enterprise. Albert Pike claims that “Negroes are the lowest Race” (taken from Albert Pikes book entitled Irano-Aryan Faith and Doctrine as Contained in the Zend-Avesta). It is said that Albert Pike’s Hatred and Prejudice toward so-called “Blacks” is one of the very reasons that the ranks of Most Masons and Eastern Stars included very little (if any) “Black Men and Women. Albert Pike suggested that the White Man’s Superiority simply could not have come from the Black Man’s Inferiority. While Albert Pike was Sovereign Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry, and Head of the Illuminati during the 1870’s, he revised and modernized the ritual of the BLACK MASS, celebrated to emphasize the Luciferian and Satanic Victory achieved in the Garden of Eden, and over Christ to end his mission on earth. The Celebrant of the Black Mass plays the part of Satan. He introduces a Virgin Priestess to the joys of sexual intercourse and makes known to her the mystery of procreation. Albert Pike’s version of this same BLACK MASS also includes a paradox on the betrayal, and crucifixion of Christ. The desecration of a host by a Roman Catholic Priest is part of this abomination. Albert Pike is an avowed worshipper of Satan by name. Albert Pike practiced Necromancy and all other forms of sorcery. Albert Pike was also associated with the Theosophical Society and with Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, an occultist who have been called “the Mother of the New Age Movement”.

 Solution to the TERRORISTIC Presence and Diabolical Deeds of the Ku Klux Kan

Notice and analyze the reference to the Unnatural Alliance between the Negroes and the Union Leagues, as traditionally mentioned by Klanners. Examine carefully, the operations and principles statement of 1868, by the order of the Ku Klux Klan. This is clearly exposing the fact that “NEGROES” cannot never ever legally or lawfully be Citizens of the Colonial Union of the United States of America (currently known as U.NITED S.NAKES OF A.MERIKKKA). Any actions on the part of any government official, officials or citizens of the Union of States (U.S.), which imply or try to make Negroes citizens of their Union – by whatever means – is definitely a violation of the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. Constitution is the Charter and the Law of the Land from which their government derives any valid or de jure law authority. This position is correct and valid, on the part of the K.K.K., although generally not accepted as valid or Constitutional by naïve, unread or misinformed people. The word “NEGRO” and/or “BLACK”, as an appellation to people, is a political caste status category. It was coined and designated to label displaced Moors who, by virtue of war, subjugation or mutual agreement, became the CORPORATE Chattel Property of the Union of States European citizens, themselves. Their U.S. of A. Constitution of the six European Nations of North America support this fact. Moors must stop trying to force themselves upon the members of the Union of States Society (U.S. of A.). Moors must also cease the active fraud of using the Albion / European Colonists’ family surnames. Moors and the Ancient ORIGINAL “Melaninated” Peoples of the Earth do not traditionally carry the Odd Colonial WHITE Surnames such as WilsonJackson,McPhersonWeinsteinHarrisonDickinson, etc., etc., etc.

The name African-American appears to sound much better but it does not accurately and adequately LAWFULLY describe or denote who you are. Furthermore, by responding to the Negative Colonial Mislabeling Appellations of “NEGROES” and “BLACKS”, Moors have NO RIGHTS AT LAW, that any “White” Man need to or is obligated to respect. “Negro” and “Black” are FALSE Appellations. Mu’ur/Moor is the true national pedigree of the subjugated people misrepresented as “Black”, and has standing AT LAW – nationally and Internationally. The persistent and insistence of the use of the Black and Negro Brands legally imply “acquiescence” At Law. Negro is not of the Human Family, but it is legally categorized as “IT” or a “THING”, and has no human rights to review or protect by any Constitution. This is the absolutely legal and valid position of the K.K.K. and the Union of States Society. Moors need to learn the truth about the danger of holding on to, substituting, and using the fraudulent slave labels as identities.  



In this modern era of technology, enlightenment, and split-second communication (currently known as the Information Age), there exists a large body of people who think the nations of the Earth are identified by shades and colors! The Nations of the Earth are identified by Nationality, not by colors. In spite of the religiously taught spectre of the existence of a light skinned black nation, or a dark skinned white nation – it is all a lie !

The operative conspiracy of FORCED Ignorance upon the descendants of the unsuspecting Moors, is a two edged sword. Those who perpetrated this fraud, to their benefit, are now suffering from it. The Sovereignty of any People is found only in their Nationality. Those who coined the labels of Black, Negro, and Colored etc., have lost their birthright through the fraudulent use of the label “White”! Their Black and Negro Overseer Agents are now a political, economic and social burden.

The State’s so-called “Black” Leaders are going to have to answer for deceiving their own people, and the European usurpers are going to have to declare their Nationality, in order to claim any Sovereign Rights, before the Nations of the Earth. Now their own representatives (de facto) government officials operate as absolute despotic, unconstitutional criminals; robbing them, as they have historically robbed the branded Moors. What goes around comes around! Breed it; Sow it: Reap it!

As for the rejected and despised people, labeled Negro, Black, Colored, Hispanic, Afros, etc.; you are none of these – you are all Moors. This is why you could not find yourselves in history books. You did not know who you were, or where you fit in human society – knowing nothing about Nationality, Birthrights and Sovereignty.

The time has been long over for you/us to come out of the negative and debased state of bureaucratic State Ward Slavery and take our proper position, with all other Nationalities of the Earth. Study and prepare yourselves to operate in your SOVEREIGN CAPACITY. Most of our suffering and economic strangulation is because we did not know the game that was being played on us, by the KKKolonists and the Judases from among ourselves. Study Yourselves. Study Civics. Study Sovereignty and be yourselves. Pave the way for the generations to come after you! Are you not tired of Color of Law, yet? Every man, woman and child must worship under their own vine and fig tree, and honor their own parentage. So-called “Black” Peoples in AmeriKKKa have been in extreme violation of Divine Natural Law, and have ultimately paid a dear price! Turn your hearts back to your foremothers and your forefathers and mend the cord that binds us to one another – NATIONALITY.