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Monday 16 January 2012

Nepal Maoist Kiran panel from split threat to accepting unity

From Telegraph Nepal:

Vice Chairman Mohan Baidya Pokharel ‘Kiran’ panel has forwarded a six point proposal for the perusal of the party establishment led by Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal in order to keep the party unity intact.

The central committee members of the Kiran panel held a secret meeting somewhere in Kupandol area of Kathmandu, Saturday January 14, 2011.

The proposal includes:

·         Name of the Constitution: Constitution of Federal Republic of Nepal

·         Preamble of the constitution: It must refer to Peoples’ Federal Republic and,

·         Peoples’ Revolt

·         Lump-sum package to PLA men who prefer voluntary retirement

·         Group based integration of PLA

·         Integrated PLA should remain armed

The Baidya panel has also formed a five member task force to hold talks with the party establishment. Confrontation takes a new twist.

General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’, Secretary C.P. Gajurel, standing committee members Netra Bikram Chand Biplav and Dev Gurung are the members of the task force.

Rajdhani Daily reports quoting a member of the Kiran panel, “The meeting has decided to make Revolt as the primary option and peace and constitution aspects the secondary one.”

From Republica:

MADICHAUR, Jan 15: Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal said on Sunday that the protracted internal dispute over his party’s next strategic move in the peace process has finally ended with the party establishment striking a deal with the radical faction led by Senior Vice-chairman Mohan Baidya.

The Maoist chairman said this while speaking at a yearly festival in the Rolpa village of Madichaur, 9 km north from the district headquarters Liwang.

“We agreed to endorse common political programs for the sake of peace and constitution. As per the deal we will mobilize the masses to press for a timely agreement on peace and constitution drafting processes,” said Dahal addressing the masses in the festival.

According to him, party radicals including Baidya, Ram Bahadur Thapa and Netra Bikram Chand from the radical faction and Posta Bahadur Bogati, Krishna Bahadur Mahara and himself form the establishment faction held a meeting Saturday evening and reached a deal in this regard.

“The Central Committee (CC) meeting to be held Sunday afternoon will endorse the deal,” said Dahal.

Speaking at the program, Dahal also appreciated the contribution of the people of Rolpa for the causes of the “revolution”.

“The district of Rolpa will not contribute to revolution, but also to peace and constitution,” he said.

Dahal was accompanied by party leaders Barshaman Pun, Mahara and Lokendra Bist, among others. But the program did not see the participation of the Baidya faction leaders.

The leaders flew back to Kathmandu after the program was over.

Meanwhile, the Maoist party is making preparations to hold its CC meeting in Kathmandu.

“The CC members are coming to the party head office for a meeting,” said Dhruba Adhikari at the party head office.

From Republica:

KATHMANDU, Jan 16: After weeks-long heated exchanges between the moderates and the radicals in the UCPN (Maoist) central committee (CC), the Maoist rival factions have formally agreed to withhold the separate documents of Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Vice-chairman Mohan Baidya and mobilize the masses for the sake of a dignified integration of the PLA personnel and a “people´s constitution.”

With the decision, the three-week-long rancorous CC meeting has finally come to an end. “We have agreed to hold debates on the party line and hold common programs for peace and constitution. In fact we have reached a historic agreement to keep party unity intact,” said Maoist spokesperson Dinanath Sharma.

Leaders said the rival factions now are allowed to discuses the intra-party disputes outside the party also and resolve them in a party congress that is a 20 years overdue.

The party did not clearly elaborate mass mobilization, the constitution of “the people´s federal democratic republic” and “dignified integration” of the PLA personnel into the Nepal Army (NA) directorate.

“We have agreed to take the ideological disputes down to the grassroots level, and formulate joint programs for dignified integration of the PLA. We want party unity on the condition that the party is committed to transformation, people´s revolt and revolution,” Baidya told reporters after the meeting.

According to him, his party will push for a constitution of people´s federal democratic republic that is against imperialism and expansionism. 

Baidya said the party is in favor of changing the leadership of the government as per the spirit of the seven-point deal reached among the seven political parties.  “The party has struck a deal with other political parties to form a national consensus government. We will speed up talks with other parties for the formation of such a government,” he said.

Terming the political document on peace and constitution floated by Dahal a revisionist line, Baidya, at the CC meeting, had presented a separate document that called for immediate revolt and even threatened to split the party if Dahal´s document was endorsed by a majority vote.

While the ideological disputes within the party remain unresolved, party radicals say that [other] parliamentary parties are against the formulation of the constitution of “people´s federal democratic republic” and dignified integration of the PLA, which will obviously lead the party to “people´s revolt” for state capture.

From The Himalayan Times:

KATHMANDU: The ongoing central committee meeting of Unified CPN-Maoist concluded today evening with a consensus decision to jointly focus on peace and constitution.

The hardline faction has agreed to focus on respectable army integration and people’s federal republican constitution and taking party decisions in consensus. They had been blaming Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal of exercising monopoly in decision making.

Party Vice-chairman Mohan Baidhya, who leads the hardline faction contesting Dahal’s political document at the central committee meeting with his own political document, today, said the party had unanimously decided to focus on peace and constitution.

Baidhya, however, said all decisions of the party will be tuned according to the party’s decision of respectable army integration and people’s federal republican constitution, which will be anti-imperialistic and anti-feudal.

According to Dev Prasad Gurung, the hardliners will enjoy the right to make public issues on which they disagree and work together to implement decisions made unanimously. The meeting today endorsed a common proposal on the party’s immediate tactical line and programmes.

The party has decided to take both political documents to the lower committees for further discussion.

to a standing committee member close to Baidhya, Dahal has agreed to make necessary corrections on both the peace and constitution drafting processes though he refused to commit in black and white. Dahal, according to him, has agreed to take all the decisions of the party including that of peace and constitution through consensus.

Dahal has agreed to discuss group entry and armed role for combatants as well as creating positions in proportion of the percentage of security bodies with the three parties in the presence of hardline leaders of the party. Besides, he has also agreed to withdraw his decisions in the sub-committee of the Constituent Assembly, which he leads because his party didn’t approve them.

According to Baidhya, the party has agreed to take initiative for national consensus government after consulting with other parties. Sources claimed that Dahal was also positive about demanding Bhattarai’s resignation earlier, but he backtracked later and said he will do that after creating conducive environment.

During today’s meeting Vice-chairman Baburam Bhattarai supported the common proposal saying it was the most appropriate alternative for the party though that was a temporary one.

Earlier in the day, at the Comprehensive Rolpa Festival and Agriculture Exhibition in Rolpa, Dahal said the ongoing intra-party rift would not split the party at any cost.

Dahal revealed that his party would go to the people with a common proposal to conclude the twin tasks of peace and constitution after the Central Committee meeting. “Central Committee will pass the common proposal on peace and statute with guarantee for their successful conclusion,” Dahal added.

Reminding that thousands of people shed their blood for the Constituent Assembly, Dahal stated that the government under his party’s leadership would conclude the peace and statute making processes. “Our martyrs shed their blood for Constituent Assembly. Thus, our party will concentrate its efforts to finish these crucial tasks by foiling conspiracies hatched against CA,” Dahal remarked. Maoist cadres loyal to Baidhya had boycotted the programme.

Dahal agrees

Dahal agrees

• To take joint decisions

• To talk with 3 parties on issues raised by hardliners

• Trying to draft People’s Federal Republican Constitution

• Constitution having anti-feudal and anti-imperialism essence

• Both documents will be taken to lower committees for discussion

Baidhya agrees

• to focus on peace and constitution

• to make public the issues they disagree

• to not join the Bhattarai-led govt

• to lobby for national consensus government

From Telegraph Nepal:

In a dramatic turnaround, the panels led by Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and senior vice chairman Mohan Baidya Kiran have sorted-out their differences.

Yet another drama begins.

With Dahal and Baidya, according to reports, deciding to keep on hold their respective stands, the overwhelming majority of the party central committee members accepted the ‘joint proposal’.

The ‘joint proposal’ called as ‘Interim Plans and Programs’ of the party has been prepared fusing the salient features of the proposals respectively forwarded by Dahal and Baidya.

Dahal addressing the party central committee meeting on Sunday said, “We have decided to unite once again in the larger interest of the party, people and the country. We have decided not to take any decisions that will lead the party to split. Split in the party will be disastrous for the country. I accept that we have grave differences. But there is no alternative to keep the party in a united state. We have decided thus to hold our respective stances and take on to the transitional course. The path we have chosen is also an extraordinary one. Both stands continue and they shall be discussed at various levels of the party organization...finally, if we fail to unite then nothing could be done.”

Good lecture indeed.

Similarly, Baidya said, “Unity was needed most. We have held discussions at various levels. We have decided to keep on a hold our respective stands and fuse some features of both. We decided not to take on the traditional system of majority-minority. The fresh party stand will provide us with the opportunity to know each other better. We need to draft the constitution of Peoples’ federal democratic republic. Else, we revolt option is open.”

Fission sure after fusion.

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