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Saturday 21 January 2012

[Marxistindia] C.C. Communique

news from the cpi(m)
The Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) met in
Kolkata from January 17 to 20, 2012. It has issued the following

Lokpal Bill

The Central Committee condemned the UPA government for its failure to
bring an effective Lokpal Bill and get it adopted in parliament. Even the
weak legislation was not adopted in the Rajya Sabha because the government
feared that some amendments moved by the opposition would be carried.

The Central Committee demanded that the government bring the Lokpal
legislation with suitable amendments in the next session of parliament.

FDI In Retail

The Central Committee opposed the decision of the government to increase
FDI in single brand retail to 100 per cent. This is a prelude to bringing
in the FDI in multi-brand retail which has already met with widespread

The Central Committee decided to conduct a sustained campaign among the
people to stop the entry of FDI in general retail trade.

West Bengal

The Central Committee expressed its serious concern at the growing number
of farmers suicides in West Bengal. By now there are reports of twenty
four farmers having committed suicide. This reflects not only on the
policies of the Central Government which have resulted in the agrarian
crisis but also a gross failure on the part of the West Bengal government
to put in place a procurement machinery to purchase crops from the
farmers. The procurement machinery set by the Left Front government has
been dismantled. The TMC led government has failed to curb
black-marketting of fertilizers.

People are suffering under the misrule of the TMC-led government. There
have been nine starvation deaths of a closed tea garden. This is due to
the callous attitude of the government which discontinued the scheme of
giving Rs. 1500 per month introduced by the Left Front government for
workers of closed factories and tea gardens. The performance of MNREGS has
become the worst. The public distribution system, the Annapoorna and
Aantayodaya schemes have become irregular. The panchayat bodies which used
to implement many of these schemes have become virtually defunct. All this
is causing distress and suffering for the people.

The TMC-led government is exhibiting an extremely intolerant attitude to
any criticism made about its performance. The general attack on democratic
rights continues. So far fifty five persons who are workers or supporters
of the CPI(M) and the Left Front have been killed since the assembly
election results. The CPI(M) calls for an immediate halt to such attacks
and the full restoration of democratic rights.

February 28 Strike

The Central Committee extended its full support to the call of the central
trade unions for a one-day general strike on February 28, 2012. This
united action by all the trade unions has raised demands, which are not
only in the interests of the working class but concern the people of the
country as a whole. The Central Committee directed all its Party units to
work wholeheartedly to make the strike a total success.

Draft Political Resolution

The Central Committee adopted the draft Political Resolution to be placed
before the 20th Congress of the Party to be held in April 2012 at
Kozhikkode.  The Political Resolution has called for fighting the
neo-liberal policies of the UPA government and mobilizing various sections
of the working people who are affected by these policies adversely.  This
is a central task.  The Resolution calls for continuing the struggle to
isolate the communal forces and to thwart the designs of the Hindutva
brigade.  The Party will work to defeat the Congress and the BJP.

The Resolution calls for paying the utmost priority to developing the
independent role of the Party and to strengthen the Party as an all India
force.  The Party will work to build the Left and democratic alternative
against the existing order. It will seek the cooperation of other
non-Congress, secular and democratic forces to take up people’s issues,
defend secularism, national sovereignty and the federal principle.

Draft Ideological Resolution

The Central Committee discussed and adopted the draft `Resolution on Some
Ideological Issues’.  This Resolution addresses the current and prolonged
crisis of global capitalism and its impact on both the developed
capitalist countries and the developing countries. It takes stock of the
moves of imperialism and international finance capital and the ideological
constructs that they use to maintain their dominance.  The Resolution
deals with the growing resistance to imperialist globalization and the
ideological tasks to be undertaken to ensure an effective and united
resistance by the working class and other allied forces worldwide.  The
Resolution discusses the developments in the socialist countries and the
necessity to build a renewed socialist alternative which is relevant to
the 21st century.  The Resolution also pinpoints the ideological
challenges faced by the Communists in Indian society and puts forth an
alternative ideological worldview which can counter the bourgeois, feudal
and other retrograde ideologies.

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