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Sunday 25 December 2011

Muslim bodies slam Congress for sub-quota in OBC category

LUCKNOW: In a joint statement the Peace Party and the Pasmanda Samaj, an outfit of backward muslims, have condemned the Congress led UPA government for introducing sub-quota for minorities in other backward classes (OBC) category.

The two organisations, which have influence among Muslims in East and Central UP and can spoil game plan of big political parties in the assembly elections to be held in February, said that the move will actually harm Muslims instead of benefit as projected by the Congress.

"At present, some Muslim backward classes are included in the 27% reservation meant for OBCs. Now, as per the new provision, a sub-quota of 4.5 % has been fixed for the minorities which include Muslims, Christians, Jains, Sikhs etc. The success rate of Muslims in 27% OBC quota is around 3%. However, after the implementation of 4.5% quota, the share of Muslims will decrease as they will be pitched against educationally advanced religious minorities such as Christians, Sikhs and Jains," the joint statement pointed out.

It further stated, "fixing of sub-quota will create a social rift in rural areas among Muslims and Hindu OBCs. The UPA government has taken a dangerous step, which will badly harm Muslims in general and OBC Muslims in particular. The Congress has succeeded in fooling gullible Muslims yet again and plunder their votes in UP elections. By the time they understand Congress's game, it will be too late."

The two parties demanded implementation of Rangnath Mishra Commission report, which included removal of religion based discrimination against Muslims in Dalit reservation under Article 341(3), enforced by the Presidential Order 1950.

"We are of the opinion that any reservation or separate quota for Muslims is meaningless without repealing the 1950 order," they stated. 

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