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Wednesday 28 December 2011

Consumer Organisations 25th Year of the Consumer Protection Law in India

Consumer Organisations Celebrates 25th Year of the Consumer Protection Law in India
Be an Alert Consumer !
Also be a Responsible Consumer !!
India has several laws to protect the rights of the consumers. However on 24th of December 1986, the Indian Parliament under the dynamic leadership of Sri Rajiv Gandhi as the Prime Minister enacted the Consumer Protection Act and further strengthened the rights of the consumers by giving it a legal face and demonstrated its commitment towards the consumer's empowerment. This particular Indian law has been acknowledged globally as the most modern law in the interest of the consumer as it provides prompt redressal with compensation to the consumer in an easy and user friendly manner to cover the loss or damage caused due to deliberate act of negligence or sale of sub standard products or adoption of unfair trade practices, which undermines the six legal rights of the consumer. In the last 25 years more than 3 million consumers throughout the country have got benefitted from the law. It was felt by the Consumer Organisations, especially those who have been working in India for more than 25 years that this is the right time to retrospect on the achievements and analyze the pitfalls to make the law more effective and efficient.
Grievance Redressal  available :
•Consumer should send a detailed petition to the dealer /
service provider through registered post pointing out the
defect / deficiency and  details regarding relief sought for
•Copy of the petition with postal acknowledgement card to be
•If the dealer / service provider not responded in time
consumer may approach District Consumer Protection Council
headed by District Collector (for districts other than Chennai)
or Commissioner of Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection (in
Chennai) or Reputed Consumer Organisation  who will besending notices to the dealer / service provider on behalf of
•If no remedy available through all above agencies, then
relevant Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission / Forum as
the case may be approached to file a complaint against
dealer / service provider
•In the absence of any of above  complaint can be made
to Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department,
Government of Tamil Nadu
•Can make an online complaint at
•If you have any grievance/complaint, you may file it
with the Local Drug Inspector or with the Controller of
Drugs, 259/261 Anna Salai, Chennai 600 006,  phone
044 24321830 or in the web at www.tnhealth.orgc)
•If you have any grievance/complaint, you may file it with the Local
Drug Inspector or with the Controller of Drugs at 259/261 Anna
Salai, Chennai 600 006  phone 044 24321830  or in the web at
•If you have any grievance you may send a notice to the
seller/manufacturer or file a petition in the District Consumer Forum
•In case of grievances you may issue a notice to the seller or file a
complaint with Bureau of Indian Standards at 
•not be misled through colourful glamorous advertisements •In case of grievances, please issue a notice to the newspaper or
complain to Advertisement Standards Council of India (ASCI) at 219,
Bombay Market, Tardeo Road, Mumbai 400 034, ph 23521066 /
23516863, Web: and Email:
In case of any complaint, including adulteration, call up your Local Food
Inspector or Joint Director (PFA) at 359 Anna Salai, DMS Complex,
Teynampet Chennai 600 006, phone  044-24335075 /24334811/
24334818  Web at
for more details on
Text Box: STATE CONSUMER HELP LINE   044-28592828   
In order to make complaint or avail advice  or clarification for all kinds of problems of card holders or consumers  Government of Tamil Nadu, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department has launched a telephone help line through following telephone number:

The Call centre Assistants  are available between 9-30 AM to 6-00 PM on all working days of Government of Tamil Nadu.  Recorded messages (IVRS) on Consumer rights and responsibilities, obtaining family cards and other related issues are available through the above telephone line  at any time (24X7). 
Besides complaints / requests can be made through on line registration facility available in web site or through e-mail to .  Also written complaints / requests can be sent to "State consumer Help Line, Office of the Commissioner of Civil Supplies and  Consumer Protection,  Ezhilagam IV Floor, Chepauk, Chennai-600 005.
            Citizen are requested to avail  the services and to save themselves from exploitation of any kind.
  Mediation Advisory Centre is established in Chennai on 15.12.2011 to
settle the consumer disputes effectively.  Please avail the services of MAC,
Mediation Advisory Centre (MAC)
Mediation Advisory Centre (MAC) is established by Government of
Tamilnadu under a pilot project implemented by Department of Consumer Affairs,
GoI, and New Delhi under German Technical Cooperation in association with
FICCI. Mediation Advice Centres are established in  the States of Orissa,
Tamilnadu, MadyaPradesh and West Bengal.  
Mediation Advisory Centre, Chennai 
MAC, Chennai  is established in the premises of State Dispute Redressal
Commission, Slum Clearance Board Buildings,  Old No. 21, New No.130, RK
Mutt Road, Mylapore, Chennai 600 004. 
Scope of Mediation Advisory Centre:
 It is a Court Annexed Mediation Centre established to settle consumer
disputes through Alternate Disputes Redressal Mechanism (ADR)  (Section '89-
Settlement of disputes outside the court – (1) (d) for mediation, the court shall
effect a compromise between the parties and shall follow such procedure as may
be prescribed' under Code of Civil Procedure).  
Objectives of Mediation Advisory Centre:
 Mediation is the most common form of ADR(Alternate Dispute Resolution).
This service offers the opportunity for a fresh approach to negotiations and to
reduce the cost of conflict in time and money. Flexibility and confidentiality are
important features. The Mediator takes a neutral role but will, without expressing
any opinion, often persuades the parties to re-evaluate their own positions. The mediator will assist the parties in exploring options and measuring the
strengths and weaknesses of their respective cases. Mediation can save time
and reduce the cost of resolving disputes, both financial and emotional. 
Mediation can also assist parties to re-establish trust and respect and can help
prevent damage to on-going relationships.   
Government of Tamil Nadu
Civil Supplies & Consumer Protection Department,Ezhilagam, Chennai-5.
Phone: 044-28583222 / 28583422
Web: ;E.mail:

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