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Sunday 25 December 2011

Anna an RSS agent, Army deserter: Congress

New Delhi: The knives are out between the Congress Party and Team Anna, a day after the Election Commission announced dates for polls to be held in February and March in five states including Uttar Pradesh.
Congress spokespersons Rashid Alvi and Digvijay Singh are calling Anna Hazare an RSS agent, after a photograph of the anti-corruption crusader with RSS's Nanaji Deshmukh emerged in a Hindi daily.
The newspaper reported that Anna had worked with the RSS under Deshmukh's leadership in 1983. Union Minister Beni Prasad Verma also joined the tirade, calling Anna an Army deserter.
Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Manipur and Goa will be going to polls early next year. The Congress has stepped up its attack on Anna Hazare, who is planning to campaign against the party in the poll-bound states.
Anna should come clean on his links with the RSS, says Congress leader Rashid Alvi
"Which ideology does Anna follow, it is his personal decision. But there should be some honesty about it, people have the right to know what your ideology is. People must know," Alvi said.
"Anna now should give an explanation to the people, if he did have or still has some relation with the RSS. Instead of welcoming reservation for minorities in Lokpal, they said its up to the government, this also shows what his ideology is. We are answerable to the people, not Anna. The people have elected us, we are answerable to them, not anyone else," Alvi said.
RLD chief Ajit Singh has called Anna a bluff, saying the Gandhian has political agenda
"When he was leading a non-political movement, he got support from all the quarters but now when he (Anna Hazre) has entered into politics he would get to know how things work," Singh said.
Union Minister for Steel Beni Prasad Verma has said that Anna Hazare is not a threat to the Congress. He even called him an RSS agent.
"Anna Hazare is an absconding soldier since 1965 war between India and Pakistan. He campaigned against Sharad Pawar in local body elections but Sharad Pawar emerged as winner. He only creates drama games in Delhi. He has got no identity in Indian politics. Anna is RSS's agent," he said.
"Why target only Congress? Rahul doesn't hold a position in the government, why does Anna target him then? Why does Anna uses language like 'Remote Control' for Sonia and not a word against BJP leaders? Kejriwal gets 20 crore rupees every year from the US. Nai Duniya will publish another story next Sunday," he said.
Team Anna has rejected the charge and called for a gherao of MPs who oppose Lokpal bill in Parliament.
Arvind Kejriwal said, "When they don't have anything to say they are saying these things. We will be encouraging people to sit on a peaceful dharna outside the residences of politicians from all the parties which are opposing the Lokpal bill in Parliament. If they are stopped, then they should allow themselves to be arrested."
"Why do they not pass Jan Lokpal bill, Why do they want to keep CBI in their hands? They are trying to ruin Anna's identity by saying these things," he added.
In a tit for tat response, Team Anna member Kiran Bedi tweeted a picture of Digvijaya Singh sharing a dias with Nanaji Deshmukh questioning his RSS links.
On the election dates announced, he said, "Congress party is fully prepared to face the elections in Uttar Pradesh. Congress will emerge as winner under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi."
Team Anna Kumar Vishwas said, "It's an insult to the Armed forces. The army praised Anna. People are watching, they will react with anger in the polls."
The BJP has also hit back at the Congress, saying it is resorting to mudslinging as it has lost the plot.
"Nanaji Deshmukh was a great person. He has worked with lots of people. What's wrong if Anna met him. Congress has lost the plot that's why it is creating an issue," BJP leader Prakash Javdekar said.

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