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Wednesday 9 November 2011

Loot of India: Time to punish Congress goons

Loot of India: Time to punish Congress goons

Posted by: "Prof R K Gupta India"   rajendrakumar_g

Fri Nov 4, 2011 11:35 am (PDT)

The Ministers and advisers of UPA government are a bunch of arrogant, shameless, corrupt, playboy and failed economists and pathetic liars.

Every quarter MM Singh,Mukherjee and his fraudulent expert advisers like Ahluwalia and rangarajan lie to country that next 4 months prices will come down.
See how arrogantly MM Singh has stated today while enjoying foreign luxury.That prices will be deregulated further meaning will rise more.

I think time has come to dismiss UPA government and arrest Sonia ,Singh, Mukherjee and these economic jokers and try them for mass public loot, corruption and treason.

This act of treason and loot cant be exonerated.

Petrol is costliest in India.The fact is that even at today's prices the cost of production and distribution of petrol is just under Rs 35.It means there is 100% incidence of duty on fuel by various governments.Is not this loot? Mukherjee says there is no private refiners/is it so? reliance, essar,Hindustan oil ...who are they.Who is OIL?
Whom these politicians are trying to fool?

PM need not be a paper economist.Indians who are fond of degrees always think that someone having done a PhD or MBA from some institute is great export and with magic powers.Nothing can be far from truth.In every 7 Indian university ( 250 by now) there are 4 PhD in economics and similar numbers in commerce and management and political science departments. that way we have thousands and thousands of doctorates carrying paper degrees that are actually theoretical work and most of it cut and paste.

Indi8ans are paying heavy price for pampering the paper degree experts.

India Is a country that is leaderless and headless.PM who is nothing but a paper degree carrying fraudulent expert, a ex abu and a sycophant of Indira household rose high in various offices proving that it pays to ebbw chamcha.

Since he has no stakles and has not to face elections he is least bothered.his main inter4est is to enjoy superannuation as PM of a country and enjoy perks.

MM singh very clever hides that government s are also getting huge rise in fuel prices as taxes.Why sing has not kept taxes fixed at amount that was there when singh Came as PM?

In fact India is net exporters and not importers of food and hence their silly argument that food rise is global isa sheer lie.

The list of sins and corruption and loot and brainless functioning of Sindh government is so long it is meaningless to talk anymore.Now time is for citizens to give these corrupt and brainless stooges taste of their own foul act6s and punish them severely for treason.

India is totally under control of capitalist,greedy dares, MNCs and international mafia.

Indians should not tolerate it any more and dethrone this corrupt government and punish them

Is it just chance that prices started rising in everything including property the moment Singh came as there any logic and explanation?

There is simple solution to loot and p[rice rise that is very simple.just dismiss Singh government and put this man and his cronies in jail.Prices will come down by at least 30-40% in india including in property 6.

One should ask what happened in india after this man took over as PM in 2004.Has population exploded or land shrunk in india that general price rise is 300% and property price rise 900%.Rampant corruption and loot is going on which he called market economy.Scam after scams are popping out that show every one is competing in loot.India was never so badly ruled even in Mughal period.What happened as soon as Singh took over?
$80 price was earlier also.But price was rs 38 for petrol.

In fact Singh has no control on governance and no understanding of social and welfare economics.He is simple ape of american capitalism that also he seem not to understand as none of metrics of India match with that of USA.Such people should be thrown out immediately.They are glamor struck and friendly with corporates as they can see only glamor, sleaze,kickbacks and GDP growth rate generated by these corporations.

Some people argue why to curse and blame Singh when he is puppet.He is Head of country and it is his cabinet.He has to be blamed and he has to take the blame or quit and dismiss his government.Before people catch him and his ministers hiding behind commandoes.

Prof R K Gupta

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