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Wednesday 9 November 2011


By Rev. Ted Pike
7 Nov 11
Veteran Washington insider and reporter 91-year-old Helen Thomas created shockwaves a year ago when she declared Israel should "get the hell out of Palestine." A disapproving statement came from President Obama and Thomas suddenly faced a vendetta from Jewish attack groups such as the Anti-Defamation League. They persuaded her alma mater, Wayne State University, to rescind her Lifetime Achievement Award.
"They took away basically my lifetime achievement award and they wanted to take away the worst of all—the first amendment right to speak freely—to speak and to write," she said on Republic Radio in August.
Polls show Thomas is admired by most Americans, many of whom share her conviction that America has no business supporting the strife-engendering Jewish state. In an August 5 interview with Deanna Spingola on the Republic Broadcasting Network, Thomas spoke out again. Here are her remarks, arranged according to topic. To listen to the complete two-hour broadcast commercial-free, go here at
Founding of Israel
"[The Israelis]…most of them, came from somewhere else and to take people's land is just absolutely wrong. [In 1948] they would call different homes out and tell the people if you don't leave in 24 hours we're going to wipe out this house and your family. Everybody was fleeing. And the Israelis said "nobody has to leave" which is a joke, of course. How did all these strangers wind up in Israel, Jerusalem, and say this is my home, or wind up in Tel Aviv? Truman recognized the state of Israel at 3 o'clock in the morning when they knocked on his door on May 15th, 1948—this was totally, absolutely wrong.
"They drove the people from their homes—they're still living in caves and tents—sixty years driven from their homes. Some Palestinians had keys to the door. The [Jewish] woman [would] open the door and say 'this is my home! Who are you, go away!' How can they [the Palestinians] tolerate that?
"[Grabbing Palestinian land] is always done since they were created. Anyone with any real soul and heart knows what they've been doing is mean—you just can't take what doesn't belong to them."
Zionist Control of the White House
"I think every president has had to bow to the whole problem of [Zionism being created] . . . They [Zionists] used their money. They had the power: communication, propaganda, so it's been going on more than a century. I think there's a great purpose—to preserve Israel at all costs. [Zionism was] aided and abetted by almost every president because they put money in campaigns and presidents owed a debt."
Zionist Control of Congress
Caller: "How do so many of the Israeli people have dual-citizenship when they come from every country of the world?"
 : "That's right, they've got a real control of Congress and have been able to manipulate and get this kind of prestige [to allow dual-citizenship to Jews]. Also, every administration—every president has to cow-tow (she says Jimmy Carter's administration may have been an exception.) "When you have that kind of power over the White House, [politicians] owe a debt. [Politicians] 'can't' [respond to phone calls critical of Israel.]
Caller: "How long have you known about Zionists in Congress?"
 "When I first hit Washington in 1942 I began to realize that all was not all it seemed. I think I've learned more and more about Zionist pressure in our country and now I think it's reached a high-point—there's no question that they have power."
Spingola: "They all serve the same masters over there in the Middle East."
"That's right, it's true—and in the US. It's unbelievable the kind of pressure that's put on our administration when you have practically every member of Congress genuflecting when Netenyahu stands up there—I don't know how many times they bowed and scraped before him."
"That is just ridiculous. Who else comes into Congress and gets that response?"
 "No one."
Spingola: "And they're just a dinky little country—stolen land in the Mideast and everyone dances around."
Speaking about Israel's 2006 bombing of Southern Lebanon, Thomas says, "It was unbelievable what Sharon did and the U.S. [Congress and president] stood by."
Israel's Nuclear Program
Thomas: "Is it possible for even a president who talks about change to tell the truth [about Israel's nuclear weapons]? "
 "How did he respond when you asked him about who had nuclear weapons in the Mideast?"
"He said that is what is speculated—I said you don't have to speculate, that is the first thing you learn when you take office: who has the weapons, who is the enemy."
"Israel will do anything now to keep any other country from having nuclear weapons—including forcing us to bomb Iran. . ."
Zionist Control of State Department
"The State Department bends to the politics of the day and where the money is. The State Department has betrayed true diplomacy. Diplomats all over the world, they know exactly what is going on, yet when they write home…and wire the State Department, nothing happens. They have eliminated all the Arabists—any diplomat who has really studied in the Arab world or served there has been eliminated and even major universities—every major history department has been taken over."
Zionist Media Control
Caller: "The problem with reporters not speaking up is that all the major media is controlled by the Zionists. They own it, so there's no way they're gonna speak up—they'll lose their job."
"You bet!"
Praise for Alternative Talk Radio
Thomas says of burgeoning alternative media, "I think it is tremendous—a breakthrough." She says of Spingola's program, Spingola Speaks on Republic Broadcasting Network, "I'm amazed at the courage of this program – congratulations for your courage."
USS Liberty Attack
Thomas agrees with many statements by Spingola and guest host Eileen Fleming concerning injustices and deceptions by the U.S. government and Israel after Israel's attack on the USS Liberty. "We didn't know all the facts when the Liberty was bombed in broad daylight."
Persecution of Thomas
"You don't take any stand for Arabs and get away with it."
"I'm persona non grata in this country."
Spingola: "Someone accused you of being anti-Semitic."
 "I had a profane word that I don't say on the air: 'It's a lot of BS.' I mean, it's created."
"There is no rights under their view. We have no rights."
Varied Comments
"I think Jerusalem should be internationalized—the city for everyone."
"We should get out of Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen—every other place we're in—get out and why keep on killing and dying."
Free Speech
Despite the turbulence surrounding her over the past year, Thomas remains an optimist. "I think we can't live without hope. I would never live without hope, I always believed the truth will come out."

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Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.
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