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Saturday 5 November 2011

Human Rights Group Details Police Brutality at Papua Rally

Human Rights Group Details Police Brutality at Papua Rally
Camelia Pasandaran | November 04, 2011
Police arrest people who attended the Third Papuan Peoples Police arrest people who attended the Third Papuan Peoples' Congress event in Abepura, at the outskirts of Jayapura, on Oct. 19. (Reuters Photo)

The National Commission on Human Rights on Friday released a report detailing alleged human rights violations carried out by Indonesian security forces during a raid on a separatist rally near Jayapura on Oct 19.

The commission, also known as Komnas HAM, also called on the National Police to conduct a thorough internal investigation into the crackdown, which the commission concluded resulted in the deaths of four people and the beating and imprisonment of dozens more.

“We found four examples of human rights violations: the right to life, the right to live free from torture and brutal actions, property rights and the right to not live in fear,” Komnas chairman Ifdhal Kasim told the Jakarta Globe on Friday.

The police have come harsh under fire for what many rights groups and foreign governments have decried as the violent tactics used to disperse the crowd attending the Third Papuan Peoples’ Congress.

Ifdahl said three people found dead in the wake of the congress were killed with no legal justification by security forces, a violation of the victims’ right to life.

“They are Demianus Daniel Kadepa, Yakobus Samonsabra and Max Asa Yeuw. Another person, Martinus Yorisitouw was shot in the buttocks and the bullet traveled through his rib cage and ended up in his head,” Ifdahl said.

The bullet blinded Martinus, who eventually died from his wounds, Ifdahl added.

The Indonesian government has continued to deny that police or military officers shot anyone on that day.

The report also claimed that a security officer put the muzzle of his rifle into the mouth of Marthen Luther Norotao, 23, and pulled the trigger. Martinus survived, Ifdahl said, but the bullet shattered several of his teeth and tore a hole in his cheek.

“The National Police should independently investigate their members who have clearly violated human rights and sanction those officers,” he said.

“We also demand the evaluation of troop placements in Papua and West Papua, as there are too many law enforcers there.”

The commission also recommended that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono accelerate dialogue with the “real” Papuan people representing the tribal groups and listen to their opinions and concerns.

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