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Monday 31 October 2011

Alarming threat Conversion:

Alarming threat Conversion:
For atheist or an agnostic; or belongs to any of the religious denominations that exist in the world today. May, be a communist or a believer in democracy and freedom. No matter what ideological and political beliefs, personal and social habits happen to be - All must know the blessing for universe is ISLAM & Prophet Muhammad pbuH,the Mercy for whole creation.
Despite all such open Divine facts, it is hurting for us all, if even one Muslim will be converted, but here the question is of thousands, Which is of course alarming threat, for which instead to be emotional we need to counter spiritually under proper strategy.
Before decades J.Islami pointed out & protested against the conversion of Muslims in far flung areas. But majority  ignored this voice. Now presently the same hurting truth is debatable, which is of course one main issue.
This list could continue, if we failed to focus the open & hidden reasons behind this Divine disaster.But at least I have an idea how to stop it & to influence the TRUTH.
Though I do not wish to hurt feelings of anyone, I am no more any Islamic scholar but being witness, deeply enough have earned a lot after crossing ups & downs.
However, we should follow strategies in order to counter.
We as Muslims should avoid cheating Allah via accepting few orders & ignoring few advises. Let us be fair with our faith as well as for ourselves via rebuilding our moral valves & spiritual duties within our societies.
Within our societies, we are advised by Islam to share deserving people surrounding & known to us. I doubt how spending billions in such traditions &...   will be accepted before Allah, if in its surrounding anyone deserves financial support & is ignored.
Let us all initiate MOHLA committees of honest dignities to collect SADQA, ZAQAT, & other charities for feeding deserving families & supporting via QARZEA HASNA within Mohlas.
 Let all wealthy dignities preferred simple life & support deserving affected families rather to waste their money for luxuries or for show as advised by source of wisdom Prophet Muhammad SAW
Let those enjoying luxuries & not interested to share with deserving affected families avoid claiming the champion of Islamic social justice laws.
Those making future of their kids should avoid preaching new generation the Islamic Justice valves.As due to immaturity our new generation are not in position to differentiate between the Justice system of Islam & such champions, resulting are confused.  
Those making assets & bank balance should avoid to mingle the truth ISLAM with their politics.
I hope that the reasons are now clear why few are converted.
Dear few champions, it would be fruitful, if you expended your energy on reforming your own societies,via many practical reforms,instead of trying to indulge & confuse others. At least deserving would feel & enjoy Islamic social justice and at least they would not have to depend on anti Islamic machinery under the tyranny of luxury kings.
 As human activist during my visit to Afghanistan have found situation worse, where Christian machinery were engaged to feed & preach. In Pakistan there is not any vital role of Islamic N.G.O’s for oppressed Kashmiri migrants also, who in the name of Islam have sacrificed everything. Islamic justice is not to satisfy few but the spirit of Islam is Justice for all on equal bases.
These are spicy truths we need to focus, then can be able to create hurdles for anti Islamic machinery.
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