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Movement for widest pplication of Netaji's thoughts & idealism for nation-building

                 Re-building our nation from scratch following Netaji's Idealism, as widely as     
While in Kolkata, I've been engaging myself with as many organizations & individuals as possible in connection with above.
Now during my stay in N India for the last 1 month, I'm trying to do likewise here too.
It is very heartening to find individuals and organizations here too who bear as much respect towards Netaji as Bengalis, rather even more. Everyone feels with grief that the kind of so-called 'independence' our countrymen has been experiencing is horrible, and all the ills that we are facing would not have happened had Netaji been allowed to continue to lead our nation's Revolutionary Freedom Movement as supreme leader. I have met in Delhi, an ex-INA soldier, 95 year old, still living and working as General Secretary, All India INA Committee, whose has given me 3 huge volumes of names of INA martyrs with silent tears in his eyes. I have also met a team (Rashtriya Sainik Sanstha) of Netaji enthusiasts in Ghaziabad who live & swore by Netaji and invariably address 'Jai Hind' whenever they meet. I have also found among valiant Sikh Community enthusiastic support to realize Netaji's ideals, as I contacted Sikh Gurdwas in Bengal and in Haryana. Dedication towards commitment, courage, emotion is not lacking. All their movements need to be consolidated. [Political leaders in power are either disinterested about Netaji or are deliberately working towards belittling his contribution and spreading disinformation about his life and his contributions. Huge govt. propaganda is going on that he 'died' in a (So-called) 'air-crash' on 18th August, 1945 and his 'ashes' are being kept at Renkoji Temple. In order to legitimize this 'fact', the Congress Govt. had conspired to give a 'Posthumous' Bharat-Ratna Award to his 'memory', but apologized and back-tracked when citizens challenged the Govt. to prove his 'death' and to disclose all facts about his 'death'. In our Congress Govt.'s records, against Netaji's name there is no mention about his contribution and his role in India's Freedom Movement. The common masses of India are being fed up with incessant propaganda about contributions of one dynasty].
While people's movement about factual, full & complete disclosure about Netaji's life after 18th August, 1945 should gain momentum, simultaneously the masses must be involved in actively participating to keep alive his idealism to make Indian subcontinent free from colonization and exploitation. There is no dearth of individuals and organizations itching to contribute their might to attain this goal by removing the rascals in power since 1947 and to bring about a new direction in our sub-continent so that our nation become truly free from political, cultural and economic imperialism of the materialistic and corrupt West and a strong bond of friendship wedded to idealism of our countrymen is established. We shall elect our efficient, dedicated, incorruptible, selfless leaders for our governance and shall keep them under our close vigilance so that they are not corrupted at any time.
A nation-wide dialogue, including our neighbours should get started, and a system of electing proper leadership of the masses needs to emerge through such exercise as a continuous and inclusive process.   There are many who give opinion that our masses need to reject wholesale all our existing political parties and their leadership as they are beyond redemption. Simultaneously we should form a political party following Netaji's idealism involving all strata and plunge into our democratic election system. 
With this end of starting a dialogue, consolidating all individual efforts, I call upon everyone to contribute his might to bring our great nation back to its glory.
Let us constitute meetings and conferences and invite all to decide upon course of action collectively and set into action to achieve our objectives unitedly.
Jai Hind!
Abhijit Sengupta    
My dear Brothers & Sisters,                                                   25.03.2012
I am an old man with no desire left for myself.
Only I can give expression to the frustration our nation's citizens are feeling deep in their hearts, at the way our children are facing bleak future due to bottomless corruption and loss of character.
We are looking helplessly at the manner our great country is being looted, and our noble civilization which has depended upon excellence in spiritual, cultural, scientific knowledge, upon mutual enrichment by different faiths and upon unity in diversity, is being destroyed.
It is all the more tragic as I think there is no other country that has produced so many scholars and leaders in every sphere, from every part of the country ~ East, West, North or South.
We, the patriots belonging, to all faiths, to all sects and classes, of all languages, of all strata of society~ rich or poor, cannot allow such drift to bottomless pits to go on to the satisfaction of our enemies, who want to enslave us again taking advantage of our disunity. Our borders are not safe, our citizens are getting monetarily and spiritually poorer. We have no control over our own lives, our food, our technologies, our commerce, our medicines, our agriculture, our education, our economies, our domestic policy, our foreign policy, our culture, our ways of life.  The agents of our enemy countries are in power, trying to corrupt our people and to control our lives, our destinies.
The idealism of our freedom movement is getting forgotten, our freedom fighters' selfless sacrifices are being wasted.
Our country has produced since ancient times a great number of leaders in every sphere ~ science and education, economics, philosophy, spiritualism, bravery, art & culture, unmatched by Western counterparts ~ yet it is they who are ruling over us. They are being successful because our political leaders have always let us down~ individual tales of bravery like those shown by Porus or Prithviraj were unsuccessful due to disunity and treacheries~ except for a few like Emperor Asoka or Emperor Akbar. Our culture and spiritualism had been spread all over the world~ not through sword, but by unarmed emissaries spreading words of love and of wisdom. We never indulged in armed imperialism over other countries.
The British occupation helped us gain access to Western Civilization, science and technology which we have assimilated to make these our own.
But the same occupation has divided us in partition. Is lording over our lives and destinies through rules of their Indian agents to whom they have handed over charge after the 'Transfer of Power' in the form of 'Dominion Status' virtually retaining us as their colony ~in the name of pseudo-Independence. It is these agents that are ruling our destinies in accordance to the Imperialists' dictates. And they have vested interest in Indians' remaining poor and disunited.             ……….    2
We should not continue to let this situation drift and let our children's and our nation's future shattered.
The remedy lies in our true patriots from all walks of life ~ educated or uneducated, rich or poor, Hindus or Muslims or Sikhs or Buddhists or Christians, to unite to control our own lives, our nation's politics                                                    
In the name of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, our greatest Freedom fighter, fearless revolutionary leader, eminent educationist, pioneer in introducing scientific economic and industrial planning and visionary, and successful in removal of differences among all Indians in religion, class, caste or language, dedicated to upliftment of all Indians spiritually, morally or economically through selfless devotion following the preaching of his guru Swami Vivekananda who said, " God is present in many forms before you, why are you ignoring these? Remember that the one who loves and serves the living beings, serves God." "Remember our Countrymen ~ that our poor, our downtrodden, our cobblers, our sweepers~ all are our brothers only. Our only characteristic is ~ we are all Indians, sons and daughters of Bharat-Mata." "Sita, Sabitri, Damayanti are emblems of our women".
Netaji had put special emphasis on empowering women to contribute their might in nation-building. That is why thousand of women served in his INA named as "Rani Jhansi Vahini" and laid down their lives with valour.
We should not allow the martyrdom of our leaders and of our freedom fighters to go waste. We should rise with unity and with courage, devotion and selflessness to create a country-wide awareness and campaign to defeat all selfish, greedy politicians and form a single political party with selfless devotion to serve our motherland and to free ourselves from dictates of Imperialists.
And in this mission we should include our brothers and sisters who are our kith and kin, in Pakistan and in Bangladesh also, so that in their respective countries too, idealism and selfless devotion rules and common thread of culture flows in brotherly embrace, with borders open and with communalists frustrated in their efforts to foment disunity.
Ultimately, we should realize Netaji's dream of whole of South Asia as one platform united against Imperialists and in favour of strengthening common bonds of spiritualism, culture and identity preparing ourselves for common economy and mutually enriching exchanges, with common foreign policy, to serve the interests of our nations embracing Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Mayanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapur, Malaysia and such countries.
Here I try to give some names of organizations and individuals I have gathered who could form part of our team aspiring for change of the system to bring about new dawn of happiness and bright future. I invite you to add more names to give it increasing width.
I invite you all to attend and organize repeated meetings and gatherings countrywide to accumulate and accommodate all views and achieve our noble objectives.
With my deep respect and love for my fellow citizens and noble countrymen,
              Abhijit Sengupta
(M.: 0 9433072373, e mail:               
List of Names of prospective patriots who can join the mission of change (You are invited to extend this list to cover more names)
Researchers on Netaji:
Netaji Bhavna Manch:
47C, Abdul Halim Lane, Kol.- 16. M.: 09748454535, 09432487422
Prof. (Dr.) Purabi Roy, Ph.D. (Moscow)    e mail:
Ms. Chandrayee Alam, 358 Jodhpur Pk., Kol-68
Maj.Genl. (Rtd.) K K Gangopadhyay, M.: 09432488317, Jal-Vayu-Vihar, SaltLake, Kolkata
Mr. N C Jana, M.: 09836477465, email:,
51-A, Lake Place, Kolkata – 700 029
Acharya Narayanananda Avadhuta, M.: 09330894422, ph.:033 23451274/2226
All India Legal Aid Forum(AILAF) :  Supreme Court of India, N. Delhi – 110 001
Dr. Adish C. Aggarwala,   e mail:
Chairman, Int'l Council of Jurists & President, All India Bar Assocn.,
113, Setalwad Lawyers' Chamber Block, Supreme Court
Mr Jaydeep Mukherjee, M. 09831046792, email:
General Secretary, All India Bar Assocn. & Gen. Secy., AILAF,
Dr. B.P. Saha, IPS (Retd.) M.: 09830559379, email:
BF 112, Salt Lake, Kolkata.
Mr Justice(Retd) Shyamal Kumar Sen, ex-GovernorWB & ex-Chairman WBHRC
Mr Justice (Retd.) G. C. De,    M.: 09831062178
CK 260, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700 091
Mr Justice (Retd.) R N Roy (Mishra) , Ph.: 033 23591060
AK 136, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700 091
Mr Rajarshi Chatterjee, Advocate M. 09830039532
Mr Soumya, Advocate , M.: 09062792403, e mail:
Mr Dipnarayan Chakraborty, Advocate, M: 09051506611,
Mr. K K Banerjee, B12A/17C, Dhawalgiri, Sector-34, Noida(UP)-201 307         M.: 0968205425, e mail:
Ms. Shatorupa,     email:
Mr A K Majhi                                         e mail:
Mr Ramesh Ojha, Jhowbagan Road(S),  M.: 09804280709
Urdibazar, Chandannagar, Hooghly – 712 136,
Mr. Justice Rajendra Babu, Chairperson, NHRC,Faridhkot,
Copernicus Marg, N Delhi – 1
Chief Justice, Supreme Court               e mail:
Mr Gopal Krishna Gandhi, ex-Governor, W Bengal
Close Relatives of Netaji and Netaji Activists :
Sri Abhijit Ray, M.: 09231518526  e mail:
49 B, Chakraberia Road(N), Kolkata – 700 020
Sri Chandra Kumar Bose                e mail:
Sri Subrata Bose  Phs.: 033 24734598/24294097
385, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata – 700 068
Dr. Amit Mitra, Finance Minister, Govt of WB,   Ph.: 033 2214 5525/1338                                              Economist & Former Chairman, FICCI       e mail:   
Netaji Rearchers:
Dr. Sushanta Kumar Mitra, Ph.D. , Writer, Educationist. M.: 09874778580
Mr Tapan Chattopadhyay, IAS(Retd.) M. 09433157697
117A/67, Sarat Ghosh Garden Rd., Kamala Court, Kol. - 31
Netaji Subhas Foundation           Ph.: 011 23714131
Sri Amiya Nath Bose, Chairman,
49C, Chittaranjan Avenue, Kolkata
All India INA Committee, D 733 Saraswati Vihar, Delhi – 110 034:
Capt. S S Yadav, INA, General Secretary
Rashtriya Sainik Sanstha, 133B, Model Town East, Ghaziabad – 201 001
Col. T P Tyagi, VC,  M.: 9313922889, e mail: 
Mr R P Tyagi, Educationist, 505C Gulmohar Greens, Mohan Nagar,
Ghaziabad – 201 007. M.: 09289334576
Sri Shyamsundar Haldar , M.: 098308 12648
18C, Shyambazar (Gr. Flr.), Kol.- 6
Mr Bejoy K Nayak, Rly Qtr No. B 46 Unit-9, Santragachi, Howrah-711111
Mr Sashidhar Chakraborty/Gopal Jalan
4/2, Shahpur Road, Kol.-38
Mr Anuj Dhar, Researcher & Author  e mail:
Mr Sayantan Dasgupta(M.: 09811006047           
           Jaysree Prakashan, 18A, Tamer Lane, Kol-9,
5/80, Bejoygarh(Gr Flr), Kol.-92
Mr Bejoy Kumar Nag, Secretary
          Dr Pabitra Gupta, Educationist M.: 09432290333, ph.: 033 25568129           
         Prof. Nandalal Chakraborty M.: 09830262859                                                                  
         Dr M S Pal ph.: 033 23342330 e mail:
INA Trust:
Mr P A Sangma, Former Lok Sabha Speaker , M.: 09818003422
34, Aurangzeb Road, N Delhi          
 Mr K P Singhdeo
Prof. Dr, Chittabrata Palit, ex-Director, Inst. Of Historical Studies, Puja Apartment, 8/1, Loudin Street, Kol.-17 ph.: 033 22875236, e mail:                                                                                        Mr G P Sandilya, Dir., Mr Arindam Mukherjee, secy., Inst. Of Social & Cultural Studies, 48/2, Dr Suresh Sarkar Rd., Kol.-14 Ph.: 033 65339003. email:                                                                                                                     Prof. Pulak Narayan Dhar, M.: 09331020542, 69B, Selimpur Road(2nd Flr), Kol.-32. email:
Mr D Bandyopadhyay IAS(Retd.) M.: 09830225621
Jatiyatabadi Adhyapak O Gabeshak Sangha, 26, Bidhan Sarani, Kol- 6:  Prof. Chandilal Bandyopadhyay (M.: 09331813624), Prof Nirmal Maity (M.: 09239524366), Mr Ajit Biswas (09339841937), Prof. Tathagata Roy, Dr Dinesh Ch. Singha, Dr. Pranab Chattopadhyay, Dr Mrinal Kanti Debnath 
Dr. Vijay V Bedekar, Dr Bedekar Hospital, Sivashakti, Maharsi Karve Marg,           Naupada, Thane- 400 602  email:        
           Sikh Organizations:                                                                                                  
Gurdwara Shadeedgunj Komagata Maru,  Ph.: 033 24701207 (Dedicated to  memory of 'Komagata Maru' Martyrs) Mr Akhtiar Singh    M.: 09903908462       Mr. Manjit Singh  M.: 09433005949, Jai-Hind Dhaba, 41/1A, Sarat Bose Rd., Kol- 20                                                                                                                   Mr Kiranjit Singh  M.: 09883677796, e mail:                                Anand, 1/6A, Justice Dwarakanath Rd., Kol.- 20                                                           Mr Bacchan Singh Saral M.: 09831548113,                                                                         11, Mukhram Kanoria Rd., Howrah – 711 101      
   Gurdwara Garcha Sikh Sangat, 4 Garcha 1st Lane, Kol.-19  Ph.: 24619640/9984   
   Mr Satnam Singh Ahluwalia, Behala Gurdwara, Opp. Mint, Kolkata                       Gurdwara~ Gurgaon: Mr Sarup Singh Makkar, Secretary, M.: 09818048212,           e mail: ,                                                                   Mr G Singh, M.: 09953589105,  e mail:,                          Mr B S Lamba M.: 09899404541   
Social Activists & Intellectuals:                                                                                        Ms Ajanta Bose, M.: 094321 51669, Ms Miratun Nahar, M.: 09830553133,                 Ms Jaya Mitra, e mail:,                                                       Koushik Sen, ph.: 24550072, 107 Harish Mukherjee Road, Kol.: 700 026           Mr Nabarun Bhattacharya, p.: 033 24737187/ 24122124, A51/1, Golf Green Urban Complex, Ph-1,                                                                                           Mr Joy Goswami (Poet), ph.: 033 25254297, 15, Rahim Ustagar Road, Kolkata- 700 045                                                                                                                    Mr Sankha Ghosh (Poet), Ph.: 033 23379774, A1/5, Iswar Chandra Nivas, 68/1, Bagnan Rd., Kol.- 54                                                                                                     Mr Mithun Chakraborty, ph.: 033 23576709, CB 38, Sec 1, Salt Lake, Kol.        Ms Mousumi Chatterjee, ph.: 033 24177733, 6, Sarat Ch. Avenue, Kol.- 26        Ms Satarupa Sanyal, M.: 09433002977, A-23, Netaji Samabay Abasan, Prafulla Kanan, Kol.- 700 059. e mail:,                                        Mr Sumit Chowdhury, M.: 09830249430, Dr Meher Engineer, e mail:                                            Dr Kisore Shankar Roy, M.: 09830373943. ph.: 033 24758080                                  Little Magazine Samanvyay Mancha, M.: 09433354089, 09051213701, 09433069251, 09231406995, 09830236076, P-201, Unique Park, Kolkata – 34, Mr Saubhik Datta, e mail:                                               Ms Kavita Srivastava, PUCL, ph.: 01412594131, M.: 00351562965                          Mr Kirity Roy, MASUM, ph.: 033 26220844,                                                                   Dr Subrahmaniam Swamy, Action Committee Against Corruption in India (ACACI), Ph.: 011 24357388 email:       A-77, Nizamuddin East. N Delhi- 13  Nazrul Sanskriti Parishad Patrika, M.: 09433069251,                                               88B, B B Ganguly Street, Kol.- 12                                                                        Chattagram Parishad:                                                                                                         Mr Saroj Ranjan Choudhury, M.: 09831439277, F 21 Katju Nagar, Kol.-32                  Mr Chhoton Das, M.: 09831133527, Mr Sabyasachi Deb, M.: 09874125347                Prof (Dr) Mahua Sarkar, e mail:,                           Prof.Amalendu De, Ph.: 033 24254250, 3, Ajanta Park, Bagha Jatin. Kolkata     Ms Nandita Das, e mail: ,                                                  Dr Kalyan Rudra (River Specialist), e mail:,                Mr Santanu Singha (Adv. & Writer), M.: 09433010372,                                            Ms. Nisha Biswas, M.: 09830555416                                                                               Ms Menoka Basu Ray, Ph.: 033 25461387, e mail:  National Council of Education/Jadavpur University, Kolkata – 700 032 Tagore Research Institute, 97C, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Road, Kolkata-700 026
Mr. Shahriar Kabir, Freedom-fighter, Writer, Journalist, Gen. Secy., S Asian Peoples' Union against Fundamentalism & Communalism, GA 16, Mohakhali,  Dhaka- 1212,  M.: 0711568187, Website: Bidyut Debnath, coordinator, M.: 09433425612, e mail:                                                                                     Mr Tamal Chakraborty M.: 09748754642,                                                            Dr. Rajat Mohun Roy M.: 08013357472, 'Shabdik" Little Magazine, 51'29, Netaji Subhas Road, PO Rishra, Hooghly- 712 248.                                                                                         Mr Subhasis Bose, Indo-Bangladesh Cultural Centre M.: 09748412495                                                                            Syed Shamsul Haq, Ekushey Padak & Swadhinata Padak, Poet, Playright, Novelist. Website: , e mail: House 8, Road 6, Gulshan, Dhaka – 1212   M.: 008801711528226                      Dr. Sarwar Ali, Vice-President, Chhayanaut, Trustee, Liberation War Museum, M.: 01715246062 , e mail:                                                    Mr Tanvir Mokammel, Bangladeshi Film-maker,                                                                   e mail:                                                                                               Prof. Anisuzzaman, Prof. Emeritus, Dhaka University, Apt. A-8, House no. 27, Road 44, Gulshan 2 , Dhaka – 1212, M. 008801819268927                                                       Dr. Nashid Kamal, Nazrulgeeti Singer, Bangladesh. e mail:                                                             Mr Miron, Sangeet Bhavan, 2, O R Nizam Road, Panchdaish, Chittagong, Bangladesh , e mail :                                            Bangladesh-Bharat-Pakistan People's Forum:, 28 Gurdwara Rakabgunj Road, N Delhi – 110 001, e mail:                                       Mr Manik Samajder M.: 09433780926, email:,                Mr Rabi Chakraborty, M.: 09331903152                                                                          Asian Human Rights' Commission, e mail:                                               Prof Bimal Pramanik, M.: 09230618455, Dir. Centre for research in Indo-Bangladesh Relations, 107, Jodhpur Park, Kol. -68
Pakistani activist: Mr Shakeel Wahidullah Khan, Councillor, City District PF, Peshawar Awami National Party (Democracy & Non-violence) St 3 Ittehad Colony, PO Ashrafic Peshawar, Pakhtunshawa, Pakistan. Off.: 091 2041129,     res. 091 20418789, M.: 0300 9599207
Mr. Siddiqullah, Jamat-Ulama-Hind, WB      M.: 09433601589                                           C 81, Rabindra Sarani, Kolkata – 700 073.
Newspapers, Journalists etc.:  Mr. Pramod Gupta M.: 09830411525                         Ladly Mukhopadhyay  e mail:                                                       media solidarity   e mail:, Global Organization of People of Indian Origin:                                            (California), York)                Shakya Sen , M.: 09830226390, email:                                Tushar Bhattacharya, M.: 09433190105,     Mr Sukumar Mitra, e,                                                                              Udayan Namboodiri, Editor, The Pioneer, Sr. Editor, Green Forum, C-588, Defence Colony, N Delhi-110 024, M.: 09891300625,                                                                             Mr Achin Roy, Writer, Dainik Statesman, Statesman House, Kol.-1, ph.: 033 24550118(R), 033 22127070, ext 301(Off)                                                             Manas Ghosh, Editor, Dainik Statesman, e mail:                        Sk. Sadr Nayeem, Writer, Dainik Statesman M.: 09831300686                                  Mr Anjan Das, Film Dir., M.: 09830950551 , 42/200, New Ballgunge Road,    Kol.-39 , e mail:                                                                       Dr. Tarun K Mandal, MP, M.: 09434097888                                                             Medical Service Centre, 9, Creek Row, Kol. -14,M.: 09013180170, e mail:                      Sri Mridul Das, 6D, Telipara Lane, Kol. -31. M.: 09477018527 ,                                 Ms. Anuradha Talwar, M.: 09433002064,, Abhee Dutt-Mazumder <>, Ahmed Keizer <>, Achintyarup Ray <>,,, Canvas <>, "বাঙালনামা ." <>, Saikat Bandyopadhyay <>, samir bhat <>,, "babloosaha ." <>, Dipankar Chakrabarti <>, soumya chatterjee <>, Rajesh Datta <>, Rajesh Datta <>,, Tommaso D'Elia <>, Jhuma Sen <>, Jan Madhyam <>, Jai Sen <>,, Kasturi <>, mukherjeediganta <>, mailtobipin <>, mainlineweekly <>, Nilita Vachani <>,, palashbiswaskl <>,