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Irresponsible Civil Service - 2G loss was pegged at Rs 4 lakh crore? CAG

Irresponsible Civil Service - 2G loss was pegged at Rs 4 lakh crore? CAG

British created ICS to administer India with adequate IPC and civil laws and British enrolled few of the best both from Intelligence and Integrity count.

Since Independence Indian version ICS has become I AS service. 90% of IAS officers neither know their jobs nor capable of taking Just and Proper decisions.
When they take Erroneous Decisions, or simply refuse to obey GO or as in the case of Arvind Kejriwal take study leave when actually running NGOs - GOI can’t sack them, like Shiekh Chilli, Vinod Rai would never admit to have been bribed by BJP RSS.

Majority had bogus qualifications like Political Science – Kiran Bedi and Yashwant Sinha.

Watching Lok Sabha debates can’t imagine why Parliament Questions and their Answers are not posted in advance so that 90% of Members of Parliament both serving but absent and retired could fully understand the issues and make sure level of the debate is Raised and avoid making irresponsible statements.

MM Joshi in 2007 opposed 2G auction as Standing Committee on Commerce.

Ravinder Singh
December19, 2011

"Satish Jha" Wrote Sun Dec 18, 2011

2G loss was pegged at Rs 4 lakh crore? [CAG Vinod Rai]

Vinod Rai is clearly an accountant who may not have learnt the craft of creating value. Unfortunately, loss of Rs 400,000 Lakhs to the exchequer is as true as India's GDP is $40 trillion.

One may not argue with this guy who is unlikely to have created any value for the society outside his insulated employment as a civil SERVANt who has turned a bit UNcivil indeed.

Clearly time that CAG folks are sent out for a bit of education about the world that has changed a bit since they passed an examination to join a service.

CAG can work in the national interest of India only of it is in step with the times we live in. Using rules imagined and devised in times before we were born will keep India firmly behind the rest of the world.

CAG may need to begin understanding how value is created in the market place and if it does not like it, it better learn or look for another role.

Please do not take India to the times CAG and its ilk were founded on some arcane principles that have been long buried.

Cong tastes juice in Joshi's 2007 mail to PM on 2G auction
BS Reporter / New Delhi November 03, 2011,

This one will be hard for Murli Manohar Joshi to explain. Now the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) that is scrutinising the notional loss in the 2G scam case, the senior BJP leader had four years ago done something that now seems may backfire.

Joshi had, in December 2007, as head of the Standing Committee on Commerce, written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, urging “against auctioning of spectrum”. A letter sent by him noted that auctioning would encourage hoarding and cartelisation, which would be detrimental to government-run MTNL and BSNL.

Today, the ruling Congress, citing this missive, said the party found it “surprising” that Joshi, now as PAC chairman, and his party, the BJP, were making grandiose statements over non-auction of the 2008 spectrum allocation.

Joshi had on December 2, 2007, written to the PM that there was talk of private operators prevailing upon the telecom department to auction spectrum. Warning against auctioning , Joshi wrote “…. which means that there could be hoarding and cartelisation to the detriment of MTNL and BSNL”, according to the letter, a copy of which is with Business Standard.

He proposed that “to ensure a level playing field”, there should be a “licensing policy which earns revenue for the government, unearths the excess spectrum being used without meeting social obligations”, “protects PSU interests” and allows “allocation under a technology-neutral license”.

With the intention of embarrassing the BJP, Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi, citing this letter, said it was surprising that ,BJP said “something else while a senior leader of his ,party, who currently heads PAC examining the 2G issue, had said something else earlier.”

Joshi had, in his letter, also stated that MNCs and private operators in the telecom sector were dead against the allocation of spectrum to PSUs like BSNL and MTNL by the government. Therefore they wanted spectrum to be auctioned, he stated.

Now 77, Joshi has, as head of the PAC, often been accused by the Congress of functioning more as a BJP representative than as the PAC’s head.

The last committee meeting, where R P Singh -- lead auditor of the 2G spectrum allocation -- was scheduled to depose before the committee, was disrupted after Congress MP Sanjay Nirupam demanded that Comptroller and Auditor General Vinod Rai could not be present during Singh’s deposition, as he had contested the quantum of loss arrived at by the country’s apex auditor.