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Monday 8 September 2014

Didi Modi Phenomenon identical with generic difference

Didi Modi Phenomenon identical with generic difference Excalibur Stevens Biswas Didi Mamata Banerjee,the chief minister of West Bengal and Narendra Modi seems to be on different boats politically but the politics they happen to play is identical.Their iconic status is also identical. The brand equity is identical. Both the politicians overthrew the ruling combinations with identical politics.Both of them bank highly on identity politics with a difference,Modi is committed professional Hindutva whereas Mamata does bank on Bengali nationalism. In both cases,the rhetoric is high pitched and very very loud. They speak impulsive.They inject emotions and passions.They are identical in the phenomenon of politics based on impulse,emotions and dreams. None of them cares much for the accuracy of facts and statics anyway. Not only this,both the most branded political icons are considered very honest and committed in personal life despite estranged relations abundant. Modi as well as Mamata  likes to control every person,every institution and has enough potential to destroy established conventions. None of them believes anyone who seems in a position to challenge their status. They belong to the common mass background wherefrom they have been made national leaders and both of them enjoys unconditional support of the market forces which invested without limit to create mandate to implant in the political system suitable to open market. Didi and Modi do not share the same platform not because of any ideological difference but just for the specific vote bank equations. Being the prime RSS Cadre Modi does every possible thing to accomplish the RSS agenda of superpower Hindu nation. It would seem quite unbelieveable that ideologically Mamata Banerjee has nothing to oppose this Hindutva agenda or the Hindu nation itself  as she was  the part of first NDA government led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee. In fact,she had been  fighting round the clock for years for the supreme status in Bengal. Now she succeeded to achieve  the status thanks to the historical fence crossing of minority vote bank captured by the Left for no less than thirty five years. Thus, Mamata simply struck the gold and simply would not lose it at any cost . It is not very difficult for her as she has no ideology at all to sacrifice.Jumping on the streets with whatsoever issue relevant at the particular time has always been her politics. Mamata`s linguistics is full of poetry while Modi is no less fluent to add contradiction to anything he deals with in his high pitched speeches and irrespective of occasion both happen to be the master of playing with public sentiments and  have enough potential to invoke fire.Mamata is said to be the firebrand kanya in Bengal where as Modi is well known for his aggression,too. Nevertheless, being anti left, purely right in her behaviour she is compelled to adopt secular stance which just pitted her against the phenomenon of Modi politics,ironically which she shares most. It is no secret,RSS wants her back in NDA and RSS leaders including Narendra Modi did not allow any stone unturned to woo Mamata. But simply for the sake of newfound key to power in Bengal, Mamata could not oblige neither RSS nor Modi. However,Modi did everything to polarise shafron votebank in Bengal on religious line as Mamat had no other alternative but to react most violently. So much so that during Loksabha campaign,she expressed her wish to get Modi arrested.She could not arrest Modi but succeeded to launch herself as brand new secular saviour of the Muslims. The forces which finally succeeded launching iconic Modi to boost open market economy, had the dummy in Mamata Banerjee lest Hindutva might fail and much more nationwide hyped, her honesty was proposed as the best alternative. Anna Hazare came forward to toe the rightist  line but meanwhile Congress eventually opting to surrender power to Sangh Pariwar led by Modi in the best interest of PPP model development following the global trends ,those forces betrayed Mamata and her hidden  ambition to become the prime minister of India was aborted without any ceremony. Mamata ,though tried her best to enhance her regional party to the national level to match Modi and failed miserably. Politically different,the development saga they share is ditto. Bengal is practicing PPP model Gujarati most and prototype projects are being launched from Bengal instead of Gujarat.Both plead for private involvement is the production system and both bank on foreign private capital. Recent CBI enquiry to expose Mamata` honesty seems to be latest bone of contention. We have been witnessing same drama elsewhere non resultant. Nevertheless,it seems no one better than Mamata Banerjee who should bail out the minority government in the Rajya Sabha to pursue the second generation of reforms. Because the basic instinct of rightist politics remains the same.

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