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Sunday 30 September 2012

Montly Human Rights reports (west Bengal)

Banglar Manabadhikar Surtakksha Mancha (MASUM) conducted 9 fact findings during the month of
September 2012 and made requisite complaints before the relevant authorities and institutions. Out of these
fact findings, 4 incidents were of severe police torture and subsequent procedural violations regarding arrest
and implicating in false criminal charges. In all these incidents, respective police personnel violated
procedures, domestic as well as international legalities. Out of these cases, in one, Mumbai police arrested
a minor boy from religious minority community, tortured him during his detention, and falsely claimed him as
an adult. In another incident a woman from Dalit community inhumanely tortured while the police came to
arrest her husband, the heinous act was committed by the personnel from Raninagar police station. In other
two incidents, police personnel arrested, two persons having alliance with ruling party of West Bengal and
meted with severe custodial torture in Murshidabad district in both the incidents, victims were from religious
minority; Muslim community.
One incident of extra judicial killing by the Border Security Force personnel in Murshidabad has been
reported and subsequent fact finding has been done and complaints sent to different authorities and
National Human Rights Commission. In this case, the deceased belongs to Dalit community. He was killed
by the BSF, while he went out for fishing. The young man was shot at his forehead. In another incident a
young man has been killed by the police personnel of Diamond Harbor police station while the deceased
refused to bribe the police. He was rammed by a speeding police vehicle. Two other cases of torture and
intimidation by BSF have been reported and complaint made. In one case a minor boy has been tortured at
24 Parganas (north) while he was at field to graze cattle. The boy belongs to Muslim community. In other
case, three women from religious minority community faced the wraths of the BSF personnel at
Murshidabad. All these incidents prove that the socio- economic marginalized are the most vulnerable to
torturous acts of state machineries; police and BSF.
Dhananjoy Mondal
Fact finding has been done in the incarceration of Mr. Sushil Roy, this aged and ailing Maoist leader has
spent more than 7 years in prisons of West Bengal and Jharkhand. Organization has made an appeal to the
NHRC for a general amnesty and early release of Mr. Roy.
Sushil Roy
In between, MASUM attended a workshop on Human Rights Defenders issue at Bangkok; the workshop
was organized by FORUM ASIA.
A medical camp has been arranged in 24 Parganas (North) on the aegis of United Nations Voluntary Fund
for Victims of Torture, nearly 50 victims and their family members received medical and psychological
An investigating team from NHRC came to Murshidabad to investigate the incident of extra judicial killing of
Khalil Seikh by Border Security Force personnel. In this connection investigating team called his family,
witnesses and activists of MASUM. They thoroughly discussed the issue with representatives of MASUM.
NHRC team taking the victim’s statement
Two training sessions have been organized for the civil society partners at Boro Andulia in Nadia and
Aatghara in 24 Parganas (north). A large section of activists from CBOs and NGOs with locales participated
on those sessions. Constitutional rights, criminal justice system and role of police were the issues for
Nadia workshop Atghara Network meeting
MASUM as an organization becomes a victim of long pendency of judicial process. The appeal before the
Calcutta High Court is still pending for hearing. The case was last heard in May 2010. It should be referred
here that in 2009, Kolkata police falsely implicated MASUM in a criminal case for holding a peoples’ tribunal
on torture. Secretary and other activists of the organization as accused appeared before the Chief
Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court for regular hearing and a further date has been fixed for the same.
MASUM also documented important media reports related to human rights abuses published in regional as
well as national media during the month of September. During this period 4 incidents of police torture from
West Bengal and 4 from rest of the country have been documented. Two incidents of custodial deaths in
West Bengal have been recorded. These two deaths were happened in Srirampur and Presidency prisons.
Nationally, a person died at Ahmedabad prison.
80 media reports on violence against women have been documented for the month in which 13 incidents of
murder and 11 rapes have been committed against the women in West Bengal. 8 incidents of minors being
trafficked also have been recorded. 34 incidents of child rights violations recorded during this timeframe.

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