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Friday 16 December 2011

Strategy to Deal with $1500b Dirty Money in Foreign Accounts

Strategy to Deal with $1500b Dirty Money in Foreign Accounts 
PIL / March31, 2011.

Before: - 

The Supreme Court of India 
Court No.1, 
New Delhi 110001 

Petitioner: - 

Ravinder Singh 
Y-77, Hauz Khas, 
New Delhi 110016. 

Petitioner Respectfully submits, 

1. That in finding the petitioners behind $1500b Indian Dirty Money in Foreign Tax Heavens are all 70 plus old did nothing earlier when they were in power and had in fact repealed FERA implying the law to deal with Biggest Offenders is toothless considering it was difficult to extradite Abu Salem, 

2. And that Honorable Chief Minister of Bihar has introduced a new law to Confiscate Property of Corrupt Public Servants and build schools in them, 

3. And there appears to be Hidden Agenda to pressurize Government of India to let Money Launderers of Dirty Money bring back their â ˜Dirty Moneyâ ™ that in Foreign Accounts Earn No Interest therefore rapidly getting â ˜Devaluedâ ™, after paying say 20% or 30% tax thus â ˜Doubling Their Dirty Businessesâ ™, indirectly legitimizing their past Dirty Businesses also, 

4. Petitioner an inventor invented a New Fast Strategy to Deal with Twin Problems of $1500b Dirty Money and Punishing Money Launderers â “ Confiscate the Properties of Money Launderers in India that are surely in excess of $1500b instead of Bringing Back Dirty Money in Their Foreign Accounts. 

The Procedure and its advantages are â “ 

1. Since India doesnâ ™t want â ˜Dirty Moneyâ ™ as National Policy and would takeover assets and properties of Money Launderer in India â “ Foreign Missions would have no hesitation in giving the full details of the â ˜Secret Bank Accounts.â ™ 

2. When India shall takeover all the Properties of Money Launderers, they would be â ˜Out of Dirty Businessâ ™ and may prefer to locate out of India to use their Dirty Money and for that India May also give them â ˜Exit Passportsâ ™. (Britain used to send their hardened criminals to Australia & Indian Political prisoners to Andaman Jail.) 

3. These two procedures shall â ˜Minimize Litigationsâ ™ â “ in Democratic India even petty thieves have to be convicted in courts before putting them in jails that are notorious breeding grounds of criminals. 

4. India Shall â ˜Recoverâ ™ much more than $1500b within few months, use the recovered assets to build Hospitals, Colleges, Schools, Hand over factories to MSMEs, IITs, Engineering Colleges and food production units to farmerâ ™s cooperatives. Thus completely Cleaning India of Dirty Money Launderers. 

REMEDY: - Honorable Supreme Court in the absence of suitable law is empowered to enact suitable law to address the above strategy until Parliament of India does so and request Foreign Missions in India to furnish details of all â ˜Secret Accounts of Indiansâ ™ Directly to the Supreme Court who may then direct IT, ED, CBI, Collectors to take over the assets of Money Launderers. 

Thank you, 

Ravinder Singh*

*Ravinder Singh is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects.

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