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Wednesday 23 November 2011

NDA Boycott of Home Minister to Save Modi from Ishrat Jahan Fallout

NDA Boycott of Home Minister to Save Modi from Ishrat Jahan Fallout

It is treachery of BJP RSS yet again when Indian Rupee is crashing and economy in trouble it decided after Ishrat Jahan FIR was front page headlines all over India – to boycott Home Minister – is actually protecting Narendra Modi government guilty of staging Communal Riots, Promoting Hindutva Terror and Fake Encounters.  

‘Nov 21, 2011: SIT tells the Court that the shootout was staged. The court ordered that a fresh complaint needs to be filed against those involved in the fake shootout under Section 302 that covers death penalty for the accused.’

In 2G case too CBI FIR indicates BJP Ministers in allocating 40Mz doubled Spectrum Available or around 80Mhz with Telecoms that resulted in serving 165m subscribers 2007 but with further allocation of 122MHz of Spectrum or nearly 200MHz served 800m subscribers plus 200m subscribing to Wireless Internet both handsets and laptops/desktops. 

Considering Promod Mahajan allocated 15MHz additional spectrum when Mobile Subscribers were 6.8m and later Arun Shourie allocating further 24MHZ spectrum when mobile base was 33m subscribers adding up to 80 MHz is clearly scam.

Ravinder Singh
November23, 2011


The first report that nailed the lies of Gujarat police in the Ishrat Jahan encounter case

1 The exit wounds of bullets were larger than the entry wounds. This proves they were shot from a close range. Many entry wounds were also higher than the exit wounds

FINDING: Those killed were sitting when they were shot. The killers stood next to them when they fired the shots.

2 Not one of the 70 bullets the police allegedly fired were found. Police said they shot at the car’s left side and burst a tyre, after which it hit the divider on the right

FINDING: This is an obvious lie, because the car would have swerved left and not right if the left tyre was shot

3 The wounds were from an AK- 56 rifle and a 9mm pistol, which police didn’t own. These guns were instead found on those killed. Forensic tests found no remains of “exploded ammunition” on the dead

FINDING: The police planted the same guns on the dead men with which they killed them

4 Only I- cards were found in their pockets. Why was Ishrat Jahan wearing her college I- card around her neck at that hour? Not a single rupee was found on them

FINDING: The police planted the I- cards and cash after killing them

5 Post mortem on June 15, 2004 found that rigor mortis had set in. The deaths occurred 12 to 24 hours earlier, that is, before 3.40a.m. But the police gave 4 am as the time of the encounter

FINDING: The police killed the four people elsewhere

Ishrat Jahan fake encounter shames Gujarat
By D. P. Bhattacharya in Gandhinagar

ONE MORE skeleton tumbled out of the Narendra Modi- led Gujarat government’s cupboard on Monday, formally.

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) constituted by the Gujarat High Court to probe the alleged encounter of Ishrat Jahan and three others has concluded that they were murdered by the police in cold blood on June 15, 2004. The cops had labelled the four victims as Lashkar terrorists who had come to assassinate chief minister Narendra Modi.

The SIT submitted its report before the Gujarat High Court on Monday. In a major setback to the Narendra Modi government, the court ordered that an FIR be filed against 21 policemen and officers, including four of Modi’s top cops, who all stand accused of murder in the case. The development may translate into the arrest of several policemen including senior officials spelling trouble for the state police, already reeling under the Sohrabuddin Sheikh encounter case.

The encounter had been termed fake as early as 2009 when metropolitan magistrate S. P. Tamang, in his 243- page handwritten report, had maintained that the four alleged ‘ terrorists’ were kidnapped by the sleuths of the Ahmedabad crime branch from Mumbai on June 12, 2004. They were then brought to Ahmedabad and killed in cold blood. Tamang said the crime branch cops did all this for promotions and to earn appreciation from the chief minister.

HE NAMED the top rung of the Ahmedabad Police including the then Ahmedabad top cop K. R. Kaushik, Ahmedabad JCP crime branch P. P. Pandey, ACP crime branch D. G. Vanzara, DCP crime branch N. K. Amin and several other officers of the rank of inspector and below.

Tamang also revealed that Ishrat’s autopsy report had indicated that rigor mortis had begun to set in between 11 p. m.

to 12 a. m. on June 14, indicating that the Mumbai girl was killed before June 15, 2004, and the police de- facto fired at her dead body from their service revolvers while staging the encounter. Not just Ishrat, the other three victims — Javed Gulam Sheikh alias Pranesh Pillai, Amjad Ali alias Rajkumar Akbar Ali Rana and Jishan Johar Abdul Gani — were also killed during the same time on June 14, before the encounter was staged on June 15, 2009.

However, instead of relying on its own judicial officer, the state government went on to challenge the report and pilloried Tamang. Subsequently, the Gujarat High Court formed an SIT in September 2010, to probe the allegations of a staged encounter. One of the members of the team, Satish Verma, in January filed an affidavit in the high court, stating that the encounter was a fake leaving the accused cops seeking a CBI inquiry instead of the SIT. Two of the accused cops, D. G. Vanzara and N. K. Amin are already behind bars for their role in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh encounter case.

The court is now to decide which agency will conduct further probe into the case. It sought suggestions from petitioners and the state government on whether to entrust the job to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) or the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

Mukul Sinha, lawyer of Gopinath Pillai — father of Pranesh Pillai alias Javed — said the Union home ministry had filed an affidavit a couple of years earlier supporting a probe by the state investigating agency.

“I am much relieved. I feel that I have got justice,” Pillai said in Charumoodu in Kerala’s Alappuzha district. He came to know about the development from TV. “It is an important landmark in my long fight to bring the culprits to justice,” he said.

Ishrat’s mother, Shamima Kausar, thanked the court but said justice was still awaited, as the culprits are yet to be punished. “Right since day one, I have been saying that Ishrat was innocent. I knew the reality. She was my beautiful innocent daughter and they killed her so brutally. I shall fight till every perpetrator of this murder is brought to book,” Shamima said. When the news of the Gujarat SIT submitting its report broke this afternoon, Shamima, with two of her six surviving children Anwar Iqbal and Nuzhat Jahan, offered the shukrana namaaz at her Mumbra residence in Mumbai.

Human rights activists and lawyers also hailed the SIT conclusion and sought a public apology from the police and media for tarnishing the image of the family and the young college girl with the terror tag.

“They killed and tarnished the image of a young girl and her family. They should apologise publicly,” lawyer- activist Vrinda Grover shouted outside the court.

While Gujarat PCC chief Arjun Modhwadia demanded that a case be registered against chief minister Modi government spokesperson Jaynarayan Vyas said: “As a state government, we believe that high court verdicts are not to be commented upon.” (With inputs by Aditi Raja in Mumbai and Prakash in Thiruvananthapuram.)

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