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Friday 25 November 2011

Anna Hazare blamed for hatred against politicos

Anna Hazare blamed for hatred against politicos

Published: Friday, Nov 25, 2011, 10:45 IST 
By Shubhangi Khapre | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA
The anti-corruption campaign started by social activist Anna Hazare has sown the seeds of hatred against politicians and the system that has led to the ugly incident of slapping in the capital.
NCP president and Union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar being manhandled by Harvinder Singh in New Delhi is being attributed to the role being played by a section of organisations, which are spreading hatred against the political class and administration.
The top leadership of state NCP was almost aghast when they heard Anna Hazare justifying the attack against Pawar, saying “Ek hi thappad. Bas….”However, Anna later corrected his statement, saying that he was never against the democratic system.
Angry over the remark, NCP workers have decided to burn the effigies of Anna, but they were prevented from doing so. State NCP president Madhukar Picchad warned local leaders against any action that would insult Anna.
“What can we state against such a remark? Today Pawar has been attacked. It could have been anybody,” said the NCP leader. 
Although politicians across party lines admit Anna’s campaign against corruption cannot be undermined the violence against politicians and system cannot be justified. According to BJP general secretary Vinod Tawde, “The attack against Pawar should prove an eye opener for every right thinking individual who respects democratic system. The agitation against corruption undertaken by Team Anna is laudable. But when some members like Kiran Bedi promotes rhetorics (nautanki) to create hatred gainst political class it is bound to unleash such incidents.”
A senior cabinet minister (Congress) said, “Notwithstanding the political differences, we cannot undermine the immense contribution of Pawar. Any attempt by social organizations which are promoting the culture of hatred needs to be taught a lesson.” He further added, “Anna should not forget that it is his state leadership, which provided him the platform and resources to carry out the social work. They have withstood his tantrums setting aside egos because of their modesty. Anna’s arrogance will expose him in the public sooner than latter.”
State NCP women president Vidhya Chavan said, “The attack was an outcome of portraying politicians as villain. There is a section in the media or social organizations which portray negative image of politicians. But nobody bothers to show the good work done by the politicians.”

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