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Thursday 17 November 2011

Do we need a planning Commission

Do we need a planning Commission

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Do we really need a planning commission which does not even know the anguish and pains of the country. Such a planning commission is a blot on India. In this age, when corruption in each department has run in billions, when salaries of government staff and their counterparts are zooming up, our planning commission shamelessly tells the Supreme Court that Rs 25 ( not even fifty cent) a day is enough to live a life. When we demand that Rs 100 meant for one day work in the National Rural Employment Generation Scheme is much below the inflationary rates. This sham called Montek Singh Ahaluwalia must be be dismissed immediately. Planning Commission's member who do not toe the Montek line are isolated. If this govt continue to go ahead with such attitude, I am sure people of India will push it to dustbins in the coming days. It is nothing but deeply regrettable that such an idea coming from government's planning commission which is supposed to be understanding the issues of people. Every year, the government of India increase the salaries, Dearness Allowances of its officers. The chairman of the planning commission is a well furnished job. It has power, influence and glamor if you do the work for the companies. Ofcourse, if you promote people's policies then you are bad, jholawala and old communist mind. Montek has completely demolished that old pro people ideas of the planning commission. He can go so harsh because our Prime Minister feel that he has the in his pulse the understanding of the country.

It is important that planning commission must be revamped. It must have eminent people from social organisation, political leaders and activists. Planning can not be left to a few individuals of the 'great' quality learnt from Washington DC and in the air conditioned chambers of World Bank and International Monitory Funds. Planners need to understand the pain of Bharat. The people of Bharat are really feeling the pinch whether their land is being acquired or they are pushed to further marginalisation. It is time the prime minister of India think serious and completely revamp the planning commission. We have no faith in such a Commission which is a facilitators for the corporate take over of people's resources. People of India have not voted Montek Singh Ahluwalia to sale India's assets to private corporations. He must be desisted to do so. 

This farce at the planning commission must stop. The government must withdraw its affidavit from the Supreme Court and apologise from the people of India for insulting them. What is the budget of Montek. His coffee must be costing much more than Rs 25/-. Such shameless commission must be disbanded and its head must be shown the door. India can not afford their luxuries at the cost of its own people. For the past 20 years, the planning commission is just meant to reduce government's burden, by reducing its social responsibility and acting as a 'real estate agent' which has actually resulted in huge corruption as state, centre and each one who enjoyed power began selling India's natural worth to private corporations. While people are dying of hunger, losing their land, water and forest, our netas, bureaucrats, industrial houses multiplied their wealth. This shamelessness has resulted in people losing faith in political system of the country and picking up guns. If a large part of india is witnessing a challenge to its sovereignty, it is because of this Montek Manmohan Chidambaram's shameless agenda of looting people's worth. It is time, such rackless loot of India's resources must be stopped so that people do not resort to desperate violence for their survival. India as a nation has to answer to millions of its people who still remain hungry, who still do not have two time a meal.Vandemataram and mera bharat mahan and big nationalist cries mean nothing to them. India will become great and powerful if each one us have two time meal and a work to contribute to the nation. 

We all know that depending on government is foolishness. India's Aadivasis were never dependent on the government but it is the otherway round. By sucking their resources, which they nurtured for thousands of year, the government has become looter. And over it, the planners in Delhi feel that by making people landless and workless and suggesting that they can survive just on Rs 25 a day, this government insult the people, their work and worth. Chidambaram will not succeed if his friend in planning commission continue to insult people and their livelihood. If you can not give people dignity and right, you have no right to snatch their life, livelihood and resources. Let the government know it otherwise the government will never be able to do justice anywhere. Let the planning commission be an inclusive body, the voice of the people, for their welfare, and benefit and not a facilitating 'real estate' agency for the national and international private corporations.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat
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