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Monday 14 November 2011



           In Pakistan the role of religious parties has been very disturbing. There are too many religious parties and groups and all are trying to gain power to impose Islamic Nizam on their own but they never get united and merge into one another for the sake of Islam. This shows their personal interest not Islamic interest. Exceept Jamaat Islami no other religious party hold elections and their dictatatorial rule from generations continue without an inch of democracy but they loudly talk of democracy.  Further the religious parties are also divided on sectarian, Maslak, Fiqah and group basis and personal interest and rule are the top priority.

        Gen. Zia, the great liar and exploiter of Islam, to please the Mullahs and Islamic lovers, imposed two type of Islam-Sunni and Shia and other discriminatory laws. Under Sunni law a thief hand could be cut but under Shia law only a finger will be cut. Zakat was compulsory for Sunnis but for Shias not at all compulsory as they were allowed to give Zakat to their organisation. Zina and Wine were Haram for Muslims with lashes  but for non Muslims this was allowed. The punishment for married persons Zina was stoning to death (though not mentioned in Quran ) but for non Muslims this punishment was not applicable. etc. etc. He  fooled the masses and Mullahs that he will establish Qazi Courts/Shurta Police for cheap and immediate justice and to control rising crimes but allowed the Anglo Saxon Police and Courts to continue so that no criminal could be punished. The Hudood laws increased the bribe of Police and also the fees of 'looter advocates' to save the big fraudsters, criminals and corrupt persons from punishment. The big liar, Zia also established bogus Sharia Courts which could not punish any big theif, fraudster, criminal etc. and cut their hands so far except doing paper work and examining all laws whether they are Islamic or not. He also conducted a bogus referundum in the name of Islam to continue in power and bluffed GOd ( NauzuBillah) that he will establish Islamic Nizam.

         Actually Zia never wanted to establish Islamic Nizam and for power sake  till death allowed all sort of crimes to flourish. Heroin and Klashinkove culture were allowed to flourish on large scale which also involved his associate Gen. Fazle Haq.There were bombings, terrorism, racial and sectarian killings and other crimes but he used to issue strict warnings only. There was a deliberate blast in OJHRI CAMP full of American weapons stored for Afghan War which were misappropriated by Zia and his henchmen and sold in black market to the then Iran, Iraqi regimes etc. The US was going to conduct an audit of the weapons due to their misuse and illegal sale.

       The Hudood Laws have totally failed and resulted in increase of Police bribes and the fees of the advocates. Now due to failure of law and order situation crimes have increased manifold. Pakistan is a safe haven for all criminals. Now we hear big fraud cases like NLC fraud, NICL Fraud, Steel Mills Fraud, Hajj Money Fraud, Big Loans Fraud, Bank Frauds, Non Recovery of Loans Fraud, Taxi Scheme Fraud, Foreign Aid Fraud, Large scale Corruption, Containers Fraud, etc. but no big criminal is ever punished or his hands cut off. Because the Looter Advocate Community for the sake of money can do any thing to get the criminals released through their underhand tactics of bribing the Judges, indulging in falsehood, proving right as wrong and wrong as right, obtaining bails, bogus medical leave to criminals, stay orders, restraining orders, long adjournments, transfer of cases on flimsy grounds, lot of arguments, cross examinations, more paper work, prolonging litigation, puchasing the star witnesses, destroying proofs and producing counter bogus proofs, bribing the court officials etc. etc. The big criminals are initially arrested and then let off on bails until set free by our courts.   

          The solution lies in ending the exploitation of Islam and changing the existing systems of Police and Judiciary which are more favourable to criminals than the law abiding citizens. We should therefore nationalise all Masajid and Madressahs and ban religious parties to end exploitation of Islam as Islam is a state religion. The Madressahs should be merged into schools to promote education/IQRA as a whole including Quranic teachings ( 96 : 1-5 ). Islam is not a theology but a way of life ( 5 : 3 ). Shurta Police and Qazi Courts systems be introduced and the role of advocates be restricted to advise and help their clients on a fixed uniform fee basis as it is totally un-Islamic that a Big and Costly Advocate can get a favourable judgement for criminals to be set free ultimately. A new and short, non exploitable and harsh Penal Code for all crimes be introduced with less paper work. It is hoped that the law and order situation will definitely improve as in Arab countries.
       We should all work to gether to put an end to the rule of the much maligned corrupt police and the Judiciary hijacked by the advocate community who are actually a great stumbling block in controlling the rising crimes. Cosmetic arrests of big criminals/fraudsters/corrupt persons are made for some days and then they are allowed bails followed by non conviction in the end. The media. TVs, anchor persons, sincere religious and political leaders, patriots, law abiding citizens, intelligentsia should strive and carry out mass demonstrations and publicity and project the need for change in the police and judicial set up and curbing exploitation of Islam for ever in our country which has become a safe haven for big criminals and corrupt persons.

Saeed Siddique,
On. Canada.        

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