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Sunday 28 September 2014

Narcotics Injected in Dirty Politics

Narcotics injected in dirty politics!CBI enquiry is just exposing only the skin of the dirty politics which is nothing less than any ponzi network.
Excalibur Stevens Biswas
Now, Indian dirty politics is all about narcotic which we have been known about central America and Afganisthan.The British fought opium war in China,we know it well.In British India, Indian business tycoons used to make money in worldwide narcotic networkin with another business boom boom,to export labor as slaves to America.Free market economy has revived the business with a delicate flavour and it is all about politics.Rav parties and drug networks has enveloped the urbanised economy without any production system whatsoever.Politics is using narcotic as mind control tool ina way,we may not know.

The term narcotic (/nɑrˈkɒtɨk/, from ancient Greek ναρκῶ narkō, "to make numb") originally referred medically to any psychoactive compound with any sleep-inducing properties. In the United States it has since become associated with opiates andopioids, commonly morphine and heroin and their derivatives, such as hydrocodone. The term is, today, imprecisely defined and typically has negative connotations.[1][2]When used in a legal context in the U.S., a narcotic drug is simply one that is totally prohibited, or one that is used in violation of strict governmental regulation, such as codeine or morphine.

In common sense,it should be understood that naturally everyone needs a booze. So what s booze?

Booze is alcohol. Booze is cocaine, Booze is crystal meth. And booze makes money to capture ,to strengthen the power politics equations and the productive and social forces have to be targeted to kill and abort resistance against crony capitalism and free flow of black money in the system as it happened in central America.It is so much so critical an affair to be understood in study of Afgan narcotic war which relates to glbal war machine.
We just don`t realise that the war machine is proactive and working with surgical precision.

On ground,the  people who deliver it, are known as dealers.

How dealers make money  is the real question?

Million dollar question is why the state bear dealers here and law and order has to be maintained in their defence?

On what ground the business is booming so much so as the growth story hype centred around sensex on bull run?..

It is just because of local support in free bases and the  local support means political support.

Million dollar question is why the politics is involved in narcotic business to make it immune!

For example there is a place called b, understandably a  condemned place, managed and ruled by a sovereign omnipotent  mafia  don.
Incidentally, the don was arrested in a rape case but he was bailed  out from jail by the local Councillor of b.

Why the Councillor got  him out because he is the booze dealer.
The dealer makes handsome money something around no less than five million per month and the money is cycled in the political system from grassroot.

The dealer supplies hooch to all small dealers just like marketing companies work or the ponzi networking works.The business knows no border and across borders the free bases under local political leaders with different identity,different color bloom all the year round irrelevant of bilateral relations,foreign policy or diplomacy.

The criminal take over the political system with their expertise and networking in a narcotic business.Thus,no law and order machine dares ever to control it.  
It happened all over Latin America.It hapeened in American mega cities.It happened in Europe.

It is happening all over the South Asian geopolics making it bleeding and subjecting it to continuous holocaust without any resistance whatsoever as the production system exists no more and the productive and social forces are tamed with narcotic which is poison and a business, too,which makes easy money and hires the unemployed trapping them with political ideology.

The system is quite systematic as the production unit produces items,marketing network supplies it to distributors, distributors connects to open market and sensitive public places hospitals, Railway stations,bus terminus, airports,schools and universities and so on.The networking is as much urban as rural.

Thus the system is the same as far as hooch is related.Hooch is produced somewhere, where from the hooch distributors collect it , from different production houses. Then simply, they distribute it to street dealers.

Thus,it  is a huge syndicate enjoying huge political support. Without political support ,the ponzi network would never work.

This is raw cash and cash flows unabated. That is why the network  supports  political parties  in return with a huge monetary backup including manpower backup, too.
Which creates,makes, manipulates and manages the so called mandate for reforms to destroy the indigenous economy and the democratic set up.

Mind you, this hooch may be  a problem but marijuana is a greater  problem.Just like hooch marijuana is cheap too and is much popular among students,just because its cheap,its relaxing and it gives a nice booz.

Same kind of system works here too.
Same syndicate which recruits young unemployed ones and the subordinate slaves ,sometimes bonded, do this just because it’s a quick income.

Not to mention,this narcotics and hooch business is the backbone of mafia empire anywhere not only in India, but all over the geopolitics,a complete periphery of free market economy.

Because this is big, this gives big time money and also it’s a political defense, the so called committed cadre bases of political parties  irrelevant of idnentities, color or ideologies

In 2011 December, 500 people died by drinking hooch in Bengal.

It happened in sangrampur, south 24 parganas.

The man who delivered the  poison was known with a nickname.
Even now who rules the business while the political system introduces  the man as an Industrialist.He is the connectivity to any damn place in the political system.

CBI enquiry is just exposing only the skin of the dirty politics which is nothing less than any ponzi network.

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