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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Kanshiram cult in dalit politics,fall of B.S.P. and fall of hope of dalit politics!!!!!

Kanshiram cult in dalit politics,fall of B.S.P. and fall of hope of dalit politics!!!!!

Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar is known as the father of dalit politics in India,as he did establish frst dalit party known as Indian labor party(I.L.P.) in 1937 in preindependent India and in 1945 he established Schedule Caste Federation.In 1957  he dissolved S.C.F. and formed republican party of India (R.P.I.) and after his demise it did well nation wide and esrablished itself as a national party, but till 1970 R.P.I. broke into many local parties and many of its leaders got into Congress.

After this Kanshiram came into and he promised that he will complete Babasaheb's mission. First he introduced BAMCEF a government employee organization and later he made DS4 and finally in 1984 he introduced BSP. All of his organizations were meant to literate and organize people about depressed class rights and reservations.But soon after the introduction of  BSP he left BAMCEF and he started to give his full time to Bsp.
And we all know what happened after that,how Bsp got into the national politics,and how it became a power in Uttar Prades giving a hope to depress classes that they have a representative, but soon the hope was broken in this (2014) Lok Sabha elections.

Why Bsp failed it has many reseons but if someone has to blame then its Kanshiram,not Mayabati. Because the creator did some horrible mistakes that the entire depressed classes has to suffer now.

He did mistake in strategy that gave him temporary success ,but not a static one. Babasaheb's slogan was fight,organize and educate thats the key of freedom from brahmical system. But kanshiram denied Ambedkar and said capturing the constitution is only way of freedom. He did a huge mistake by not forming any Central Executive Comitttee in BSP, which lead to dictatorial rule,which again violates Ambedkar who said when a movement turns person centric then the movement fails, same thing happened in BSP people know BSP for Mayabati. BSP also failed to become depressed class party as it was centric to one particular caste and that is 'Chamar', which has a huge population in U.P. Its good to have one major caste for a party which determines vote bank, but disaster for a movement.

Dispatching himself from Bamcef was also a huge mistake  because it certainly helped BSP as a catalyst for political movement and votebank because it had a nationwide hold.
This thing went so bad that both BSP and Bamcef were bashing each others for failure and for taking bribe from Congress.For a political party you do need a very strong press representative,but BSP had none, they had chance to make one ,theynjust managed to publish one monthly magazine.The correct strategy is to organize everyone who is walking on same path, there were many publications which were concerned about dalit sentiments but BSP never used them. Instead of this mainstream media gave it a brand of particular caste centric party.

Now every one blames Mayabati that she failed but who established the ground it was him, He made it the way he wanted to make it, and till his death he was controlling everything. And after his death mayabati had nothing to do nor to bring change in party, only one option was there for her was to go defensive. And in defense everything tore apart,she was amprentice of Kanshiram ,so she has her strategy which was taught to her by Kanshiram.
Now when Sangh is in power and there is no dalit representation, noone in power to speak about,then how can people think of defending themselves insted of just letting things go the way they are going.

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